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President Henry I, Willett, Jr. 





Alumnae Association 


FALL 19G7 

Editor Elizabeth Shipplett Jones 

Editorial Board Mildred Dickinson Davis 

F. Edgar Thomas, Jr. 

Assistants Jane Jones Andrews 

Betty Lou Weaver 



Executive Board 

Mr. Fred O. Wygal, Acting President, Longwood College, 

Farmville, Va. 
Dr. Francis G. Lankford, Jr., University of Virginia, 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Dr. Dabney S. Lancaster, President Emeritus, Longwood 



Jean Ridenour Appich, 34 Willway Ave., Richmond, Va. 

First Vice-President 

Elsie Thompson Burger, Box 521, Farmville, Va. 

Second Vice-President 

Lee Robertson, P. O. Box 2217, Danville, Va. 

Ex -President 

Helen Smith Crumpler,3063 Poplar Lane, S. W., Roanoke, 


Katherine E. Gilbert, 2507 Memorial Ave., Lynchburg, 

Betty Jones Klepser, 1405 S. 20th St., Arlington, Va. 
Helen Jeffries Miles, 106 Skyview Dr., Blacksburg, Va. 
Elsie Turner Franklin, 1906 Lafayette Ave., Greensboro, 

N. C. 

Chairman of Snack Bar Committee 

Audrey Powell Pittard, Rt. 2, Halifax, Va. 

Chairman of Alumnae House Committee 

Rosemary Elam Pritchard, 604 E. Cawson St., Hopewell, 

Executive Secretary and Treasurer 

Elizabeth Shipplett Jones, Rt. 2, Farmville, Va. 

Class Representatives 

Evelyn Gray Harris, 4703 Threechopt Rd., Hampton, Va. 

Jean Kafer, 3722 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington, Va. 

Ann Hutchinson, 103 N. George Mason Dr., Arlington, 

Barbara Burrell Wheeler, 2220 Chalfont Dr., Apt. 27, 

Richmond, Va. 
Helen Weeks, 2624 Yale Court, West Chesapeake, Va. 
Olivia Gibson, 2624 Yale Court, West Chesapeake, Va. 
Sue Ella Cole, 907 Jefferson Davis Blvd., Apt. 229, 

Fredericksburg, Va. 
Jeannette Fallen, Rt. 1, Nathalie, Va. 
Virginia Poindexter, 4632 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Published quarterly by Longwood College, Farmville, Va. 
Second Class mailing privileges at Farmville, Va. 

Printed by Stone Printing and Manufacturing 
Company of Roanoke, Va. 

An Editorial 



• • • 

Now is the time for all alumnae to come 
to the aid of their college! The paraphrase 
of the old cry to patriots to support their 
country is appropriate to the current Long- 
wood situation. The College has recently 
come through an administrative crisis with 
dignity and efficiency, thanks to the action 
of the Board of Visitors and the cooperation 
of Dean Richard B. Brooks, Mr. Fred O. 
Wygal, and the faculty. 

Every alumna can be proud of the way in 
which the administrative staff, faculty, and 
Board closed ranks in common cause during 
the period of administrative change in which 
President James H. Newman was granted a 
leave of absence. To have made the change so 
smoothly was a major accomplishment — an 
enduring example of the Longwood spirit. 

We now look forward to the arrival of the 
new president. Dr. Henry I. Willett, Jr. Long- 
wood is more than fortunate to secure the 
leadership of this outstanding educator in the 
period of its greatest growth — a growth re- 
quired of all state-assisted colleges, whether 
they prefer it or not. It is obvious that Dr. 
Willett' s task will not be an easy one, but 
the active support of Longwood alumnae 
will lighten his load and inspire his efforts. 

A major challenge to the new administra- 
tion will come in January with the meeting 
of the General Assembly. At that time the 
legislature will consider Longwood' s requests 
for appropriations for the next biennium. 
The College's financial needs are greater than 
ever before. Not only are ambitious expansion 
plans being projected for the two-year period 
of 1968-70, but there is also some catching up 
to do because of inadequate financial sup- 
port of the College in the past. For these 
reasons it is imperative that this General 
Assembly realize that the quality of education 

at Longwood depends upon immediate legis- 
lative action. 

We can be grateful to Governor Godwin 
for his leadership in behalf of higher educa- 
tion, but the fight over appropriations and 
taxes will be a hard fought battle. A specific 
way in which a Longwood alumna may help 
is to write or see the delegate from her district, 
or any other member of the legislature, and 
ask him to support the College's budget 
requests. Now is the time to remind all 
representatives that the effectiveness of any 
public school system depends largely upon 
the supply of well-trained teachers. If many 
alumnae do contact the State lawmakers, 
the next biennium for Longwood will be a 
much brighter one. 

Another important way for alumnae to 
aid Alma Mater is through greater giving 
to our Association and the President's Discre- 
tionary Fund. It is erroneous to suppose that 
state-assisted institutions do not need private 
financial assistance. The University of Vir- 
ginia, V. P. I., and William and Mary are 
heavily endowed, thanks largely to the alert- 
ness and interest of their alumni. Many 
pressing needs of a state institution cannot 
be met by appropriations, including such 
items as fringe benefits to faculty, visits to the 
campus by distinguished scholars and lec- 
turers, assistance to student publications, 
and other "extras" that make for academic 

The time has come when much more 
active support by our alumnae is essential 
to the development of an even finer Alma 
Mater. The new president and Board of 
Visitors recognize our deep loyalty to Long- 
wood and are confident that we wish to help 
make the College the best institution of its 
kind. The challenge to us is clear. 

And the time is now! 

Dr. Henry I. Willett, Jr. 

Eighth President Of Longwood 

An outstanding public school administrator 
has been appointed president of Longwood. 
When Dr. Henry I. Willett, Jr. becomes presi- 
dent on December 1, Longwood will have the 
leadership of an educator who strongly sup- 
ports the College's role as a teacher -training 
institution and acknowledges the liberal arts 
as the cornerstone of higher education. 

At 36, making him one of Longwood's 
youngest presidents — Dr. Joseph L. Jarman 
was 34 when appointed — the College's eighth 
president is a Ph.D. degree product of the 
University of Virginia who brings to the presi- 
dency a broad educational background that 
includes 12 years of public school leadership. 

Prior to his recent appointment. Dr. Willett 
was serving as assistant superintendent of the 
Chesapeake Public Schools, a position in 
which his chief administrative responsibili- 
ties were teacher recruitment and curriculum 
construction. He was also responsible for 
major aspects of the system's ambitious ex- 
pansion and development program, an ex- 
perience that will prove helpful as he directs 
the future growth of Longwood. 

When announcing Dr. Willett's appoint- 
ment on October 12, Mr. E. Angus Powell, 
Rector of the Board of Visitors, described the 
new president as an outstanding educator who 
is recognized in educational circles for his 
demonstrated professional leadership and 
qualities of personal growth. 

"Before appointing Dr. Willett to the presi- 
dency, the Board met with and considered 

many outstanding educators in its search for 
an administrator whose leadership would 
assure Longwood's continued success as a 
state institution of higher learning. In this 
appointment the Board has achieved its ob- 
jective of providing the College with out- 
standing leadership," Mr. Powell stated. 

Before receiving the Ph.D. degree from the 
University of Virginia, Dr. Willett was awarded 
the Master of Arts degree at the University 
and the Bachelor of Arts degree at Washington 
and Lee University. A graduate of Richmond's 
Thomas Jefferson High School, Dr. Willett 
served two years in the U. S. Army and has 
traveled in Europe and Africa. 

Member of Phi Delta Kappa, DWr. illett, in 
1964, became the first Virginian to win the 
Finis Engleman Scholarship for graduate 
study awarded by the American Association 
of School Administrators. Recently Dr. 
Willett has been teaching graduate-level ex- 
tension courses in education for the Uni- 
versity in the Chesapeake area. 

A leader in civic and recreational activities, 
he was honored in 1961 with the Distinguished 
Service Award by the Portsmouth Junior 
Chamber of Commerce as "the outstanding 
young man of the year." He has served on the 
board of directors of the Portsmouth YMCA 
and is a member of the Rotary, Ruritan, and 
Executives clubs. A Baptist, he is a frequent 
speaker to church, school, and civic groups. 

Both the new president and his charming 
wife grew up in education -minded homes. Dr. 

Dr. and Mrs. WiUett with their sons: John Todd (left), Rodney (center) and Scott. 

Willett is the son of the superintendent of 
the Richmond City Schools, while Mrs. 
Willett, the former Miss Mary Madison 
Turner, of Richmond, is the daughter of Mr. 
T. Preston Turner, assistant executive secre- 
tary of the Virginia Education Association. 
A graduate of Richmond Professional Insti- 
tute, Mrs. Willett has managed to do some 
part-time teaching without neglecting their 
three preschool boys — ages 4, 3, and 1. Dr. 
Willett's brother, who also received the Ph.D. 
degree from the University, is teaching at 
Harvard University. 

Commenting upon his new position at the 
time of his appointment. Dr. Willett said, 
"I have always held Longwood in high regard, 
an opinion that I formed in being associated 
with Longwood graduates who are working 
in the Chesapeake School System. I have also 
observed the fine job they are doing in other 
areas of the State. 

"It has long been apparent that Longwood 
is doing an excellent job in preparing teachers 
who combine the best elements of a liberal 
arts education with the professional training 
needed in the teaching field. I am looking 
forward to working with the faculty, staff, 
students, and alumnae of Longwood," he 

Dr. and Mrs. Willett were presented to 
the faculty shortly after his appointment. 
Upon that occasion he expressed his family's 
great pleasure in anticipating the move to 
Farmville. "Coming to Longwood," he said, 
"is a wonderful opportunity for us and we 
hope we can play a part in helping the College 
to grow and in keeping its fine traditions. 
You are dedicated men and women, and we 
will be valuable partners as we move forward 
in achieving your desires and programs." 

By Edgar Thomus, Director of Public Rchttions and Development. 

Commitment to Longwood 


E. Angus Powell, Rittur 

A group of distinguished citizens is dedicated 
to helping Longwood achieve its goals of 
academic excellence and service to the State. 
Under the leadership of the Board of Visitors, 
three of whom are Longwood graduates, the 
College is preparing to make an even greater 
contribution to the Commonwealth than ever 
before in its 83 years as a state-assisted insti- 
tution of higher learning. 

From 1928 until 1964 the College was under 
the management of the State Board of Edu- 
cation, which also supervised the State's 
public school system. The College had long 
felt that it needed a separate board of control 
to supervise its operations and was gratified 
at the action of the 1964 General Assembly that 
authorized a board that could devote its at- 
tention to the institution's needs, interests, 
and future developments — all of which re- 
quire much f.udy and deliberation. 

Composed t f eleven members, appointed by 

the Governor, the group normally meets four 
times a year but may also hold special sessions. 
The annual meeting in August is always held 
on the campus. Board appointments are for 
four -year terms except when they are made 
to fill unexpired terms. Original appoint- 
ments to the Board were made on a staggered 
schedule, to make possible an orderly rotation 
of membership, but those members who 
served initial two-year terms were reappointed 
to four -year terms in 1966. 

Members of the original Board still serving 
and the terminal years of their current ap- 
pointments are: B. Calvin Bass, Rice 1970; 
Ralph A. Beeton, Arlington, 1968; Dr. Duvahl 
Ridgway-Hull, '33 alumna of Roanoke, 1970; 
Mrs. Mosby Phlegar (Jane Royall, '33 alumna) 
of Norfolk, 1970; W. H. King, Burkeville, 1968; 
E. Angus Powell, Richmond, 1970; and John 
L. Whitehead, Radford, 1968. 

Henry G. Chesley, Jr., N'rl Rcitor 

Mrs. Mosby Phlegar, Secretary 

New members of the Board are: Henry G. 
Chesley, Jr., Richmond, 1968, who succeeded 
Judge Ernest P. Gates, Chesterfield, following 
his appointment as circuit judge; F, H. 
Christopher, Franklin, 1968, who succeeded 
The Hon. Hugh V. White, who resigned be- 
cause of his health; William E. Daniel, Jr., 
Richmond, 1970, who succeeded Douglas A, 
Robertson, Lynchburg, who resigned for "per- 
sonal reasons"; and Mrs. Philip A. Roberts 
(Caroline Eason, '42 alumna) of Staunton, 
1968, who succeeded Mrs. John O. Marsh, Jr. 
(Glenn Ann Patterson, '46 alumna), of Stras- 

Dr. Woodrow W. Wilkerson, State Super- 
intendent of Public Instruction, served on 
the Board as an ex -officio member until after 
the 1966 General Assembly when the act 
creating the Board was changed, removing 
the requirement that he serve on the Board. 
While Dr. Wilkerson was a member, the 
Board's number totaled twelve. 

The Board has set up its own "ground rules" 
of procedure. Officers are elected by the 
membership. Mr. Robertson served as first 
Rector, while Mr. Whitehead and Mrs. Phlegar 
were the first members to serve as Vice Rector 
and Secretary, respectively. In August of 
1965 Mr. Whitehead became Rector, and Judge 
Gates was elected Vice Rector. 

At the annual meeting last August the 
Board, following a rotation plan, elected Mr. 
Powell as its third Rector. At the same session 
Mr. Chesley was elected Vice Rector and Mrs. 
Phlegar was reelected Secretary. The Board's 
executive committee, which also serves as 
the finance committee, consists of Mr. Powell, 
Mr. Chesley, and Mr. Bass. Mr. Daniel is 
chairman of the development committee 
which includes Dr. Ridgway-HuU and Mr. 

In its new Rector the Board has chosen 
an able leader who will be a persuasive spokes- 
man for Longwood. One of the State's top 
business executives, Mr. Powell is a man of 
broad interests and deep moral commitments. 
He has a keen sense of organization and likes 
to get things done. He has state-wide contacts 
and knows his way around legislative halls. 

The 53 -year -old Rector is a graduate of 
Harvard Business School with a Master's 
degree in Business Administration. President 
of David M. Lea & Company, Inc., a Rich- 
mond-based manufacturer of quality home 
furniture, he is a member of the following 
boards of directors: Virginia Manufacturers 
Association, Southern Furniture Manufac- 
turers Association, Southern Industrial Re- 
lations Conference Board, and First and 
Merchants National Bank of Richmond. 

A Presbyterian, Mr. Powell is a member of 
the Board of Trustees of Union Theological 
Seminary, former president of the Richmond 
Y. M. C. A., and former president of the 
Board of Trustees of the Collegiate Schools of 

Mr. Powell, a native of Richmond, attended 
McGuire's Prep School before receiving the 
B.S. in Commerce degree from Washington 
and Lee University. He served as a Naval 
aviator in World War II. Mrs. Powell is the 
former Miss Helen Elizabeth Bryson, of 
Winnetka, Illinois. They have two sons and 
two daughters, ages 24, 22, 19, and 16. 

Among the other Board members the Rector 
has the strong support of a representative 
group of civic and business leaders who are 
committed to helping Longwood fulfill its 
mission. They reflect state-wide confidence 
in Longwood — its board, administration, 
faculty, and students — but there is also an 
important role for the alumnae if the College 
is to realize its twin -goal of growth and a 
continuing high level of quality education. 

By Edgtir Thomas, Director oj Public Relations and Development. 

From The Rector of The Board 

A Letter To The Alumnae 

In the appointment of Dr. Henry I. Willett, 
Jr. the Board of Visitors has achieved its 
objective of providing Longwood with ad- 
ministrative leadership that will assure con- 
tinuation of the College's long record of 
academic success and increasing service to 
the Commonwealth. 

The pace of events at Longwood in recent 
months has been rather fast, beginning with 
Dr. Newman's leave of absence in late June. 
Mr. Whitehead, Rector of the Board at that 
time, moved with dispatch and good judg- 
ment in arranging for Dean Brooks to remain 
at Longwood through the first term of this 
school year, and also in securing the good 
services of Mr. Wygal as Acting President for 
an indefinite period. 

We are deeply indebted to these gentlemen 
and to all those in the Administration and on 
the Faculty who have given so generously of 
their talents during this period of time. 

The Board has also had a busy summer 
working with the College Administration 
through its standing committees . . . the 
Executive Committee and the Development 
Committee. For several months a special 
Search Committee, headed by Mr. Beeton 
and assisted by Dr. Ridgway-Hull and Mr. 
Chesley, was actively at work seeking Long- 
wood's next president. 

The Board is grateful to a faculty com- 
mittee, composed of Dr. Elizabeth B. Jack- 
son, Chairman, Dr. Charles H. Patterson, 
Dr. Patton Lockwood, and Mrs. Ruth S. 
Taliaferro, for its assistance in the selection 
of the new president by forwarding names 
recommended by faculty members to the 
Search Committee for its consideration. 

As your new Rector, I want to assure you 
that the Board is dedicated to the goal of 
seeing Longwood excel in the future to an even 
greater extent than it has in the past. In 
this age when we are witnessing the greatest 
knowledge explosion mankind has ever seen, 
the responsibility and challenge of the teacher 
is also greater than it has ever been. 

Furthermore, we are living in an age when 
irresponsible people and groups are tampering 
alarmingly with some of the very foundations 
of the American way of life and the ideals 
for which we stand. Indeed, the challenge 
to the teachers of today and to the colleges 
which are training new teachers is truly un- 

It has been said often that a college is no 
stronger than its faculty. I certainly believe 
this and am sure that you, as an alumna of 
Longwood, share this view. But I submit to you 
that no college — private or state operated — 
can possibly achieve its potential as an ed- 
ucational institution unless its alumnae sup- 
port it vigorously and take an active interest 
in its well-being. 

As Rector of the Board of Visitors for this 
term of office, I want to assure you that the 
Board — three of whose members are Long- 
wood alumnae — is vitally interested in the 
alumnae of the College. I, in turn, hope that 
the Board and the Administration of Long- 
wood can count on alumnae interest and sup- 
port to an even greater extent as we all under- 
take together the challenge of making Long- 
wood an even finer college than ever before. 

This is our commitment . . . this is our 
responsibility ... I know we can count on 
Longwood's outstanding group of alumnae to 
help us reach our goals for the College. 

From Jean Ridenour Appich 

Our Alumnae 
President's Greeting 

This is a special time for Longwood — a time 
of change and a time of growth. We are aware 
of some growing pains at Longwood, but the 
College's future is bright because so many of 
us — both on the campus and off — want to help 
the Board of Visitors achieve its high goals for 
Alma Mater. 

We are grateful to the Board for its success 
in meeting the College's administrative needs, 
and we look forward to the arrival in Farmville 
of Dr. and Mrs. Willett and their three sons. 
I think some exciting times are in store for 
all of us as we work with the Board, faculty, 
administrative staff, and Longwood Founda- 
tion in behalf of the College. 

Great enthusiasm among alumnae and 
College officials was generated at our recent 
Fall Council. I can't recall a more stimulating 
meeting of this annual group. Mr. Wygal set 
the tone for the well -attended sessions with 
his usual good humor as he welcomed us to 
the campus and described the College's plans 
and outlook. 

How proud we are of Longwood! We can 
express our love for her by being active in our 
local chapters, telling high school girls about 
the excellent preparation future teachers 
receive at Longwood, and promoting the 
Longwood spirit in our communities. The 
best way in which we can promote the inter- 
ests of Longwood at this time is by talking 

with our local delegates to the General As- 
sembly and asking them to support appropria- 
tions that will assure a continuing high level 
of education at the College. 

But no matter how much Longwood may be 
favored in State appropriations there are 
other needs that only we can provide with 
personal contributions to the Alumnae An- 
nual Giving Fund. These contributions make 
possible the operation of the Association's 
many services and support the College Presi- 
dent's Discretionary Fund. It is through 
the discretionary fund, as now established, 
that alumnae can help add the tangible and 
intangible "extras" that mean so much to 
both the professors and students. Remember 
that only we can meet some vital educational 
needs of the institution — an investment that 
someday might benefit even our own children 
and grandchildren. 

It's always fun to visit Longwood. Let's 
all attend Founders Day on March 16 and have 
a wonderful get-together. The handsome new 
student activities building, named in honor 
of Dr. Lankford, will be dedicated. Mr. Wygal, 
who was interim president for 18 months 
during Dr. Lankford' s administration, will 
be the featured speaker. 

There's no fun -day like Founders Day. 
Plan to be there. Can't wait to see you! 

A Smooth Transition 

Mr. Wygal, Acting President 

Longwood hit it lucky this summer when 
Fred O. Wygal agreed to serve as Acting Presi- 
dent, following the Board's action in granting 
an unrequested leave of absence to President 
Newman on June 29. Dean Brooks served 
as acting chief executive officer, in addition 
to his other duties, until Mr. Wygal's arrival 
on July 17. 

No stranger to Longwood, after 18 months 
in 1962 and 1963 as interim president while 
Dr. Lankford was in Pakistan, Mr. Wygal 
calls himself a "pinch-hitter" in describing 
his role as the College's acting president on 
two occasions. It was Longwood's good for- 
tune that this prominent Virginia educator, so 
highly regarded in both public and higher 
educational circles, could be persuaded to 
interrupt his happy retirement routine to 
accept still another call to service from the 

During the period of administrative change 
that brought the Wygals back to Farmville, 
Mr. Whitehead, on behalf of the Board of 
Visitors, issued a formal statement, portions 
of which said, "It is unfortunate when an able 
man finds himself in a position where his 
capabilities do not mesh successfully with the 

given requirements of the job , . . The Board 
of Visitors is mindful of Dr. Newman's loyal- 
ties to the College, and this action in no way 
reflects upon his character or integrity which 
the Board holds in high regard. It wishes Dr. 
Newman the highest degree of success in 
whatever he undertakes." 

Upon receiving the Board's statement Dr. 
Newman replied, in part, "There may be a 
difference of opinion as to the proper pro- 
cedure in this case, as well as a difference of 
opinion on 'the overall well-being and progress 
of the College program.' The fact remains 
that there is no question as to the Board's 
authority to determine its own procedure, 
and to take whatever action it thinks best . . . 
Longwood College is certainly serving a great 
need in higher education in Virginia. The 
College will always have my sincere interest 
and my very best wishes." 

Despite administrative pressures last sum- 
mer, there has been the usual fruitful en- 
deavor on the campus during the fall term. 
That the College has emerged from this 
period of change with pride and greater 
strength is a tribute to all — the Board and 
the total College community. 

Dean Richard B. Brooks 

Mildred Dickinson Davis 


Wygal's return as acting president of the 
college is heartily welcomed on campus. The 
Wygals won the respect of both faculty and 
students during their sojourn with us five 
years ago. For consenting to forego for a time 
the rest and recreation he had anticipated in 
a well -deserved retirement in order to serve 
the needs of Longwood college, Mr. Wygal 
is deserving of our special thanks. 

Equally appreciated is the decision of Dr. 
Richard Brooks, academic dean of the college 
since 1964, to delay his departure. Dr. Brooks 
had expected to resign during the summer to 
assume his new duties as Dean of the De- 
partment of Education at William and Mary. 
Longwood is indeed grateful to him and to 
William and Mary for their willingness to 
postpone his services in Williamsburg until 
February in order to effect a smoother tran- 
sition between administrations. We regret 
Dr. Brooks' resignation. It is hoped that a 
new dean will be appointed before his de- 

Since December 1966, Lt. Col. John E. 
Carr, III has assumed the duties of Business 
Manager and Treasurer of the college with 
efficiency, with Mr. James H. Paul as his 
assistant, succeeding Mr. Jacob Wamsley 
and Mr. Ronald Lawhorne. As a retired 
ordnance officer. Col. Carr, age 42, has had a 
broad background of high military adminis- 
trative experience, having ranked in the top 
one percent in his military efficiency rating 
among Army officers. A graduate of the 
Citadel, with a Master's degree from Syracuse 

R. James Trettel, ARA Slater district manager, cuts the 
ribbon to the beautiful new Snack Bar in the Smdent 
Activities Building while Elsie Thompson Burger, Mr. 
Fred Wygal. and Mrs. Ruth Coyner look on. 

University, Col. Carr seems remarkably well 
qualified for the post he now occupies. Mr. 
Paul, his assistant, is a 1963 graduate of 
Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, majoring in 
accounting. During his recent three years' 
service in the U. S. Navy he has had valuable 
experience in charge of supplies and equip- 
ment and in auditing service. 

Mrs. Frances Dudley Brooks, Longwood 
B.S. '41, and M.S. '62, has been appointed 
assistant in the Placement Bureau and Stu- 
dent Financial Aid. She will also assist 
in recruiting new students on College Day at 
high schools over the state. 

FACULTY: Dr. Edgar Johnson, pro- 
fessor of education and director of the student 
teaching program and audio-visual services, 
retired in June to devote more time to his 
farm in Buckingham County. The college 
and alumnae wish for him and Mrs. Johnson 
many years of health and activity. 

Twenty-one new faculty members have 
been appointed for the 1967-68 session. In- 
cluded among them is Mrs. Frances Collie 
Garnjost '38, as Assistant Professor of Foreign 

Several of the faculty are on leave of 
absence for the current session: Miss Barbara 
Bishop, Miss Barbara B. Smith, Mr. Charles 
DeWitt, and Mr. Louis R. Fawcett, Jr. All are 
working for advanced degrees. 

Many of the faculty have been engaged in 
research and publication. Five research 
grants were recommended and approved by 
the administration for the fiscal year 1966-67, 
with an additional nineteen grants-in-aid for 

Mr. E. W. Farley, commencement speaker, and Mr. Ralph Beeton, member of the Board of Visitors, congratulate Dr. Rosemary 
Sprague after she had been designated as the Board of Visitors Distinguished Professor of English. 

study toward advanced degrees. Among 
those who have pubUshed books during the 
year are Dr. Rosemary Sprague and Dr. 
William Sowder of the English department. 
Dr. Sprague' s new book, her tenth major 
publication, is Red Lion and Gold Dragon, a 
novel of the Norman Conquest. It was desig- 
nated an "Honor Winner" in the 1967 
Children's Spring Book Festival. The author 
was awarded a National Defense Act Fellow- 
ship to attend the Southeastern Institute of 
Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Chapel 
Hill from July 17 to August 24 this summer. 
The Longwood Board of Visitors honored Dr. 
Sprague at commencement by a special 

Dr. William Sowder' s book, Emerson's 
Impact on the British Isles and Canada, appeared 
this spring. Dr. Sowder is presently working 
on a critical work entitled The Existential 
World of William Faulkner. Through this re- 
search he has gained recognition not only 
for himself but for Longwood College. He 
returns to the campus this fall following a 
year's leave of absence on a Ford Foundation 
Grant which took him to the campuses of the 
University of North Carolina and Duke 

Among others engaged in summer study 
and productive work are: Dr. Charlotte 
Hooker, whose project "The English Romantic 
Poets in Portugal," took her to Lisbon for 
research; and Mrs. Janice Lemen and Miss 
Barbara Bishop of the Art Department, who 
studied and painted in Paris. Mrs. Lemen 
and Miss Bishop shared an atelier-studio, a 

combination of apartment and studio pro- 
vided by the University Center of Virginia 
at low rental rates for artists, musicians and 

The 1967 Virginian staff honored Miss 
Virginia Bedford, chairman of the Art De- 
partment by dedicating the year book to her. 

Three faculty marriages during the 
summer suggest that romance and scholar- 
ship are not incompatible. In June Miss 
Mary Stuart Jenkins, Instructor in Educa- 
tion, was wed to Mr. Robert Woodburn, 
Assistant Professor of English. Miss Edith 
Anne Carter '67, of Farmville, became the 
bride of Mr. John Austin, Assistant Professor 
of Natural Sciences, and Miss Jo Leslie 
Andrews '65, of Farmville was married to 
Dr. Maurice P. Sneller, Jr., Associate Professor 
of History. 

The Institute of Southern Culture, estab- 
lished at Longwood College in 1956 to pro- 
mote the study of traditional aspects of 
Southern civilization, will continue in 1967- 
68 the theme begun last session: "Pockets 
of Ethnic Cultures of the South." In Octo- 
ber 1966 the Institute was fortunate in se- 
curing Dr. Margaret Meade, Curator of 
Ethnology, American Museum of Natural 
History and well known anthropologist and 
lecturer, who spoke on "World Wide Com- 
munication and Local Cultural Styles." In 
February Mrs. Helen Lewis, Professor of 
Anthropology at Clinch Valley College, lec- 
tured on "The Southern Appalachians." 
The April lecture, "A Breath of the Carolina 

Mrs. Elizabeth Burger Jackson, Mrs. Jean Ridenour Appich, Miss 
Virginia Wall, Mrs. Kathleen G. Cover, and Miss Rebecca L. 
Brockenbrough are present as Mrs. Eleanor Weddle Bobbitt, 
chairman of the Olive T. Her Award Scholarship committee, 
reveals plans for the annual scholarship to Miss Her at Founders 


The portrait of Miss Florence Stubbs was presented to the 
College during Founders Day weekend. Those taking part in 
the sentimental occasion were Mrs. Cleveland Jones, Mrs. Boyd 
Coyner and Dr. James H. Newman. 

Low Country," was delivered by Mr. Harold 
S. Reeves, well known raconteur. 

On October 27, 1967, Dr. Robert Thomas, 
Professor of Anthropology at Monleith Col- 
lege, Wayne State University, will discuss 
"The Cherokee Indians." Mr. Charles L. 
Dufour, editorial columnist and author, will 
lecture on February 9, 1967, on "The Cajuns." 
The April meeting will feature Dr. Herbert 
Blackwell, Associate Professor of English at 
Longwood, in a lecture on "Eccentrics in 
Southern Literature." 

ENROLLMENT: The enrollment for the 
session 1967-68 is expected to reach 1670, ap- 
proximately the same as the preceding year. 
The summer sessions continue to draw an 
increased enrollment each year. Dean Richard 
B. Brooks announced a combined net enroll- 
ment for both 1967 terms of 637 students, 82 
of whom were graduate students. The num- 
ber of undergraduates attending was the 
largest in the college's 56 summer sessions, 
including 115 freshmen, most of whom will 
not return to the campus until dormitory 
space becomes available at the beginning of 
the second semester in February. Thirteen 
students completed their practice teaching 
requirements in the Roanoke City Schools 
during the summer. 

COMMENCEMENT: Some 345 Longwood 
graduates, parents and faculty heard a state 
business and civic leader, Mr. E. W. Farley, 
of Richmond, address an outdoor audience in 

the college Mall. Sixteen students received 
Master's degrees. 

Two students graduated with distinction, 
having completed an honors program — Miss 
Nancy Joan Faulkner, of Newport News, 
doing honors work in English and Miss 
Dianne Lee Davis, of Annandale, winning 
honors in physical education. Miss Davis 
plans to do graduate work this session at the 
University of Mass. Miss Faulkner will serve 
as graduate assistant in English at Southern 
Illinois University while working on her 
Master's degree. 

The following were honor graduates: 
Ellen Meetze, of Roanoke, and Charlotte 
Bloom Weinberg, of Farmville, who graduated 
summa cum laude. 

VALS: Longwood students competing in the 
Miss Virginia Contest in Roanoke this sum- 
mer were Jewell Anne Catron, representing 
her home county as "Miss Pulaski," and 
Rita Matthews, of Bluefield, selected as Miss 
Longwood to represent the college — both up- 
coming sophomores. Miss Catron was first 
runner-up in the final Miss Virginia election, 
and Miss Matthews was chosen by her fellow 
contestants as "Miss Congeniality." 

Miss Pat Clifton, of Covington, was 
Longwood's Apple Blossom Festival princess 
in the Winchester fete in the spring. On 
October 14 Miss Nancy Britton, of Roanoke, 
will represent the college in the Harvest 
Festival held in her home city. 


Mildred Dickinson Davis 

Honor To Those Who Served 

Founders Day Ceremony Dedicates Buildings 

Dr. Dabney S. Lancaster 

March 18 was the occasion for the cele- 
bration of the eighty-third Founders Day, 
with a record attendance of well over 500 
alumnae and friends. 

The keynote speech of the morning program 
in Jarman auditorium was delivered by Dr. 
Dabney S. Lancaster, President Emeritus of 
Longwood, who followed throughout his talk 
the triple theme of Tradition, Excellence, 
Challenge. He spoke of the college's tradi- 
tional support of public education and of 
its role in preparing public school teachers, 
going back to the time of Dr. William Ruffner; 
of its tradition of training Christian character, 
and of the reputation of faculty and students 
for friendliness and concern for the individual. 
He commended the stress on excellence which 
demanded a quality education and high 
academic standards for the young women 
qualified to profit by the experience, referring 
to the selective admissions program initiated 
in his administration. Teaching as a career 
provided a personal challenge offered by few 
other vocations, and an institution which 
gave opportunity for the maximum develop- 
ment of the individual and prepared teachers 
for the state was meeting the challenge of 
the future. 

The program that followed consisted of 
short tributes to five of the retired Longwood 
staff whom the College has recently honored 
by dedicating a campus building to each: 
Worthy Johnson Crafts House (formerly 
known as the Home Management House); 
Samuel P. Graham Building (business and 
maintenance structures behind Ruffner); 
Oliver T. Her Building (new gymnasium unit); 
the James M. Grainger Building (West wing 


Pictured in the Alumnae House Just 
before the dedications are: Mildred 
Dickinson Davis, Mrs. Crafts, Miss 
Her, Miss Stubbs, Maria Jackson Hall, 
Mrs. Nell GrifSn, Mr. McCorkle, Mr. 
Grainger, Mr. Graham, and Frances 

of Ruffner); and Florence H. Stubbs Hall 
(new dormitory). 

All honorees were present for the dedication 
with many members of their families and 
friends. All but Mrs. Crafts are Farmville 

Reminding the audience that Longwood 
had been the first institution in Virginia to 
offer courses to Home Economics at the col- 
lege level, Mrs. Nell Griffin, chairman of the 
department, paid tribute to Mrs. Worthy 
Johnson Crafts as the first instructor in these 
courses from 1907-1910. Besides home eco- 
nomics she had taught classes in manual 
arts and supervised student teaching in the 
primary grades of the campus school. Fol- 
lowing her marriage to Dr. Earl Crafts, she 
continued her interest in education by serving 
on a public school board, collecting books 
for a town library, founding the Lima, Ohio 
arts association, and participating extensively 
in the activities of local and state garden 

The tribute to Mr. Samuel Lyle Graham, 
college business manager for twenty-six years, 
was made by his friend and colleague, Mr. 
T. A. McCorkle, retired professor of chemistry, 
who commended Mr. Graham's work to 
keep the college solvent and expanding during 
the depression years, securing public work 
grants which made construction of a number 
of college buildings possible. 

Chairman of the English department, Mr. 
James M. Grainger rendered dedicated and 
scholarly services to Longwood from 1910 
to his retirement in 1950. Mildred Dickinson 
Davis, associate professor of English, described 
him as "an innovator, and enseminator of 
ideas, one whose imagination and enthusiasm 

inspired others to think and to act." With 
Dr. Stone, Mr. Grainger helped edit the 
Training School Course of Study, a 1914 
publication which first put the Farmville 
Normal School on the map among teacher 
training institutions. In the state he was 
co-founder with Dr. John Calvin Metcalf 
of the Virginia Association of Teachers of 
English whose purpose became the improve- 
ment of English instruction in the high 
schools of the state. From this small organi- 
zation begun in 1914 grew the present thriving 
association whose published Bulletin is now 
sent out quarterly from this campus to over 
2200 members. It was he who originally 
suggested the Longwood honors program; 
who organized an English honor society. 
With the cooperation of his equally original 
wife, Alice Deaderick Grainger, and his nine 
children, the Grainger family became a 
sort of institution in the community — 
a place where youthful creativity was en- 
couraged, whether with crayon and brush, 
or with musical instruments. Other Grainger 
interests included folk ballads, archeology, 
local history, gardening and nature study; 
but over and above these was Mr. Grainger's 
enthusiasm for teaching as a profession 
and his conviction of the importance of pre- 
paring well qualified teachers for the Virginia 
public schools. 

Miss Frances Horton, a former national 
president of the Longwood alumnae, paid 
tribute to Miss Olive Her and her forty -one 
years of service in the Department of Health 
and Physical Education. As chairman of 
the department for twenty years Miss Her 
exercised a considerable influence through- 
out the State, serving on various committees 



for the State Department of Education and 
sharing in the preparation of the first Bulle- 
tin for physical education in the secondary 
schools of Virginia. We are reminded of the 
love and respect accorded Miss Her by her 
students by recalling that six classes selected 
her as class sponsor and the 1943 and 1964 
issues of the year book, the Virginian, were 
dedicated to her. After her retirement in 
1966, the Virginia Association of Health, 
Physical Education and Recreation cited 
"her distinguished service and outstanding 
contribution" to the profession by presenting 
her with their Distinguished Service Award. 

Tribute was paid to Miss Florence Stubbs 
as a pioneer in education by Maria Jackson 
Hall, who enumerated the achievements 
of this dedicated teacher whose services to 
the college extended from 1917 to 1954. Be- 
ginning her career six months after her own 
high school graduation as a teacher in a one 
room school. Miss Stubbs became an au- 
thority on rural education and a pioneer 
in race relations. In 1938 the Richmond 
Times Dispatch singled out twelve Virginians 
who had rendered superlative service to the 
state during the year — among them only 
one woman. Miss Florence H. Stubbs, who 
"conducted a course on the Negro that has 
been recognized throughout the state as a 
model type of instruction in the field of 
interracial relations," commended equally 
by white and negro educators. As a charter 
member of the Southern Sociological Society; 
as a member of boards of directors of the 
"Journal of Rural Education," the Cooper- 
ative Education Association of the Virginia 
commission on Interracial Cooperation, and 
of the Planned Parenthood, Miss Stubbs 
has helped to shape social policy in Virginia 

Academic procession leads to Jarman Hall. 

Dr. Frances Brown is hostess at head table during luncheon to 
Mrs. Charles Fishburne, Rev. Fishburne, Dr. Lancaster, Mrs. Lan- 
caster, Barbara Bishop, Mrs. Newman and Dr. James H. Newman. 


for fifty years. Founder and advisor of the 
leadership fraternity, Alpha Kappa Gamma, 
and for forty-eight years sponsor of a campus 
social sorority, she has had intimate influence 
on the lives of hundreds of young college 
women. "Scores of young women whom 
she trained to evaluate social problems with 
clarity and compassion, to live more effectively 
in their own community — could echo the 
words of one of her students: *I am sure 
that, loving to teach, she was stimulated 
herself by the students' response, so that 
there was an exciting interaction between 
student and teacher. Her faith and con- 
fidence in young people challenged them to 
develop their potential.' " 

On the night preceding the dedication of 
the new dormitory, a portrait of Miss Stubbs 
painted by a Longwood alumna. Miss Julia 
Mahood of Lynchburg, was presented to the 
College and hung in the attractive parlor 
of Stubbs Hall, with short tributes read by 
Miss Pamela Stear, representing Panhellenic, 
Miss Karen Walton, representing Geist (for- 
merly AKG), and Mrs. Boyd Coyner, repre- 
senting the alumnae. Mrs. Coyner reminded 
the guests present that the idea of cele- 
brating an annual Founders Day at Long- 
wood originated in the mind of Miss Stubbs. 

These five men and women, along with 
many others, have left a legacy of tradition, 
an example of exellence in performance of 
their duties, and an inspiration and chal- 
lenge to the faculty, students and alumnae 
to dedicate their service to the college and 
to the role Longwood must play in the Com- 

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Jones, Mrs. Taylor Reveley, Dr. and Mrs. New- 
man and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Grumpier enjoy reception. 

The Founders Day committee chat during the reception: Mrs. 
Kathleen Cover, Elizabeth S. Jones, Barbara Bishop, Josephine 
Magnihco and Edgar Thomas. Dr. Janet Bingner was not present 
tor picture. 


SERVED— Continued 

Jean Ridenour Appich congratulates Miss Georgia Gravely 05, 
of Petersburg, for attendance at Founders Day. 

Rosemary Elam Pritchard, Lillian Minkel, Nancy Hughes Goodman, Elsie Thompson Burger, Elizabeth S. Jones, and Helen Smith 
Grumpier pictured during luncheon. 

Chapter presidents gave yearly reports at annual busmess meeting 



MARCH 16, 1968 

Dear Longwood Alumna: 

You are cordially invited to attend Founders Day and to enjoy the fellowship of your classmates and renewing acquaint- 
ances. Classes ending in 8's and 3's will be celebrating reunions. 

Due to the crowded space in our dormitories, we are requesting Alumnae planning an overnight stay for Founders 
Day to please make their room reservations ditectly with the HOTEL WEYANOKE, and to notify the alumnae office. 
We can assist you with reservations. Do come! We look forward to your visit. 


Friday, March 15 

3 to 6 P.M. and 7 to 9 P.M. Registration — Rotunda 

8:00 P.M. Longwood Players Production: 

The Miser — byl^Moliere 

Saturday, March l6 

8:15 to 10:15 A.M. Registration— Rotunda 

9:15 A.M. Coffee, Alumnae House, Farmville Chapter Hostess 

10:30 A.M. Morning Program — Jarman Hall, 

DEDICATION — Lankford Student Activities Building 

1 :00 P.M. Luncheon, College Dining Hall, Alumnae Association annual business 


3:30 to 5:30 P.M. Reception 

6:15 P.M. Dinner — College Dining Hall 

8:00 P.M. Longwood Players Production: 

The Miser — by Moliere 


Please hi! in and return to the Alumnae Office bv March 10 


Married, last name hrst Maiden, last name hrst 
Address Class 

I shall arrive for Founders Day on_ 

date A.M. P.M. 
I shall stay at Hotel , Home of Friends Motel Other 

I expect to attend the following: Coffee , Luncheon , Tea Entettainment 


Cost ot Founders Day Luncheon is included in Registration Fee. 

Check for fee may be enclosed with this form or paid at Registration Desk. 

A charge for other meals is made at the following rates: breakfast, sixty-tive cents; lunch, eighty cents; and dinner, ninety-hve cents. iPrices 
include tax.) Meal tickets may be purchased at the Home Office or Registration Desk. 



Gladys Griffin Jeter, '24, of Lynchburg is an 
alumna who is always ready and willing to be 
of service. She just retired after teaching 42 
years. She accepted readily the nomination 
of first vice-president and will serve ably as 
fund appeal chairman. Her daughter Ann 
graduated from Longwood in 1958. 

Annie Lee Young Duff, '60, of Chuckatuck 
was an outstanding student while in college 
and is already taking an active part in the 
community where she lives. Annie Lee taught 
for several years, but is a full-time home- 
maker now, and has two children. She and 
her husband are active in the Methodist 
church. She is a member of the Suffolk 
Alumnae Chapter and interested in develop- 
ing more chapters in that area. 

Dorothy Overcash, '46, was an outstanding 
student in college and has taught in Win- 
chester since graduation. Her home is at 
Hampden-Sydney. Dottie has been active in 
the Winchester Chapter, in the Presbyterian 
Church, and in the community. She will 

serve well as a national director and will keep 
the spark of Longwood bright in that entire 

Eleanor Folk Canter, '43, of Harrisonburg, 
is a most interested alumna and her aunt. 
Miss Pauline Camper, taught at Longwood 
for many years — so her ties are still strong. 
She and her husband are active in the Method- 
ist Church, and Eleanor is on the board of 
directors of the Wesley Foundation of Madi- 
son College. She is a member of the AAUW 
and does volunteer work at the local hospital. 

May Henry Sadler Midgett, '52, of Virginia 
Beach, is active in the local area alumnae 
chapter. She has served as president of the 
Women of the Church, and secretary of her 
children's school PTA, and is secretary of the 
Linkhorn Park Civic League. May is an en- 
thusiastic alumna who will serve the alumnae 
to the best of her ability. 

Charlotte Rice Mundy, '37, of Roanoke is 
an active and interested member of the 
Alumnae Chapter. Charlotte is librarian at 
Patrick Henry High School — and belongs to 
the Calvary Baptist Church. She has two 
daughters and a son. 


MARCH 11, 1968 

Gladys Griffin Jeter, '24 

Annie Lee Young Duff, '60 

(Vote for three) 

Nancy Hughes Goodman, '57 

Jean Cunningham Wilson, '51x 


Dorothy Overcash, '46 

Eleanor Folk Canter, '43 

May Henry Sadler Midgett, '52 

Charlotte Rice Mundy, '37 

Mary Brame Trotter, '52 

Harriet 'Boo' Cowles Carter, '39 

Beverley Sexton Hathaway, '39 


1966-67 HONOR ROLL 

July 1, 1966— June 30, 1967 

This list was compiled from the contribution cards received at the Alumnae Office from July 1, 1966, to June 30, 1967. 
Our association is self-supportmg and your contributions maintain your Alumnae Office Staff and Alumnae House, publish 
the Alumnae Bulletin, and add to the Cunningham and Tabb Loan Funds and the Morrison Memorial Library Shelf in 
addition to other gifts to the college. 


Maude F. Trevect 

Sarah Ferguson Thomas 

Pearle Cunningham Boyle 

Sue Raney Short 

Rosalie Bland 
Florence Crump Popkins 


Zillah Mapp Winn 


Lillie Bland Williams 
Annie Hawes Cunningham 
Ida Greever 
Gerrrude Thomson 


Rubv Leieh Oreain 
Matilda Jones Plumley 


Margaret Goode Moore 
Julia Harris Butrerv\'orth 
Elizabeth Pierce Harris 

Fannie Hunt Armistead 
Elizabeth Palmer Saunders 
Bertha W. Starritt 
Edith Steigleder Robinson 

Ethel Cole Ould 
Carrie Goode Bugg 
Claudine L. Kizer 
Frances V. Smith 

Ruth Clendening Gaver 
Flmer Crisler Holmes 
Mary Fravser McGehee 
Grace B. Holmes 
Anna C. Paxton 
Mary Shackleford Mattox 
Eleanor White Yancey 

Ella Burger Morgan 
Inez Clary McGeorgc 
Mane Ethendge Bratten 
Blanche Gilbert 
Mary Gray Munroe 
Mary Herbert Peake 
Mary Powers Kearney 
Bessie McGeorge Gwathmey 
Bettie Murfee Ray 
Claudia Perkins Tavlor 
Alda Reynolds Smith 
Charlotte Sncad Grimes 
Carrie Surherlin Montz 
Frances R. Wolfe 

Lucy Brooke Jennings 
Maud Chernault Yeaman 
Mary French Dav Parker 
Mary Ish Ewell Hundley 
Georgie R, Gravely 
Mary Katharine Grayson Reid 
Willie Hodges Booth 
Betsey Lemon Davis 
Alice Paulett Creyke 
EUen Lee Wason 


Number of Alumnae Contacted 


Number of Alumnae Contributing 


Amount contributed to General Fund. . 


Amount contributed to College Presi- 

dent's Discretionary Fund 


Louise Adams Armstrong 
Clara Burrus Frazer 
Steptoe Campbell Wood 
Carrie M- Dnnean 
Mary Elaine Harris Warren 
Elise Holland Perkins 
Bess Howard Jenrette 
Florence L. Ineram 
Elizabeth B. Kizer 
Lo'i Nance Hubbard 
Helen Potts Richardson 
Estelle Price 
Bernie Smith Grev 
Pauline Brooks Williamson 

Ruth Cobb Rawls 
Theodocia DeBaun Hamer 
Bervl Morris Flannagan 
Leonora Rvland Dew 
Fannie B Shorter 

Virginia Blanton Hanbury 
Belle Burke 

Jennie Cluverius Russell 
Virginia Garrison Williams 
Grace Graham Beville 
Natalie Hardy Graham 
Margaret Harrison Hardv 
Lockett Walton Marshall 
Vedah Watson Dressier 

Hester Anne Bass Spinner 
Anne Bideood Wood 
Minnie Blanton Button 
Alice Carter 

Carrie Caruthers Johnson 
Lilian Virginia Delp Perkins 
Evelyn Hamner 
Belle Martin Rice 
Etfie Murfee McPherson 
Countess Muse Bareford 
Antoinette Nidermaier Phipps 
Mary Perkins Fletcher 
Kate Perrv 
Florence B. Rawlings 
Marie Shreve Ball 
Lula Sutherlin Barksdale 
Virginia Tinsley" 


Florence Acree Conkling 
Julia Armistead Lee 
Mittie Barten Brown 
Cora Brooking Parker 
Mary Brooking Savedge 
Bessie Coppedge 
Isabel Dunlap Harper 
Emilv Firth Smith 
Estelle Hall Dalton 
Bessie Marshall Adams 
Aileen Poole McGinnes 
Nannie Ranson Bailev 
Maude Richardson Johnson 
Hattie Robertson Jarratt 
Caroline Roper White 
Willie Spain Hardy 
Myrtle Steele Seay 
Mary Taylor Qark 

Lillie Canodv Denning 
Nelle Fitzpatrick Jordan 
LoJise Ford Waller 
Elizabeth Haskins Perkinson 
Ashron Hatcher 
Selina Howarth Hindle 
Emilv W. Johnson 
Elsie F. Landrum 
Effie B. Miltigan 
Lucv Phelps 
Jessie Reams Yo-mg 
Susie Robinson Turner 
Margaret Reese Sledge 
Ada Smith Shaffner 
Lucv Steptoe 
Sarah Stuart Groves 
Lo:tie Lee Thorpe 
Lucille Watson Rose 
Iva Wilkerson Etheredge 

Sue Adams Davis 
Marv Anderson Latham 
Loiise Balthis Keister 
Sallie Blankenship Adams 
Agnes Burner Williams 
Aletha Burroughs Dodd 
Anne Chewning Doar 
Leta Christian 
Katherine Cook Huffman 
Lettie Cox Laughan 
Lo jise Davis Thacker 
Genevieve Hopkins McCoIIum 
Elizabeth Kendnck Easley 
Pearl D. Marthews 
Olive Maves Flippo 
Ruth Phelps Sutherland 
Louise Poindexrer 
Bertie Lou Reames Davis 
Lelia Robertson 
Louise Rowe Fallen 
Luetic Snow Upshur 
Belle Spati? Hubbard 
Thurzetta Thomas Ross 
Bessie Trevvett Lewis 
Ruth Ward Sadler 
Anne Wilkinson Cox 
Edith Willis Reed 
Lilian Wilson 

Ethel Abbitt Burke 
Frankie Preston Ambler 
Evan Anderson Grimes 
Virgilia I. Bugg 
Minnie Butler Albright 
Sallie Chew Leslie 
Florence E, Garbee 
Margaret Garnett Trim 
Ruth Harding Coyner 
Wanda Harkrader Darden 
Winnie V. Hmer 

Virginia "Tux" Howison Metcalf 
Nena Lochridgc Sexton 
Alice Martin Horpan 
Gertrude Martin Welch 
Emily Minnigcrode Claytor 
Annie Myers Williams 
Llla Pope Brandon 
Lillian Rice Shelby 
Ethel Rodes 

Eileen Spaulding O'Brien 
Bessie Stuart 
Annie Tignor 


Martha Bill 
Maria Brisrow Starke 
Bessie Bucher Pike 
Georf ie M. Creekmore 
Marv Dornin Stant 
Ethel Fox Hirst 
Grace Freeman Huffman 
Margaret Helm Gilmore 
Pearl H. Jones 
Mcta Jordan Woods 
J'lanita Manning Harner 
Marv Susan Minron Reynolds 
Mary Mood Randolph 
Lucv Moore Dreury 
Fleanor ParroT Hutcheson 
Evelvn Purcell Davis 
Bess Rirter 

Consrance Rumbough 
Josephme C. Sherrard 
Sadie Upson Stiff 

Elizabeth Armstrong Davis 
Callie Bolron Tvler 
Mildred Booker DiUard 
Martha S. Christian 
Mary Codd Parker 
Evelvn Dinwiddle Bass 
Dorothy Bratten 
K. Lugenia Harris 
Catherine Hill Shepherd 
Harrier Johns 
Carev Jeter Finlev 
Eleanor Lester Lrmhau 
Lucv Apline Moss 
Nellie Ward Nance 
Harrier Parrish Caldwell 
Sallie Perkins Oast 
Claiborne Perrow 
Julia Price Armstrong 
Marnetta Souder 
Anna Spitler Booton 
Belle To'-vler Snead 
Annie Mae Tvus Cole 
Martha Watson Hamilton 

Mary Bennett Nottingham 
M. Loaise Bunch 
Mary Catlett Kellogg 
Drema Chambers Fennimore 
Mae Cox Wilson 
Mvrtle Dunton Curtis 
Pearl Ellert Crowgey 
Annie Fuiron Clark 
Lo lise B. Fulton 
Brenda Gritlin Dosgert 
Elizabeth Jarman Hardy 
Aurclia Kavton Porter 
Nancv E. Le\\is 
Dixie MrCabe Hairston 
Helene Nichols 
Thclma Parker Babb 
Ellen Parsons 
Margaret Pierce Wood 
Irene Rogers Jovner 
Marv Russell Piegott 
Ruth Russell Wesrover 
Anne Tucker Bradshaw 

Elsie Bagbv Butt 
Mav Blankinship Woods 
Ruth Blanton Wood 
Katiileen Bondurant Wilson 
Mary Brinklev Wright 
Anna Derr Freed 
Lee Drameller Vought 
Lo lis Drumeller East 
Judith Fenner Barnard 
Julia Holt 
Annie Loving Page 
Dorothy Loving McElfresh 
Rose E. Meisier 
Agnes C. Murphy 
Marv Peele Little 
Hattie Robertson Brinkley 
Dorothv H. Truitt 
Gladys Tucker Rollins 
Mary Upson Williams 



Katherine Anderson Maddox 
Douglas Arthur Vaughn 
Josephine Bardsdale Seay 
Marion Beale Darden 
Jessie Brert Kennedy 
Maebelle Brooks Early 
Irene Bucknian Lineberger 
Leil Cox Godwin 
Arab Easterday Dishman 
Katherine ElHs Hunt 
Susan Ewell Hamilton 
Rille Harris Josey 
Nola Johnson Bell 
Edna Kent Tiiman 
Kathleen Moorman 
Elizabeth Pueh Healv 
Frances Treakle Whaley 

1919 Diploma 

Janice M. Bland 
Ruth Carwile Blake 
Mary Davis Peters 
Mary Edwards 
Katherine Gilbert 
Frances L. Murphy 
Anna Penny Willis 
Ellen Robinson Fugate 
Imogen B. Wright 

1919 Degree 

Vivian Glazebrook 
Laura A. Meredith 
M. Shannon Morton 
Janet H. Peek 

1920 Diploma 
Betr\' Bailey Barnes 
Irene Bridges Mcintosh 
Gladys Camper Moss 
Bettie Carter Bell 

Emilv L. Clark 
M. Verliner Crawlev 
Elizabeth Venable Forbes 
EUreth Friend Shelburne 
Frances Gannaway Moon 
Kathleen Gilliam Smith 
Mabel Tudor Groean 
Katharine Krebs Kearsley 
Vivian Gray Lane Hollowell 
Winnie Lewis Minor 
Frances Lvnn Baugher 
Aldona McCalmonc Bradshaw 
Eleanor McCormick Mitchell 
Mildred Martin Watkins 
Mary Muse Henry 
Frances Spicer Lee 
Frances Spindler 

1920 Degree 
Ethel M. Gildersleeve 
Mary Lancaster Wall 

1921 Diploma 
Irene Anderson Turner 
Grace Bargamin Bohannon 
Sally Barksdale Hargrect 
Sue Brown Harrison 

Sue Booker Christian 
Myrtle Chappell McCutchen 
Blanche Conwell Hanbury 
Amorette Daniel Abernathy 
Irene Fowikes Sours 
Beth Gannaway 
Mary Garner Purdy 
Rcva Graves Gregory 
Katherine G. Hancock 
Carolyn L. Harrell 
Dora lett Mabie 
Mildred Mitchell Hole 
Sallie Page Obenshain 
Flora CiinE:enpeel Patterson 
Rubv Paulett Omohundro 
Eva Powers Madrin 
V. Welbv Saunders 
Helen Skillman Jernigan 
Anna Vries Carter 
Dorothy Wells Blume 

192 1 Degree 
Helen Draper 
Edith Harrell McCarthy 
Katharine Stallard Washington 

1922 Diploma 

Dolly Baker Harrell 
Helen Black Gibson 
Curtis Briggs Turner 
Catherine Brooking Priddy 
Hilah Butler Crutchfield 
Basel Claywell Johnston 
Lily Thornhill Reams 
Lavinia McCarty George 
Ruth McKelway Scithers 
Nettie McNulty Oertly 
Sarah E, Moore 

Lucille Rash Rooke 
Mary Reid Anderson 
Marie Ricks Edwards 
Dorothy Smith Turlington 
Sarah Stubbleheld 
Page Trent Bird 
Elizabeth Finch Vest 
Clotilda Waddell Hiden 
Lorena Wilcox Leath 
Lillian Williams Turpin 
Gwendolyn Wright Kraemer 

192 2 Degree 

Ettie Jones Hughes 

1923 Diploma 

Charlotte Anderson Eaton 
Grace Betts Gwaltney 
Edna Blanton Smith 
Genevieve Bonnewell Altwegg 
Lucy Reid Brown Jones 
Roxie Dunnme 
Lillian Griffin Turner 
Fannie Haskins Withers 
Marv Haskins Ferguson 
Pattie Jeter Timberlake 
Bernice Johnson Sykes 
Emily Jones Cross 
Patience Moore Britt 
Janie Potter Hanes 
Sally Rovsron Rives 
Alice Lee Rumbough Stacy 
Betty Shepard Hammond 
Louise A, Stephenson 
Frances Williams 

192 3 Degree 

Marv George Bolen 
Goldie Kme 
Stella Lane Tavlor 
Marv P. Nichols 
Louise Scott Robins 
Lois T. Williams 

1924 Diploma 

Reva Blankenbakcr Holden 

Louise Bates Chase 

Louise Bland Morgan 

Nellie V Norman 

Elizabeth Coebill Stevens 

Abbye M. Edwards 

Mary Lee Folk 

Thelma Fowikes Harris 

Gladys Griffin Jeter 

Nancy Lvne Taylor 

Ringgold Prout Wilson 

Mary Elizabeth Turnbull Harding 

Frances M. Walker 

Frances Ware Luter 

Ruth Winer Friedman 

1924 Degree 

Elsie Bell Carroll 
Catherine Kemp 
Janie Moore Spiggle 
Maude Savage Austin 
Virginia L. Wall 
Edna Mae Wilkinson 

1925 Diploma 

Elizabeth Ballagh 
Ruth Bartholomew 
Mary Ellen Bowles Y'ates 
LoJise Carwile Pittman 
Virginia Cowherd Adkins 
Blanche Craig Garbee 
Hellen Chrisman Gorham 
Blanche Daughtrey 
Margaret Dobbs Evans 
Mabel Edwards Hines 
Elizabeth Earnest 
Mollie Fenne Millirons 
Sara Fox Wendenburg 
Lucile Franklin Richardson 
Nannie Gillman Pitts 
Freia Goetz Vaughan 
Katherine Goode 
Elva Guy Gwaltney 
Eula B. Harris 
Martha Hinch Mariey 
Ora Jeter 

Thelma Johnson Ross 
Emily Lawrence Hofler 
Hartie Lyrhgoe Gwinn 
Elizabeth Moseley 
Sue Roper Pace 
Corinne Rucker 
Frances Sadler 
Mary Louise Wells 
Lola Taylor Branscome 
Margaret Turpin Burke 
Glenna Watts Shepard 

192 5 Degree 
Ruth Abell Hill 
Dorothv Askew Gayle 
Louise Hamilton Walker 
Lucile Walton 
Jean West Shields 

1926 Diploma 
Mildred Amory Heptinstall 
Aiyce Evelvn Bell 
Mary A. Billups 
Sara Cobb Rakestraw 
Mattie Dulmg Lvnch 
Edythe Jenkins Farmer 
Alice Frood Morrissette 
Lilla Hancock 
Mary Kellv Ross 
Kathryne Landrum Smith 
Esther Love Roane 
Mae Hill Carleton Peck 
Margaret Pettv Hinton 
Katherine Reid Ebert 
Catherine Rvland 
Daisy Shafer Wilroy 
Alice Thomas Finks 
Dorothy Wetzel Wright 

1926 Degree 

Mary E. Booker 
Olive Smith Bowman 
Harriet Coleman Taylor 
Selina Howarth Hindle 
Ruth Jennings Adams 
Gladys Moses McAllister 
Lilian V. Nunn 
Sue Puckett Lush 
Gertrude Qumn Thomas 
Ann Smith Greene 
Kate G. Trent 
Martina Willis 
Marv Ruth Winn Lacy 
Lucille Wright Eberwine 

192 7 Diploma 
Darby Bain Eraser 
Margaret Barham Wallace 
Sara Doll Burgess 
Sara Cross Squires 
Louise Duke 
Helen Costan 
Louise Gary Alkire 
Grace George Harrell 
Kathryn Harprave Rowell 
Laura Logan Hurt Elmore 
Grace Jamerson Neely 
Margaret Johnston 
Evelyn Jones Welch 
Annie Gns Mcintosh May 
Gretchen Mavo Straeten 
Estelle Powell Sullivan 
Maude Rountree Taylor 
Sara Bell Smith Fuhr 
Evelyn Thurston Daughtry 
Marv Wade Mizzell 
Marv Williams Powell 
Karhcrinc Wilkinson Stell 
Elizabeth B. Yeaman 

192 7 Degree 

Alene Alphin Mann 

Evelyn Beckham Riggs 

Mary Emma Carrington 

Dreama Chambers Fennimore 

Virginia Graves Krebs 

Elva Hedlv Redding 

Dorothy Hudson 

M, Jacqueline Irby Jones 

Marv Marklev 

Esther Raymond Willis 

Mildred Spindle 

Ola Thomas Adams 

Virginia Vincent Saffelle 

Orline White 

Frances Woodhouse 

1928 Diploma 

Eleanor Armory Boyette 
Edrie Bnnkley Clay 
Phylhs Burnett Martin 
Bertha Chappell Lane 
Anne Deffenbaugh Grant 
Miriam Feagans 
Helen Fenwick McLean 
Mary Harward Smith 
Kathryn L. Kcsler 
Gladys Oliver Wenner 
Mary Blackwell Parker 
Kathleen Sanlord Harrison 
Virginia Rice Webb 
Carolyn Sinclair Smith 
Florence Rose Smith 
Odell Virginia Smith 
Blannie Tanner Bass 
Audrey White Harris 
Arnold Whitehurst Stevenson 

1928 Degree 
Alyce Page Adams McLemore 
Harriet Booker Lamb 
Evelyn Dulaney Cassidy 
Mary Clements Winston 
Aileen McClenny Harvey 
Marnecta Souder 
Florence Stegeman Christopher 
Frances Treakle Whaley 

1929 Diploma 

Beth Anderson Duckwall 

Freda Phelps Bingham 

Elsie Clements Hanna 

Mabel Cowand Smith 

Mildred Deans Shepherd 

Marguerite Foster Mohr 

Louise Hardv LeBell 

Bvrdie M, Hillsman 

Helen McHenry McComb 

Rosa Maddux Woodward 

Louise Morgan Crane 

Jenme R. Owen 

Margaret Frances Rutherford Yancey 

Emma B. Luke 

Roberta Skipwith Self 

Gladys E. Wilkinson 

1929 Degree 

Annie Belle Anderson Duncan 
Florence L. Carmine 
Alfreda Collings Begley 
Ann Holladay DeMuth 
Nancy Denit Eastman 
Margarer Dunton 
Fannie Grainger Gilliam 
Delphine Hatch 
Gwen Hardy Williams 
Margaret Hubbard Seely 
Carrie Hughes 
Hilda Ligon Gardner 
Florence Mclnryre 
Veva Oakes Spain 
Lillian Rhodes 
Sammy A. Scott 
Marguerite A. Trimm 
Louise Vaughan Lafayette 
Margaret Walton 

1930 Diploma 
Mayo Beaty Dotson 
Elizabeth Carver Fowler 
Sue Baylis Cross 

Mildred Elmore Butterworth 
Julia Feagans 
Mary Fenner 
Ruth Hart Gray 
Flora Hobbs Sykes 
Louise Hurt Eauber 
Gladys M. OBerry 
Susie Reames Seville 
Alice Wibmish Manning 
Virginia Yarbrough WUtbank 

1930 Degree 
Florence Cralle Bell 
Elouise Davis Stokeley 
Sarah Dinwiddie 

Judith Fenner Barnard 

Lucille Graves Noell 

Alice Hamner WoU 

Mary Frances Hatchett Parcells 

Eva Irene Hudnall 

Leyburn Hyatt Winslow 

Lucile Norman O'Brien 

Mvra Reese Cuddv 

Rachel Rovall 

Mary Shepard Flinn 

Helen Smith Grumpier 

Laura Smith Langan 

Evelyn Travlor Macon 

Linda Wilkinson Bock 

Frances Wilson Ripley 

1931 Diploma 
Catherine Diehl Lancaster 
Lelia Jennings Sheffield 
Esther Kutz Rusmisel 
Pauline Lantord Stoner 
Margaret Lester Nliller 
Sarah Mapp McAlexander 
Frances Martin Vinson 
Viola May St. Clair 
Marion Moore Minnick 
Jewell Wimbrow Johnson 

1931 Degree 
Elizabeth Anderson Swope 
Frances Armentrout Irwin 
Laverna M, Bavne 
Permele Byrd Cosbv 
Eleanor H. Dashiell 
Mildred DeHan 

Annie Denit Darsi 


Ann C. Drew 

Elizabeth Dutton Lewis 
Pauline Gibb Bradshaw 
Mabel Grepory Craig 
Emilie HolJaday 
NataJie Holladay 
Olive T. Her 
Catherine Jones Hanger 
Mildred Maddrey Butler 
Sue Moorman Buchanan 
Margaret Nuttall Coaker 
Eloise Paulette Cafazza 
Georgia Putney Goodman 
Rena M. Robertson 
Virginia Robertson Enright 
Elizabeth Stephenson Kitchen 
J. Elizabeth Temple 
Ida Trolan Allen 
Lucy Lee Williams 

1932 Diploma 
Delma Conway Bates 
Lou Covington Rogers 
Marv Artis Danner Dennis 
Lucille Floyd Hight 

Elva Hunt 

Virginia Huntsberry Shockey 

Mary Ellen Johnson Garber 

Alise Martm Drinkard 

Frances Elizabeth Newman Estes 

Mary Virginia Robinson 

Katharine D. White 

Estelle Williamson Thomasson 

Cora Womeldorf 

1932 Degree 
Louise Clayton 

L. Frances Crawford 
Lucy Eldridge Fitzgerald 
Virginia Gee Enckson 
Catherine Ritter Zeno 
Doris Robertson Adkisson 
Easter Souders Wooldridge 
Nancy Shaner Strickler 
Elsie D. Story 
Susan Yancey Farnsworth 

1933 Diploma 
Mary Thomas Abrams Smith 
Mary Alston Rush 
Margaret Carter Hiner 
Dorothy Davis Holland 
Avis Hunt 

Lucille Hunt Forrest 
Beatrice Jones Lewis 
Audrcv Smith Topping 
Cornelia Wingo Littlepage 

1933 Degree 
Margaret Armstrong Ottley 
Frances E. Armistead 
Winston Cobb Weaver 
Frances Coleman Hankins 
Lois V. Cox 

Helen Crute Vaughan 
Lucille Crute Coltrane 
Frances H. Grant 
Beulah Green Moore 
Martha Gunter Meidling 
Lucille Ingram Turner 
Irene M. Leake Gottschalk 
Marguerite Massey Morton 
Harrier Moomaw Leek 
Marjorie O Flaherty Davis 
Mildred Phillips Spencer 
Annie Pritchard Hensley 
Gay Richardson 
Duvahl Ridgway Hull 
Hildegarde Ross 
Sarah Rowell Johnson 
Jane Rovall Phlegar 
Evelyn Shaw Bennett 

1934 Diploma 

Claudia Barleon Burkey 
Doris Button O'Bannon 
Edna Dawley Gibbs 
Elsie Freeman 
Sara Goodwin Smith 

1934 Degree 
Alberta Ceilings Musgrave 
Mary Diehl Doering 
Mary Easley Hill Steger 
Frances R Horron 

Ruth N. Jarratt 
Barbara Kester Reed 
Alice McKay Washington 
Mary Berkeley Nelson 
Margaret Otten Stuart 
Margaret Parker Pond 
Alice Rowell Whitley 
Mary Shelton Whitehead 
Sarah Hyde Thomas Douglas 
Annie Louise Via 
Martha Scott Watkins Owen 
Beverly Wilkinson Powell 
Sue Yeaman Britton 
Elizabeth W. Young 

1935 Diploma 

Mary Elizabeth Bailey McDowell 

Ella Arthur Black Rowley 

Pauline Jones Walker 

Vivian McCrory Jones 

Lillian Mears Rew 

Mary Seay Rosen 

Alice Zeigler Blackard 

1935 Degree 
Laeta Barham Hirons 
Virginia Bean Hvlton 
Sarah Beck Crinkley 
Christine Childrey Chiles 
Louise Coleman Hughes 
Jestine Cutshail Henderson 
Lena Mac Gardner Sammons 
Ila Harper Rickman 
Elizabeth B. Haskins 
Jessica Jones Binns 
Ethel Leigh Joyner 
Elizabeth Mann Wilds 
Ciintis M. Mattox 
Maude Rhodes Cox 
Minnie Lee Rodgers 
Elizabeth Vassar Pickett 
Katherine Walton Fontaine 

1936 Diploma 

Elizabeth Hankley Cage 
Copeland Johnson 
Ann Joyce Touey 
Valla Nimmo Stallings 
Dora Pair Taylor 
Mildred Pleasants Melvin 
Cleo Reynolds Coleman 

1936 Degree 

Nancy Bland Richardson 
Helen Boswell Ames 
Berkeley Gregory Burch 
Sara Canada Glover 
Margaret Clark Hanger 
Audrey Clements Lawrence 
Edith Coffey Evans 
Bessie Hart Payne 
Elizabeth Huse Ware 
Dorothy McNamee Fore 
Edythe Martin Hunter 
Evelyn Massey Coleman 
Dons Moore Turner 
Agnes C. Murphy 
Claudine O'Brien 
Lucy Potter Kirks 
Dorothy Rhodes Putney 
Susan Robinson Turner 
Mary Frances Sadler 
Lelia Santord Shumate 
Elizabeth Surton Stettner 
Florence Tankard Rennet 
Tac Waters Mapp 

1937 Diploma 
Mary Lena Anderson Walker 
Brenda Doggett Garner 
Isabelle Sprinkle Dotson 

1937 Degree 

Mary Frances Adams Cooper 
Virginia Baker Crawley 
Virginia Bean Hylton 
Janice M, Bland 
Mary Va. Blankenship Cramer 
Emily Channell Garrett 
Frances Channell Delk 
Margaret Dortch Nelson 
Elizabeth Venable Forbes 
Merwyn Gathright Rhodes 
Martha Gwaltney Everett 
Martha Hamlet Davis 
Sarah Frances Hudgins Finley 
Virginia Leonard Campbell 
M.unic NkDaniel 
K.itlitTint- Milby Fincham 
Mane Mnore Millner 
Ruth H. Mvers 
Margaret Pittard Chewning 
Charlotte Rice Mundy 
Dorothy Price Wilkerson 
Anne Scales Hairston 
Minnie Walton Smith Walker 
Zaida Thomas Humphries 
Mollie Fletcher Walker Sanger 
Lucile Ware Taliaferro 
Marguerite York Rupp 

1938 Diploma 

Julia Ayers '^'oungblood 
Norvelle Montague Jones 

1938 Degree 

Geneva Blackwell Camp 
Virginia Doughty Nottingham 
Edith M. Hammack 
Nora Jones Heizer 
Nellwyn Latimer 

Madeleine McGIothlin Watson 

Lillian A. Minkel 

Mabel Murden Johnson 

Alice Nelson King 

Virginia Pilcher Provence 

Isabel Plummer Kay 

Virginia Louise Price Waller 

Julia Raney Gillespie 

Elizabeth Rucker Sims 

Nan Seward Brown 

Anna Shitletc Reed 

Elizabeth Shipplett Jones 

Florence Rose Smith 

Nan Trent Carlton 

Elise Turner Franklin 

Margaret Turpin Burke 

Mary Harrison Vaughan Dnscoll 

Audrev White Harris 

Katherine D. White 

1939 Diploma 
Henrietta Ivers Roop 
Elizabeth Oakes Morgan 
Victoria Tanner Evans 

1939 Degree 

Louise Anthony McCain 
Pattic Alston Bounds Sellers 
Elizabeth L. Burke 
"Army" Butterworth Lewis 
Elizabeth Button Rosenberger 
Sarah Button Rex 
Helen Callihan 
Helen Costan 
Elsie Dodd Sindles 
Florence E. Garbee 
Theresa Graff Jamison 
Caroline Gwalthmey Jones 
Ruth Hill Bailev 
Thelma Houp Foster 
Katherine Hoyle 
Nancy Louise Hunter 
Virginia Epes Irby Smith 
Catherine Maynard Pierce 
Margaret Motley Adams 
Elizabeth Prince Barnes 
Fannie Mae Putney Boykin 
Anna Snow Ramsey James 
Margaret Stallard Woolling 
Sarah Bdle Stubblefield 
Mary Frances Thomas Propst 
Virginia Sue Tuck Burnette 

1940 Diploma 

Judith Spinner King 

1940 Degree 

Anita Carrington Taylor 

Becky Carter Sanderson 

Mary Elizabeth Clay 

Marguerite Costello Brickett 

Mary Louise Cunningham Warren 

Marie Eason Reveley 

Dorothy Fischer Mangels 

Carolyn L. Harrell 

Martha Meade Hardaway Agnew 

Mildred Barry Dodge 

Harriette Haskins Eubank 

Elizabeth Hoge Payne 

Rosemary W, Howell 

Helen Jeffries Miles 

Johnny Lybrook Mothershead 

Martha McCorkle Tennant 

Anna Maxey Boelt 

Lorana T. Moomaw 

Olivia Pettway 

Jane Powell Johnson 

V. Welby Saunders 

Elizabeth Scales DeShazo 

Mary Preston Sheffey 

Marion Shelton Combs 

Mary Sue Simmons Goodrich 

Mvra Smith Ferguson 

Olivia Stephenson Lennon 

Grace Waring Putney 

1941 Diploma 

Juanita Smith Price 

1941 Degree 

Lucille Barnett 
Crews Borden Baylor 
Yates Carr Garnett 
Catherine Phillips Coenen 
Blanche Daughtrev 
Louise Hall Zirkle 
Marian L. Heard 
Katherine E. Jarratt 
Ora Jeter 

Jane Jones Andrews 
Louise Kendrick 
Marv Hille McCov 
Rachel Kihler Pixley 
Frances Pritchett Lippincott 
Evelyn Reveley Jaeger 
Margaret Robinson Simkins 

Dorothy Rollins Pauley 

Dorothy Scott 

Nellie Russell Shelton 

Patricia Gibson Stewart 

Helen Truitt 

Helen Watts Ford 

Elizabeth West 

Sarah Elizabeth Whinsant Williams 

Forrestine Whiraker Holt 

Anne Benton Wilder 

1942 Diploma 
Caroline Ferguson Irons 

1942 Degree 

Rachel Abernachv Paulson 
Virginia Barksdale Rotter 
Elizabeth L. Barlow 
Rachel Burroughs Hall 
Virginia Dawley Capron 
Marv Katherine Dodson Plyler 
Caroline Eason Roberts 
Hattie Moore Felts 
Jean Addison Hall Bass 
Mickey Beck Johnson 
Margaret Bellus Sands 
Arlene Hunt Fallaw 
Rebecca Jones Cary 
Nancy Naff Austin 
Elizabeth Ann Parker Stokes 
Augusta Parks 
Betty Peerman Coleman 
Louise Phillips Mancil 
Marv Lillian Purdum Davies 
Eva Reid Verelle 
Virginia Rudd Williams 
Frances Rosebro Garrett 
Louisa Sanford McAllister 
Lucy Steptoe 
Harriette Walker Dukes 
Helen Wentz Forbecker 
Norma Wood Van Kleek 

1943 Degree 
Dorothy Anderson Morgan 
Martha Anderson Gwaltney 
Julia Ayres \'oungbIood 
May Bartlett Straughan 
Alice Belore Curling 
Brookie Benton Dickerman 
Julia Berry Smith 
Eleanor L Boothe 
Margaret Bowling Bowden 
Helen Hriggs Sours 
Nellie M. Brown 

Mary Jean Carr 

Antoinette Dew Beane 

Virginia Firesheets DuPriest 

Lilly Bee Gray 

Lucv Davis G-unn 

Helen Wiley Hardy Wheat 

Betty Harper Wyatt 

Ruth Kersey 

Bavlis E, Kunz 

Helen Lewis Bishop 

Leona Moomaw 

Janie V. Patterson 

Rosalie Rogers Talbert 

Ada Claire Snyder Snyder 

Alice Rumbough Stacy 

Elsie Stossel 

Rosa Victoria Tanner Evans 

1944 Degree 
Louise Campbell Cash 
Charlotte Corell Floyd 
Mildred Corvin Lingertelt 
Julia Eason Mercer 
Joscelyn Gillum Scott 
Katherine Johnson Hawthorne 
Jane Crockett Peery Peery 
Frances Rainev Chapel 

Nell Richard Bell 
Romelia Savre Summerell 
Bettv Smithdeal Miller 
Jerolien Titmus 
Ann Hardv Williams 
Nancy Wilhamson Cole 


Josephine Beatty Chadwick 
Marilyn Bell Roper 
Elizabeth Caldwell Selvage 
Helen Chapman Cobbs 
Betty Cross Pretlow 
Anna Derr Freed 
Susan Durrett Salter 
Carol Diggs Gentry 
Betsv Dillatd Gomer 
Lelia Dowell Ringler 
Nell Hoiloway Elwang 
Alice Feitig Kclley 
Lillian Goddin Hamilton 
Martha Higgins Walton 
Martha Hire Graves 
Dorothy Hudson 
Beatrice Jones Barger 


Dora Walker Jones Anfin 
Rachel Joyner Taylor 
Rebecca Lacy Old 
Marion Orange Turkiewicz 
Alice Nichols Proterra 
Cecil Parr Tunsrall 
Frances G. Patterson 
Alleyne Phillips Bryson 
Mary Rucker Dixon 
BJith Santord Kearns 
Josephine Shaftner Anderson 
Mary Sterrett Lipscomb 
Elsie Thompson Burger 
Virginia Via Allman 
Faith Weeks George 
Eleanor Wade Tremhiay 
Drema Waid Johnson 

Jean Anderson Clayton 
Ellen Bailey 

Lucy Bralley del Cardayre 
Mae Cardwell Coates 
Minnie Lee Crampler Burger 
Shirley Cruiser White 
Luverra Jovner Gjmkowski 
Marfcarec Hewlett Moore 
Dorothy Davis Holland 
Dorothy Holloman Caudle 
Copeland Johnson 
Ruby Keeton 
Lillian Livesay Edwards 
Glenn Ann Patterson Marsh 
Beverly Peebles Kelly 
Mar.^aret Pierce Harrison 
Naomi Piercy Jordan 
Ruth Rov.e Daniel 
Virginia Shackelford Mclntyre 
Mildred ShiHett Toomer 
Florence Smith Carr 
Mary C. Spradlin 
tvatherine Tindall Hundley 
Martha Watkins Metglet 

Virginia Anderson Justis 
Josephine Bailey Jones 
Mae Ballard Knieco 
Hilda Bennett Garrett 
Betty Bibb Ware 
Stewart Buford Peery 
Rachael Brugh Holmes 
Patricia Carter Daniel 
Constance Christian Marshall 
Judith Connelly Coslctt 
Martha Russell East Miller 
Margaret tllett Anderson 
Annie Ellis Lewis 
Mary Ellen Johnson Garbee 
I'velyn Hair 

Audrey Hudson Grinstead 
Sue Hundley Chandler 
Barbara Kellam Grubbs 
Betty Minetree Dauscher 
Nancy Parrish Haydon 
Nancy Whitehead Patterson 
Mary Overbey Field 
Sally Royston Rives 
Shirley Slaughter Embrey 
Cornelia Smith Goddin 
Eloise Stancell Godsey 
Ann Taylor Burnam 
Lorene Claiborne Ward 
Jean Pritchett Williams 
Mary Wyatt Caldwell 
Constance Young Cox 

Estaline Anderson McCraw 
Catharine Bickle Hankla 
Kathleen Ca^e Teufcl 
Lilla Hancock 
Iithel Harrison Hughes 
Marian Hahn Sledd 
Annie B. Hord 
Elizabeth Moseley 
Elizabeth Scott Jacobs 
Betty Jean Snapp Fawcett 
Nancy Squire Poplar 
Ruth B. Stephenson 
Eli/,abeth Tolley Bourne 
R.Tucker Winn 

Phyllis Alley Carter 
Louise Bergman Phelps 
Griswold Boxley Askew 
Erla Brown Holloway 
Jeannie Lee Cross Kalie 
Betty Brockway Low 
Lois Callahan 
Katy Ellis Reid 
Betsy Anne Fox Hall 
Phyllis Fuicher Byrd 
Sylvia P. Hollingsworth 
Mary Frances Hundley Abbit 
Betty P. Jordan 

Alfreda Lewis Moore 
Gladys Monk McAllister 
Cathryne Mosteller Garrett 
Betty Ree Pairet Watson 
Virginia Watson Price 
Mary Louise Wells 
Jean Thomasson Holmes 
Ruth A. Tillett 
Ringgold Prout Wilson 
Anne Verser Hartman 
Joyce Townsend Hoge 

Jean Anderson Smith 
Nellie Anderson Bowles 
Mary Puckett Asher 
Marian Avedikian Kachadurian 
Majorie Boswick Michael 
Elizabeth Bragg Crafts 
Nancy Bruce Maitland 
Sarah Corbin Bigby 
Elizabeth Douglas Redd 
Dorothy Doutr Minchew 
Jacqueline Eagle 
Charlotte Flaugher Eddy 
Jane Gray Comerford 
Calvin P. Hatcher 
Lucye Hillsman 
Frances Hughes Dillon 
Judy Hughes Reynolds 
Martha B. Hylton 
Nancy Kibler Smith 
Stuart McGhee 
Charlotte Newell Phillips 
Ann Nock Flamgan 
Grace Oakes Burton 
Jean Oliver Heywood 
Jane Richards Markuson 
Betty Shank Eubank 
Juanita Smith 
Carol Stoops Droessler 
Annie M. Swann 
Julia E. Tuck 
Harriette Wade Davis 
Ruth Walker McGhee 
Juanita Weeks Handy 
Virginia '^'arbrough Wiltbank 
Ann Younger Correll 


Andrea Adams John 
Harriet Butterworth Miller 
John Randall Cook 
Mary Crowder White 
Edith Duma Lmdsey 
Dorothy Duntord 
Frances Everett Brown 
Betsy Gravely 
Fran Harper Powell 
Elsie Hawley Burkholder 
Peggy Hoover Newhall 
Betty Jones KJepser 
Charlotte Jones Greenbaum 
Ann Kemp DesPortes 
Hilda Lewis Schneider 
Stella Lotts Magann 
Cynthia Mays Perrow 
Julia Gretna Perkins 
Corinne Rucker 
Margaret Shelton Munro 
Virginia Spencer Wnek 
Bobbie Wall Edwards 
Betsy Wilson East 

Flora Ballowe DeHart 
Betty Barnes Lampcrt 
Dorothy Boswick Greenman 
Mary Lee Folk 
Dorothy Gregory Morrison 
Elizabeth Harman Moody 
Dolores Hoback Kanner 
Maria Jackson Hall 
Jacqueline Jardme Wall 
Patricia Lee Mathews 
Rebecca Mann Umphlett 
Rachael E. Peters 
Erma R. Poarch 
Jean Ridenour Appich 
Anne Rosson Runkle 
Margaret Thomas Mayo 
Catherine Toxey Altizer 
Graham Trent Chappell 
Patricia Tuggle Miller 
Martha Alice Wilson Thompson 
Peggy Wilson Sampson 
Nancy Wood Dowdy 
Jo Ann Yow Mills 


Nell Bradshaw Green 
Olivia Coleman Alfriend 
Helen Crowgey Sheppard 
Julia Davis Brown 
Freia Goetz Vaughan 

Ann Marie Gray Cook 
Betty Hancock Beard 
Ann Keith Hundley Brame 
Anne Jones Gray 
Bessie C. Layne 
Sarah McEiroy Harvie 
Gladys Marsh Harvey 
Blannie Tanner Bass 
Helen Tanner 
Margaret Tavlor Barlow 
Bettie Lou Van de Riet Baecher 
Sue Webb Welsh 


Pat Altwegg Brown 
Lura Beavers Robertson 
Jane Branch Botula 
Mary Jean Carlyle Qverstreet 
Nell Coplev Irhy 
Elsie Holland Cox 
Gail Dixon Dickson 
Lottie Dixon Garrett 
Katherine Gilbert 
Catherine R Hamilton 
Jeanne Hamilton Lafoon 
Lucille Mann Pierce 
Julia Robinson Koch 
Jean Smith Lindsev 
Wilma Spurlock Wallace 
Virginia Sutherland Knott 
Else Anne Wente Bunch 
Roberta Wiatt 
June Lea Wilmoth Halev 
Martha Wilson Black 


Dolly Baker Harrell 
Linda Bartenstein Frazier 
Virginia Burgess Newcomb 
Bettv Davis Edwards 
Herbert H. Goodman 
Mary Hundlev Hvatt 
Joyce Hunt Henderson 
Nancy C. Inge 
Phyllis Isaccs Slayton 
Margaret Lester Miller 
Nancy Nelson Diggs 
Joyce PoTierov Hamer 
Audrey Powell Pittard 
Dot Vaden Oglesby 
Shirley Ward Patteson 
Marion Webb Gaylor 
Betty West Buchert 
Sarah Wilson Lisanick 
Lee Wood Cole 
Frances Young Brown 


Muriel Boswell Flynn 
Anne Brooking Stelter 
Loretta Brooking Gasswint 
Mary Davis Fischer 
Elizabeth DeHaven Blair 
Margaret Duke Lautenslager 
Freddie Sue Garber Stewart 
Carolyn Gray Abdalla 
Nancy Hartmann Welker 
Molly Ann Harvey Childers 
Georgia M, Jackson 
Lenora Ann Jones Mitchell 
Bettye Belle Maas Sterzing 
Virginia Lee Obenchain Cross 
Catherine Phillips Rhodes 
Dotothy Rector Tutmail 
Maude Clay Sutherland 
Matgaret Terrell Reese 
Helen P, Warrmer 
Lou Wilder Colley 


Patricia Ashby Robinson 
Camille Ann Atwood 
Margaret Barrett Knowles 
Margaret Beavers Reed 
Mae Bennett Guthrie 
Barbara Burnside Ridout 
Anne Caldwell Cake 
Nancv Deaton Jones 
Elizabeth Elliott Williams 
Belie Fitzgerald Neighbors 
Elba Flynn Hubard 
Hazel Hanks Lewane 
Nancy Hams Subiett 
Jo Hillsman Winters 
Margaret Hudnall Winters 
Nancy Hughes Goodman 
Florence King Lane 
Gerry Luck Siekirski 
Jeanette Motris Bowman 
Jean Parrott Henderson 
Jackie Pond 
Jane Railey Chitty 
Frances B. Raine 
Daisy Jane Spain Garner 
Elva Fleming Warren 
Dolores Winder Grimstead 

Elizabeth Blanton Gilliam 
Betty Jo Cook Carter 
Joan Coakley Owens 
Maxine Crowder 
Jane Crute Sowards 
Nancy Drudge Fawcett 
Mary Anne Foster Rust 
Linda Garrison Bowe 
Shirley Hauptman Gaunt 
Josephine Maxey White 
Virginia Oakes Morgan 
Alice Sawyer Pate 
Sarah Schuler Woodrow 
June Strother Shissias 
Sally Tiison Carter 
Ellen Webb Dempsey 
Pat Wilmo'ith Isner 
Carol Wolte 


Anne Adams McDaniel 
Nancy Ann Andrews 
Jo Ann Baldwin Black 
Mary Frances Beck Carr 
Ada Belcher Page 
Coreta Bennett Osborne 
Linda Doles Dougherty 
Dolores Dove Lanes 
Melinda Franklin Emerson 
Gloria Gardner Buchanan 
Nancv George 
Sandra Kilmon Phillips 
Nancy Knowles Saunders 
Agnes Lowry Frasier 
Joanne Maitland Johnston 
Mary Ellen Moore Mitchell 
Barbara Odom Wright 
Rebecca Jane Parker 
Patsy Powell Ray 
Carol Sandidge 
Charlotte Simms 
Evelyn Shalsky Hanzlik 
Mane Thomas Anderson 
Julia Grey Wallace Sweeney 
Helen Jean Young 


Jo Dearing Smith 

Carolyn DeHaven Dodds 

Diane Doughty Tobm 

Joyce Ellis Teague 

Jo Ann Garner Wagstaff 

Josie Guy Yonce 

Elizabeth Howard Hutchison 

Callie Johnson Bowers 

Arlene McKav Fitzgerald 

Carol Miller Graybeal 

Ann Mixon Wilson 

Betsy Neal Osborne 

Judith Stokes Barnes 

Joann B. Tench 

Fannie Weinberg Lawhorne 

Helen B. Wente Beckman 

Juha M. Williams 

Inez Wolte Coates 

Annie Lee Young Duff 


Katie Mae Bolt 
Barbara Brantley Edwards 
Patricia Carr Slaughter 
Archer Cassada Williams 
Nancy Cole Robertson 
Blanche Craig Garbee 
Jane Crowl Milliken 
Nellie Davis Walton 
Beatrice Gay Wallace 
Cherry Gotham Partington 
Susan Gosnell Ball 
Frances Harnsberger Swope 
Mable Healy Shanaberger 
Pat Hurst Matheny 
Rose Marie Johnson 
Cecil Kidd 
Nannie V. LeSueur 
Janice McClenny Mahone 
Jeanette Metcalf 
Barbara Moore Stevens 
Nancy Morns 
Oreta Norns Richardson 
Frances Norton Hamlett 
Joyce Odom Fulgham 
Carolyn Oliver Wiike 
Frances Tune Hcrnngton 
Iris Wall Johnson 
Frances NVeaver 


Sue Caravalla Petersen 
Nedler Sue Chapman 
Mary Elizabeth Clay 
Barbara Cole Payne 
Bettv Ruth Dunnavant 
Niki J. Fallis 


Evelyn Fulgham Bohner 
Kitty Gilbert Eastridge 
Ann S. Gould 
Jane Hanger Longacre 
Shirley Saunders Harwood 
Rosemary Henry Thomas 
Keaton Holland Garber 
Mary Bvrd Micou Martin 
Morag Nocher 
Taylor Rowell Barlow 
Jo Savage Orser 
Judy Smith Liles 
Diana Snow Campbell 
Wendy Warren Reynolds 
Gwen Watkins Pearce 
Sandra Weaver HufF 


Jane Bowling Mays 
Mary Harriet Brooks 
Mary Earle Carmine 
Jerry Clarke Chaney 
Sharon Coulter Gibb 
Suzanne Davis Rogerson 
Gladys Curtis Drummond 
Vtrnelle Duggins Vaughan 
Sandra Freedman 
Cynthia Gay Reardon 
Ann Fontaine Greene 
Carol Forehand Gregory 
Lindy Hatch 
Susan Lane Foard 
Mary Lipscomb Garrett 
Rosa Pettit Noves 
Diane Pezella Towers 
Sandra Phlegar Weigand 
Rebecca Reamy Blickensraff 
Rebecca Gayle Rountree Webb 

Brenda Smith Grieves 
Barbara S. Stewart 
Jeannette Thompson Roberts 
Margaret W. Vaughan 
Virgmia Wilhelm Nichols 

Darby Bain Fraser 
Roberta Cadow Rutherford 
Linda Derning Haupt 
Elizabeth Coleman Echols 
Carol Combs 
Charlotte Craig Wood 
Cynthia Davenport Eberwine 
Sara Gil Sutphin 
Evelvn Robins Gray Harris 
Barbara Hewitt 
Jeannie Kafer 
Paula Kirby Blundell 
Viola May St. Clair 
Alice Jansch Predgo 
Mary Catherine Pulley Bracey 
Elizabeth Ann Rex 
Eleanor Richardson Morris 
Linda Lewan Rippey 
Alta Stricklen George 
Merle M. Talley 
Barbara Turner Boyd 
Margaret Waldo 
Judith Duncan Whittemore 
Patricia Williams Hamrick 
Evelyn C. Woods 


Betrilee Bowles 
Anne Cordle Hamlett 
Barbara Jo Crumley Bunch 
Carole EI. Fariss 

Barbara Flinn Ford 
Shirley Ann Gunn 
Roberta Lee Gunter 
Mary Frances Hall 
Elizabeth Flournoy Hamner 
Marilvn Sue Hewett 
Ann Hutchinson 
Marcia Hynes Amos 
Margaret Wilkinson Irby 
Deirdre Jacovides Dean 
Nancy Knewstep Orcurt 
Maria Konovalotif 
Pauline Lane Rice 
Linda Jane Leigh 
Elizabeth McClenny Miller 
Mary Catherine Palmoce Jones 
Mamie Lee Payne Maxwell 
Joyce Fave Powell Brian 
Bonnie Ramey Shirley 
Flizabeth Ranson Burroughs 
Susan Ribble Pratt 
Frances Shenal Brady 
Virginia Lee Starkey 
Sue Thompson 
Jean Wachsmann 
Mary Stratton Walker 


Louise Elder Davenport 

Bettv Paige Garner Jenkins 

Carole Dean Gibson 

Fran L. Heath 

Linda Lo'iise Huffman 

Norma Johnson 

Anne King 

Arden L. Lockett 

Mary Wilson McClenny 

Dorcerie Susan Marsh 

Carolyn Gene Mohler 
Sandra Jean Rhodes 
Evelyn Srowe Amos 
Nan F. Tyler 
Nancv Rebecca Walters 
Helen Randall Weeks 
Marianna Jo Wyart 

In Memoriam 
Mary Billups Hartman 
Ethel Fox Hirst 
Louise Harris Wyatt 
Mary Clay Hiner 
Mary Massenburg 
Fannie Mav Pierce 
Katherine Watkins 

Faculty and Friends 
Odessa Bailey 
Elizabeth Burger Jackson 
Nancy Foster 
Erlcne Owen 
Florence H. Stubbs 
Edwin H. Vassar 
Sibyl Henry Vincent 


Culpeper Chapter 
Farmville Chanter 
Greensboro Chapter 
Lynchburg Chapter 
Norfolk Chapter 
Peninsula Chaprei 
Raleigh Chapter 
Richmond Chapter 
Roanoke Chapter 
Suffolk Chapter 
Washington Chapter 

Longwood College China 


Colors — Mulberry or Blue 
Scene — Rotunda 

Plates, 10!4-inch size $3.00 

Tea Cups and Saucers $2.50 

After-Dinner Cups and Saucers $2.50 

Salad Plates $1.00 

Bread and Butter Plates $1.00 

Ash Trays $1.25 

Please Add 3% State Tax 

Proceeds from the sale of this china go to the Association 

of Alumnae. Send ail orders and make checks payable to 


Farmville, Virginia 23901. Express or postage charges collect. 





compiled by 







Per copy — Add 25^ for mailing 

Plus .06 

State Tax 


Association of Alumnae 
Longwood College 

Treasurer's Report, July 1, 1966 — June 30, 1967 


Balance on hand July 1, 1966 $ 2,678.06 

Contributions to General Fund 9,498.00 

Contributions to College President's Discretionary 

Fund 2,913.00 

Registration 665.00 

Snack Bar 5,901.40 

Use of House 85.00 

Refunds 43.75 

Cook Book 892.00 

China 303.06 

Tax 9.37 



Salaries $6,319.51 

Upkeep of Alumnae House 809.57 

Office Expense 656.86 

Bulletin 4,456.72 

Fund Appeals 1,997.96 

Alumni Council 90.00 

Travel and Conventions 85.63 

Founders Day 835.31 

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and 

summer school teas 76.07 

Board and Committee Expense 151.63 

Snack Bar — rent, repairs and replacement 

of equipment 523.99 

College President's Discretionary Fund . . . 3,000.00 

Longwood College — amount in excess of 

S5,000 from Snack Bar 377.41 

Contingency 275.87 

Morrison Memorial Fund 10.00 

Cunningham Memorial Loan Fund 5.00 

Jennie M. Tabb Memorial Loan Fund. . . . 5.00 

Olive T. Her Scholarship Award 50.00 

Note Paper for Sale 65.00 

Social Security 218.76 

Balance on hand June 30, 1967 2,978.89 

Amount on Savmgs $10,539.78 

Amount in Relocation Fund 3,805.39 

Amount in Alumnae House Fund 22.17 

Amount invested in Cook Books 334.54 

Amount invested in China 392.15 

Amount invested in Note Paper 65.00 


1967-68 BUDGET 

Balance on hand (estimate 1967) $ 4,000.00 

Savings 10,437.00 

Total $14,437.00 


Alumnae Contributions $15,000.00 

College Pres. Discretionary Fund 10,000.00 

Snack Bar 5,000.00 

College 636.00 

Total $30,636.00 


Mrs. Jones $3,150.00 

Mrs. Andrews 1,650.00 

Mrs. Cabaniss 1,200.00 

Student Help 1,000.00 

Social Security 264.00 

Total $ 7,264.00 

Office Expense 700.00 

Alumnae House Maintenance 1,400.00 

Magazine 5,000.00 

Fund Appeal 2,000.00 

Travel 100.00 

Socials 75.00 

Founders Day 450.00 

Board & Committee Meetings 150.00 

Alumni Council 90.00 

College Pres. Discretionary Fund 10,000.00 

Memorial Funds 20.00 

Contingency 2,886.00 

Snack Bar 500.00 

Rent 1.00 

Total $30,636.00 


You, a reader of the Longwood Alumnae Bulletin, 
are an active member of your Alumnae Association. As the 
1967-68 Alumnae Fund drive begins we hope you will 
continue your support and will encourage other alumnae 
not now supporting their Alma Mater to join with you in 
accelerating the forward-thrusting growth of your Alma 
Mater — Longwood . 

To you who are helping goes the gratitude of your 
Association and your College; to you who could but are 
not goes a question; "Do you not have an obligation to 
the school which gave you the tools to build your present 
life position ?" 

Checks may be drawn to "Longwood Alumnae Asso- 
ciation" and mailed to; 

Elsie Thompson Burger '45 

Longwood College Alumnae Association 

Farmville, Va. 23901 


Miss Maude Trevvett '91, missed her first Alumnae 
luncheon in Richmond in many a year, but her friends 
say she is as alert as ever. 

Rosalie Bland '96, writes that her interest in 'dear old 
Normal' is the same as in '96. 

1st Lt. Albert M. Orgain, W , grandson of Ruby Leigh 
Orgain '99, was recently awarded the Distinguished 
Flying Cross for heroism in Vietnam ; also the Purple 
Heart for wounds suffered in combat action. 

The granddaughter of Leonora Ryland Dew '07, was 
presented as a debutant at the traditional Christmas Holly 
Ball in Kilmarnock. 

Gillette Bagby Vaughan '11, was recognized recently 
for the 13 years of service on the King and Queen School 
Board. She has also served faithfully in het church as 
S. S. teacher, president of the W.M.U., and Supt. of 
W.M.U. of the Rappahannock Baptist Assoc. She is a 
charter member of the Woman's Club and has held about 
every office in the club. "Her impact on the life of her 
county can never be summed up in words for it shows in 
the lives of those with whom she has loved, worked and 

Callie Bolton Tyler '15, recently completed graduation 
requirements at Chowan College — "educating multitudes 
of children in the 52 years between degrees!" 

Gertrude Criser Winborne '17, retired in 1965, and 
was presented a silver service and a purse for a trip which 

she and het husband used in Canada, New England, and 
for a California trip next year. 

Frances L. Murphy '19, retired in 1966 after 46 years 
of service with Western Union and now is doing volunteer 
work with the Red Cross and in a convalescent home. 
Imogene Wright '19, retired in 1966 as principal of the 
Robert Fulton Elementary School in Richmond. 

M. Verliner Crawley '20, teaching constantly since 
graduation, retired in 1966, tho' she is still active in home, 
church and civic affairs. 

The family of Grace Belts Gwaltney '23, has had a busy 
life. Her husband is now retired from Ford Motor Co., 
but is active in church activities. Their oldest son Henry, 
Jr., is chief psychologist at the Federal Reformatory near 
Petersburg, and teaches one class at R.P.I. The youngest 
son Bill became a minister, and after only a few months 
of preaching suffered a fatal heart attack in the pulpit 
in 1963. The William B. Gwaltney Memorial Loan Fund 
has been named in his memory at Carson-Newman College. 
Grace plans to retire from her position with Sears, Roe- 
buck after which they will travel. 

Mary E. Carrington '27, is still teaching Math in the 
Carr Junior High School and serves as a part time recep- 
tionist at the hospital in Durham. 

Kathleen Sanford Harrison, Dip. '28, is in her 31st 
year of teaching and her 29th year at Jarratt Elementary 
School. Her daughter, Doris is a Longwood graduate and 
teaches in Henrico. Son Tommy, is with Div. of Motor 
Vehicles in Richmond. 

Barbara A. Scott '45, has been appointed Supt. of the 
Staunton Augusta County Welfare Dept. 


Degree Class of 1926 


Ann Smith 

(Mrs. James F. Greene) 

6802 Delaware St., 

Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 

Acting Secretary: 

Olive Smith 

(Mrs. Warren D. Bowman) 

Mt. Sidney, Va. 24467 

As evidenced by your letters, the joy of our 
fortieth class reunion and the winning of the 
Jarman Cup was turned to deep sorrow over 
the passing of our Class Sponsor and Honorary 
Member, Miss Mary Clay Hiner. on April 10, 
1967. Miss Winnie Hiner has agreed to fill 
her sister's place and we welcome her with all 
our hearts. 

Bessie Gordon Jones answered the heavenly 
roll call in May, She was a retired supervisor 
of public schools in Prince Edward Co. and 
the hfth class member to leave our ranks 
since graduation. 

Ann Smith Greene and husband recently 
visited their daughter, Ann, and son, Jim Jr., 
who is a Lt. Commander in the Navy, left tor 
Philadelphia to assume command of a destroyer, 
take it to Brazil, and then get permanent orders, 
two to three years in the Pacific area. Their 
son Billy is with du Pont in Watertown, N. Y. 

Lilian Nunn is spending her si.\th summer 
in Provincetown, Mass. painting. She had a 
collage chosen for state circulation for the 
next two years — one of 29 chosen from Va. 
art teachers. 

Lucille Wright Eberwine and husband, Bruce, 
had Ann and Jimmy Greene to lunch while 
they were in the Suffolk area. Ann says Lucille 

has a beautiful old home, filled with lovely 
old furniture. Lucille's family is scattered, 
son, Bruce in New York state and son, John, 
in Albany, Ga. There are three grandchildren. 

Ida Hill was ill and hospitalized last spring 
and after returning home, did not feel able to 
return to her teaching in D. C. Our best wishes 
go to Ida for a speedy and complete recovery. 

Bessie M. Mottley is president of the Va. 
Retired Teachers Assoc, the largest depart- 
ment of the VEA. She has done outstanding 
work in enlisting more than 1500 members, 
establishing VRTA District Departments 
throughout the state and other accomplish- 
ments. Bessie follows a full and energetic 
schedule of travel, correspondence, meetings 
and legislative action. 

Mamie Daniel Barbee enjoys teaching math 
at Chandler Junior High in Richmond and 
sends a "Hello" to everybody. Anne Robertson 
Turtle sends greetings to all from Portsmouth. 

Bessie Wright Barlow lost her husband. Ray, 
just a few weeks before our reunion. She writes 
that Miss Mary Clay left us all a rich heritage 
and we were indeed privileged to have known 
her. Miss Mary Clay's letters brought Bessie 
great comfort during her sorrow. She has three 
children and lives in Smithlield near Joseph 
Ray, Jr., a graduate of VPI, who served in the 
Air Force and now farms. Daughter, Mary 
Lou, graduated from Longwood in 1955. Son, 
Tom, graduated in Veterinary Medicine from 
the U. of Ga. and works in New Market. She 
has five grandchildren, enjoys living alone 
in her home, and working with her flowers. 

Gladys Aioses McAllister enjoys reading of 
Longwood in the papers and hopes the college 
can get the needed land for expansion. She 
sends her best wishes to all. Fannie B. Shorter 

lives by herself in Darlington Heights, and 
gets out very little but enjoys sending letters 
and cards to people who are sick. She plans 
to spend the summer months at her cottage 
in Bethany Beach. Del., in a lovely community 
and with the inspiration of the ocean. 

Ruth Jennings Adams lives alone in Clover 
and has been a widow since 1961, has no 
children, and her mother who came to live 
with her, died in 196-1. She is secretary of the 
Clover Woman's Club and Supt. of the Jr. 
Dept. of the Clover Baptist Church. She also 
works as a calculator in the South Boston 
tobacco warehouse formerly operated by her 
late husband. 

Elizabeth Biigg Hughes lives in Dallas, but 
the children are in the East. Martha has a 
small son and is working on a Masters in 
Remedial Reading at Harvard. Her husband 
finished his work for the Ph.D. at Harvard 
in January and is teaching and doing research 
there. Susan's husband received his Masters 
at the U. of Texas in June and tor the next 
three years will be teaching and working 
toward a Ph.D. in Business at the U. of N. C 
Dibby finds her days Idled with activities 
in a church they helped start twenty-one years 
ago and which now has over .^,000 communi- 

Margaret Stearnes Senter is still in Salem 
teaching hospitalized pupils, having twelve 
to whom she gives individual bedside in- 
struction in all subjects, grades 1 through 12. 
We can surely imagine what her lesson planning 
amounts to! Mary Booker lives in Washington, 
D. C. where she retired from work with the 
Government in 1965. She enjoys her home, 
and does some coaching and teaching guitar 
lessons, but her special joy is sponsoring an 


"adoptee" overseas, her present one being a 
little girl in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Catherine Murdoch is busy in Blackstone 
with teaching, yard and garden work. She 
writes, "Our 40th reunion was a highlight in 
my life; being with you all, precious Miss 
Mary Clay and Miss Winnie was out of this 
world." How well she spoke for all of us who 
were present. 

Mary W. Vaughan is working part-time in 
the Div. ot Motor Vehicles in Amherst, is a 
teacher in the Adult Ladies' Class in the Em- 
manuel Methodist Church, and Secretary ot 
the Amherst Chapter, No. 115, Order of the 
Eastern Star. She lives alone, travels each 
summer, and plans, one of these days, to brush 
up on her piano playing. Don't we remember 
her magic touch on those keys'. 

Geitrude Qiiinn Thomas writes of her great 
enjoyment at being able to attend our reunion. 
Living in Roanoke, she finds her life "busy 
and loving it all!" She gave up teaching kinder- 
garten in 1964 so she could travel with her 
husband on business and could visit daughter, 
Patricia, and two grandchildren in Laurel, Md. 
Son, Quinn, works for Fruehauf Co. in Roanoke 
and lives at home. 

The letter addressed to Sadie Ray Baiyd (Mrs. 
R. O. Mahanes), Route 3. Annandale, Va., was 
returned. Does anyone have news of Sadie.' 

Hattye Blankenship lived many years in 
Gallup, New Mexico, teaching Home Eco- 
nomics in the public schools system. Word 
comes that she is now living in Venice, Fla., 
and seems line. Ann sent the reunion pictures 
to her and she enjoyed them so much. We are 
glad Hattye is back East. 

Twenty-three returned for our fortieth re- 
union and an additional nine sent contributions 
and greetings. Those attending the reunion 
and not named above ate: Elise AnJersun Cram, 
Laura AiiJfyion Moss, Harriet CoUman Taylor, 
Elizabeth D'ahl Ryan, Selina Hindle, Grace 
Noel Mistr, Sue Puckett Lush, Florence R/j.i 
Richardson, Louise Rotflett Wingo, Clara 
Thompson Caulk, Kate Trent. Those who sent 
letters but could not come are Lucy Keith 
Smith, Rachel Thompson Bivens, Mary Ruth 
Winn Lacy. 

The Bowmans are still enjoying the pastotate 
in Mt. Sidney. Due to a shortage of teachers, 
I helped out, teaching math part-time, this 
past year at Bridgewater College, and the year 
previously at Madison College. We hope to 
visit daughter Helen and family at Ohio 
State U., and son Warren, Jr. in Montana during 
July. Ruth lives in Athens, Ga. where her 
husband teaches law at the U. of Ga. Jean 
lives in Limon, Costa Rica where her husband 
is an executive for Standard Fruit Co. 

Let's start planning now for our forty-iitth 
reunion in 1971! 

Degree Class of 19-30 


Lucile Graves 

(Mrs. W. A. Noell) 

.^935 Winding Way Rd., 

Birmingham, Ala. 35209 


Myra Reese 

(Mrs. C. E. Cuddy), 

2315 Carolina Ave., S. W., 

Roanoke, Va. 24015 


50th anniversary reunion class of 1917. 

Lucile Graves Noell moved back to Roanoke 
in July, 1966 as Mr. Noell, who was General 
Manager of the Pocahontas Region of the 
N. & W. Ry. in Bluefield, is now vice-president 
of Personnel. Their son Bill graduated from 
W. & L. in 1964 and then spent one year on 
a Fulbright Scholarship in Frankfurt, Germany. 

He has just this year completed his second 
year of Law at the U. of Va. In Sept. he will 
go back to W. & L. as Asst. Dean. 

Gertrude Richardson is the new Executive 
Secy, of the Va. Skyline Girl Scout Council 
Inc. This council is made up of 37 counties 
in western Va. with the central office in Roanoke 
and Gertrude is in charge of the total program. 
Helen Smith Grumpier received her Masters 
of Education Degree from the U. of Va. in 
May 1967. We were proud of our classmate 
serving as National Alumnae President the 
past two years. Helen is Chairman of the Elem. 
Music Consultants in the Roanoke City 
Schools. The Grumpier son, Eugene, Jr.. is 
with Allied Chemical Co. in Wilmington, Del., 
is married and has two boys — six and two. 

Myra Reese Cuddy has had a wonderful 
winter with her hrst grandchild being with 
her. Her farher is in Vietnam, but hopes to 
be home in July. 

Elouise Dinis Stokley '30, teaching in Florida, 
on a visit to the Alumnae House this summer, 
related her family history ot live sisters grad- 
uating from Longwood, plus some nieces and 
nephews: Elizabeth Davis Thomas '58; 

children Robert Thomas '61 and Ann White 
Thomas Matthews '57 and M.S. '61 Elouise's 
son Joseph Stokley is now doing graduate 
work at Longwood and has married Betty 
Sue Edmonds who will graduate in '6S. Annie 
May Davis Barber '31, teaches in Maryland. 
Julia D.Tvis Brown '53 and M.S. '59 is teaching 
in Crewe, and her daughter, Julia Katherine 
Brown, is a junior at Longwood. Charlotte 
Davis McCarty graduated in '39. Othet Davis 
grandchildren who attended Longwood were 
Frank White Davis, Jr. in '59. and Ellen Marie 
Davis in 1967. 

Degree Class of 1931 


Virginia Neilson Robertson, 

(Mrs. Joseph F. Enright), 

3 Rocky Biook Rd. 

Dover, Mass. 02030 

Acting Sectretary: 

Mary Elizabeth Anderson, 

(Mrs. R. R. Swope), 

1150 Reston Ave., 

Herndon, Va. 22070 


Although we all lead such busy lives, I miss 
hearing some news from our class. Please 
let us hear from you at least once a year. Any 

of you could write better than I do, but if 
you will let me hear from you, I shall be willing 
to get it together. 

Frances Armentrout Irwin and her husband 
live in Charlotte, N. C. and are active in the 
Presbyterian Church. Both feel very grateful 
that their work on the building committee 
has resulted in a new Sanctuary. She teaches 
the college-age class in her church. 

Mary Brightwelt Ligon, Bridgeport, Conn, 
has lived in many sections of the U. S. and 
liked them all. She has two sons and five 
grandchildren. One of her sons received his 
Masters from Harvard last June. 

Pauline Gihh Bradshaw is enjoying extensive 
ttaveling now that her husband is retired from 
the N. & W. Railroad. She has just completed 
an elective term on rhe Board ot Stewards at 
the Park Place Methodist Church in Norfolk. 
Our congratulations to you, even though a 
little late. They certainly sound as though 
they know how to enjoy retitement. 

My old roommate, Eleanor Dashiell Graham, 
teaches the new math to juniors and seniors 
in one ot the largest high schools in Pa. at 
Butler. I wish you all could know about the 
wonderful ttips that she enjoys with her 
husband for she keeps her bag ready tor any- 
thing from the closing of the old Met, to 
Expo '67 Her father is in a nursing home 
near them. 

Annie Denit Darst is now living at Urbanna 
as her husband is Supt. of the Methodist 
Churches in the Rappahanock District. Her 
daughter, Harriett, at 15 is a junior at Middle- 
sex High School. Annie is a busy minister's 
wife in the best sense of the word. 

Elizabeth Dutton Lewis, also has a daughter 
who is a junior at the high school at Gloucester. 
She has kept up her Collegiate Prot. Certihcate 
and now occasionally teaches and does pro- 
fessional tutoring in Latin. Elizabeth is so 
active as a Board member of Women's Club 
and Church and Social Welfare groups that 
I don't think that she has much time for 

Our belated sympathy to Florence Gregory 
Trent whose husband passed away suddenly 
in January. I wish that I could have included 
the picture of her lovely and talented daughter 
who is now in her third year at Lynchburg 
College. Florence has been busy as Regent 
for the Appomattox D. A. R. and President of 
the Home Demonstration Club. She still 
corresponds with Virginia Nehlett McLaughlin, 
who teaches in Victoria. 


Mildred Maddrey Butler's son Tommy, who 
graduated at V. P. I., has finished Naval 
Officer's training at Newport, R. I. She is 
busy as an accomphshed organist in Petersburg. 
She writes that Evelyn Simpson's sudden 
death from cerebral hemorrhage occurred while 
she was visiting her daughter at Bois D'Arcy 
near Versailles, France. I occasionally see the 
Paris twins. Margaret (Teal) Paris Grant's 
two sons are at the U. of Va. The older one 
after serving in the Navy is in law school and 
the younger one is an undergraduate. 

A grant in-aid memorial has been named as a 
tribute to Evelyn Simpson who was a super- 
visor of Home Economics in Richmond City 
Schools from 1948 until her death. The 
memorial, donated by a chapter of Delta Kappa 
Gamma, was received by Miss Jane Edwards 
who will attend Longwood. 

Martha Paris Ware's youngest daughter 
Latane graduated with our daughter Betty 
at Maty Baldwin and we met at Commence- 
ment in Staunton in June '66. Latane is teaching 
in Richmond and Martha still lives in Memphis. 

Our daughter, Betty, is now working as a 
staff aid in Congressional Relations with the 
U. S. State Department. We are enjoying 
having her at home again, probably not for 
long as she is in the Foteign Service. Our 
two boys are both students at V. P. I. where 
I took my Masters, so this makes me very 
happy. I also stay busy with the usual church, 
civic affairs and social life of suburbia. Betty 
and I had such a wonderful experience taking 
a "History of Art" together at the Northern 
'Va. Center of the U. of 'Va. this past year. 

Degree Class of 1932 


Henrietta Cornwell, 
(Mrs. F. M. Ritter), 
1419 Greystone Terrace, 
Winchester, 'Va. 22601 


Nancy Shaner, 

(Mrs. M. P. Strickler), 

801 Linbay St., 

Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Doris Robertson Adkisson, Jr., Louise Clayton, 
Lucy Fitzgerald and I represented the Class of 
'32 at our thirty-fifth anniversary ar Founders 
Day in March. It was a nice occasion, but 
disappointing that more of you could not 
come. I sent out twenty-five letters in May to 
the ones of you I had not written in several 
years; wish I had more answers. Perhaps you 
will write me in the neat future. 

Lucille Ployd Hight, associate member ot 
'32, and husband James now live in Front 
Royal. Their son Aldwin graduated from 
W. & L. U. in June, and will do graduate work 
in library science at Emory U. in Atlanta. 1 
had a long letter from Sarah Mapp McAlexander 
'31 & '54 in January. As you may remember. 
Sarah hails from Melfa on the Eastern Shore. 
She is teaching in Fairfax Co. Her daughter 
Jane Mapp Messick was married last April and 
lives close by. 

Jane Witt Kisler suffered a stroke in June, 
1966. I am happy to report that her recovery 
has been remarkable, but only after months ot 
therapy at the Rehabilitation Center in Phila- 
delphia learning to walk, talk, and coordinate 
various facilities used in everyday living all 
over again. Jane, the class of '32, remembers 
you with love and affection. 

At the writing of my last news letter Harriett 
Branch Major of Portsmouth was in the hospital 
having undergone back surgery. She writes, 

"I am fine now; have fully recovered from 
operation and no longer 'have a back.' " Her 
oldest daughter Carol is married and lives in 
Warsaw. Charlotte, the youngest daughter, 
was graduated from Mary Washington in '66 
and is wotking in the Art Libtary at Old 
Dominion College. 

Cleo Qriisoiherry Kent teaches math at William 
Campbell High School in Naruna where she 
lives with her husband and son who will enter 
VPI in September. 

Ella Simms Clore Barnes lives in Crozet, 
where she is a realtor, and owns and operates 
a knitting shop. Het youngest son hnished 
high school in June. The older son, Carl, Jr., 
teaches at the U. of Wis. and was awarded his 
Doctorate there in June. I don't remember 
this, but Ella says that some of you who re- 
member her will be shocked that she could 
produce a scholar! She writes, "I would love 
to hear from ANYONE who remembers me — 
Mrs. C. F. Barnes, Crozet." 

Nell Clingenpeel Everett and her husband 
are still on the faculty at East Carolina College 
in Greensville. Their son, Grover, Jr., got his 
Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard last June and 
is teaching at the U. of Kansas. Their tirst 
grandchild. Susan Jean, was born last August. 
Daughter, Sherbourne, after graduating from 
Wake Forest, began working as a featute writet 
for the Baltimore Sun. 

Margaret Addleman Sears is now Director of 
Nursing at the Federal Reformatoty for Women 
in Alderson, West Va. In her present position, 
which is intetesting and challenging, she does 
some teaching. 

Elizabeth McCanley Campbell had seveial 
happy events in her family during 1966. Their 
daughter Shirley and family came home from 
Okinawa after two and one-halt years and are 
now assigned to a base in Las Vegas, Nev. 
Daughter Nancy is living in Albuquerque 
with her husband and tour children. Sammy 
and wife are living in Blacksburg where he is a 
student in graduate school. Elizabeth writes, 
"We still have with us, Peggy Lind, 9 yeats. 

whom we have adopted. She is my niece and 
has been with us since she was 11 days old." 

I am gradually recovering from the cobalt 
thetapy I had to fight a malignancy discovered 
in Feb., but it will be some time before things 
are back to normal. I do appreciate those of 
you who have wtitten to wish me well again. 
Your thoughts have given me a lift to brighten 
each day. Our granddaughter, Kristin Teresa, 
born in San Antonio in May will be coming to 
Va. in Aug. Edmund is being ttansferred to 
Fort Myer. This we are looking forward to. 

I shall be awaiting news from those ot you 
who have not written. My love and best wishes 
to each and every member of the Class of '32 


Degree Class of 1938 

President & Acting, Secretary, 
Madeline McGlothlin, 
(Mrs. O. B. W.itson. Jr.), 
1011 Hampton Ridge, 
Bedford, Va. 24523 

Dear Class of 1938: 

Begin by marking your calendars for our 
reunion next March! 'This will be thirty years 
of elapsed time that we will account for when we 
gather on the campus at Founders Day 1968! 
In the responses to my recent letter to you all, 
many classmates spoke ot coming back for the 
celebration. Please make the crowd as large 
as possible because it is fun directly in pro- 
portion to the number of members present. 

Now fof the news garnered from the return 
letters. It was fun to heat fiom you. 

Maty Willson CA/rl Johnson and her husband 
work at NASA, Langley Field. They are en- 
joying golf, boating, and fishing. One son, 22, 
is at home. 

Edith Hammack wrote that. "Thete ate quite 
a few Longwood girls in and around Durham, 
and I have attended several meetings of the 
Raleigh alumnae group and usually got some 
news that way. I had a long letter from Mabel 

1927 class reunion. 


Munhn Johnson at Christmas. She teaches 
seventh gtade math neat het home at Chesa- 
peake. Her older son will hnish high school 
this year. I had a delightful 22-day trip to 
eleven European countries last summer. We 
really covered the gtound, and now I can 
hardly wait to go again." 

Evelyn Hiisthigi Palmore wrote: "I have 
found much happiness in rearing 'My three 
sons.' The oldest is out of college, married 
and now studying at the Naval Air Station in 
Memphis. The second will enter V.P.I, in 
Danville in Sept. 1967. We are blessed to have 
a younger one in the seventh grade who can 
be with us tor some time yet. I returned to the 
classroom in the hdl of '66 to teach 'Modern 
Math' in the eighth grade. I remain grateful 
to Miss Taliaferro for a good foundation in old 
principles which are essential to understanding 
the new approach. Eastern Stat — church and 
community activities — bring strength and 
relaxation to my busy schedule." 

Nellwyn Latimer said, "I'm still working at 
the U. {'Tenn.) Hospital — for the last live years 
as Coordinator of Medical Technology Edu- 
cation. It's been a challenging job — organizing 
the program, developing the curriculum and 
staff, and I find that I really enjoy teaching 
when it is mixed with laboratory work. This 
profession really tits in with two of my favorite 
activities — travel and attending conventions, 
PG seminars and the like; only it leaves very 
little time for trips of a personal nature, but 
the 30th for sure. " Our Reunion! 

Maxine Lewis Francis travels a bit for the 
Va. Elec. Power Co. Says she comes through 
Bedford and is going to knock on my doot 
and tell me to put the coffee pot on while we 
talk! Anne Ellis Bolte is teaching French and 
English in Powhatan High School. Daughter, 
Anne, will entet Longwood in September and 
son, Steve, will be a senior at the U. of Rich- 
mond in Sept. 

It took three forwardings for my letter to 
catch Ruth Montgomery Peters whose husband's 
job moves them often. They are in Sylvania, 
Ohio, now where Ruth is employed in a school 
library for %vhich she had to return to college 
to be trained. "Never should have let Will 
Scott talk me into Home Ec " Daughtet Anne 
is in the Peace Corps for two years, teaching 
English in Ethiopia. Son Carl, Jr., has been in 
Northwestern going in the Atmy, will be and 
actor-writer. Son Jim — a six-foot high school 

freshman — is intetested in basketball and 

Alice Nelson King's oldest daughter was 
married last June. Other daughter is a Junior 
at Longwood and "loves it as much as I did." 
Grace Allen Pittanl Sydnor mentioned only 
that daughter has been accepted at Agnes 
Scott in Ga. Virginia Price Waller was elected 
last spiing to serve a three-year term as a N. C. 
Representative to National Board of Assoc, 
for Supervision and Curriculum Development. 
N. C. has a total of three elected tepresentatives. 
1966-67 School Year-Chairman of Publications 
Committee of N. C. Education Assoc. Last 
summer appointed Director of Instruction for 
Henderson City Schools, after seventeen years 
as supervisor. Congratulations 

Julia Rdtiey Gillespie is busy with community 
projects fund drives, church work, golf, and as 
Junior League sustainer. Son is National Meiit 
Scholarship winner and going to some Carolina 
school. Plans European trip with husband in 

Nan Seward Brown is serving as president of 
her art group which is busy with a spring in- 
vitational show. Baby-sits with grandson as 
the happy result of having son and wife living 
in Petersburg now. 

Esma Shield has completed her doctorate at 
Columbia. Has served as Supervisor of elemen- 
tary education in Henrico Co., City of Peters- 
burg, and as Curriculum Coordinator for Great 
Neck Public Schools, over 100,000 students. 
Teaches a night course at American U. and has 
done some writing in the language arts field, 
had book published in March. "Your attempt 
to preserve the memory of Miss Mary struck a 
responsive chord. Miss Mary was a Lady. After 
all these years I can hear her say ' — but Esma, 
you went to Richmond last week and you want 
to go again this week-end.' 

Elizabeth Sieber Robertson has been ill but is 
better now. Her daughter is a sophomore at 
Lenoir Rhyne College. "I love to brag a little. 
What else is a mother good for?" Telling about 
academic honors for the daughter who is Head 
Majorette with the college band. Sad note: 
lost a daughter with leukemia. 

Anna Shiflilt Reed spoke of having Susan 
Gresham Toms '36 with them for the week-end. 
Had seen Chic Dorlch Nelson '37 recently and 
found that both have daughters at Randolph- 
Macon Woman's College. 

Katheiine D. White teaches third grade at 

Hyattsville, Md. after getting Masters from the 
U. of Md. and is active at church and with the 

Now about my family: Virginia Clark is a 
junior at Mary Baldwin and will tour Europe 
this summer. Beech is Senior Prefect at Wood- 
berry Forest Prep. School; will attend U. of 
N. C. as a Morehead Scholar which means that 
his four years have been awarded him cost free. 
Bill is a junior at Woodberry and the personality 
guy of the family. O. B. is an automobile 
dealer and I am his bookkeeper — office help. 

That is all the news for now. See you in 
March '68. Let's make Big Plans! 

Degree Class of 1940 

Jane Powell, 

(Mfs. Robett E.Johnson), 
205 Withers Rd.. 
Wytheville, Va, 24382 
Dot Fische, 

(Mrs. W. R. Mangels), 
88 South Montgomety Ave., 
Bay Shore, New York 11706 


1937 class reunion. 

I was delighted to receive a note from our 
president, Jane, asking me to help with the 
newsletter this year. It was such fun looking 
forward to the mail each day. I could visualize 
each one of your faces as 1 read the interesting 
letters. It didn't seem possible that twenty- 
seven years had slipped by. 

I remember so well that wonderful weekend 
in Farmville at our last reunion '65 — that 
evening at Grace Waring Putney's lovely home 
followed by a "Grand Slam" at Marie Eason 
Reveley's — those bull sessions until the wee 
hours! Let's all make the reunion in 1970 the 

This has been a busy year for me just as it 
has been for all of you. I have been substituting 
(Phys. Ed. I again this past year and have en- 
joyed every minute of it. I hnd my volunteer 
work at the local hospital most rewarding and 
enjoy golf, boating, swimming and skiing. 
Bill is a vice president with Grocery Bookers in 
Long Island City. Bill, Jr., a graduate of Col. 
State U. is matried and affiliated with Samsonite 
Luggage in Denver. Jill will be a junior at 
Franklin Pierce College in N. H. where she 
plans to major in psychology. 

Frances Alvis Hulbert is living in Washington, 
N. C. married to an Episcopal minister. Ned, 18, 
will enter Davidson in the fall. A tine athlete, 
he was awarded the Christian Athlete Trophy, 
Leadership and Athletic awaid and Scholai- 
Athlete Trophy. Robin is 16 and a junior and 
David is 10. Frances (Maude) is currently taking 
a typing class and has just started a tennis class. 
She plans on attending our reunion in 1970. 

Hazel Wood Burhank Thomas had a busy 
year with camping, 4-H, Boy Scouts, choir and 
and music lessons. Her husband Bruce worked 
hard with the School Band this year to ptomote 
plans and budget for a new high school. His 
company sent him to Seattle, Wash., for six 
months and Hazel and children will join him 
for the summer. 

Anita Carrington Taylof's son Billy is a senior 
at Duke U. and was recently honored by being 
elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Sudie Dunton 
Brothers has a son who is a first classman 
(senior) at VMI this year. She also has two 

Marie Eason Revely and husband Taylor are 
very happy at Hampden-Sydney and enjoy 
seeing old friends. Their son is a third year law 
student at the U. of Va. Their daughter was 
married last Aug. and she and her husband are 
doing graduate work at Chapel Hill, U. of N. C. 


Emil Ellis Wood had just returned from a 
Postmasters Convention with her husband when 
she wrote me. Their boys David, 16, and Mike, 
12, kept the home htes burning under the 
watchful eye of their Aunt Nancy. David is a 
hne athlete and musician. Mike will enter 8th 
grade in the fall. Emil has been teaching in 

Judy Gathright Cooke has had a busy life since 
Longwood. She spent a year at Pan-American 
Bus. School in Richmond followed by secre- 
tatial jobs with Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. and 
twelve years at Larus Brothers Tobacco Co. 
She served overseas with Am. Red Cross for a 
year in World War II as Hospital Staff Aid with 
l45th General Hospital in Rheims, France; re- 
turned to Richmond and married in Oct., 1961, 
to Donald Cooke who operates a printing co. 
Judy and Donald have no children. They have 
traveled to Europe and taken two western trips 
and plan to attend Expo '67 in Sept. 

WAen Jejfries Miles hlled me in on a few of 
the girls that I hadn't heard from. Helen enter- 
tained about thirty Longwood gitls (alumnae) 
from Blacksburg and Christiansburg at her 
home for tea in the fall. Helen has two senior 
sons at VPI (Hugh and Jeff). Hugh has had 
three years in the service and Bill is a high 
school junior who made the first chair baritone 
sax in the All State Band and received several 
medals in music. Helen is now a graduate 
student taking supporting courses to begin on 
her Master's degree in English. She attended 
Founders Day in the spring and enjoyed the 
girls from our '42 Sister class! 

Johnny Lybrook Mothershead moved from 
Madison, N. J. to Greensboro, N. C. three 
years ago when Ivan, her husband, became S. E. 
Regional General Manager of Agrico Chemicals. 
Their son will be a sophomore at N. C. State at 
Raleigh next fall. Their daughter will be a 
junior in high school. She is in Europe this 
summer with a group studying the histoty of 
Art. The youngest daughter will enter 8th 
grade. Johnny keeps busy with church work, 
garden club and alumnae chapter. 

Hope Alinter Vandenburg is taking Spanish 
at VPI this year and none too soon, she says, as 
last summer in Mexico she ordered black coffee 
for breakfast and got beer! Mary Walker 
Mitchell Hughes has a daughter in college and 
a son in the Air Force. She plans on touring the 
West this summer and visiting her son in 
Denver. Laura Morris Burrows is busy as Club 
mother for the VPI Cotillion Club. Her older 
son, Morris, is finishing his Master's degree 
under a Chrysler Institute program. Mike is a 
junior at VPI. 

Kathryn Newman Bageant's husband, "Gran- 
ny," is State Mgr. of N. and S. Carolina for 
Texas Refining Co. Last year he won a "Sam- 
my" — distinguished Salesman Award. Kathryn 
and "Granny" have three children — "GG" 23 
has finished one year of teaching; Sherry 19 
is a junior at NCWC and a language major; 
Debbie 13 will be in accelerated 8th grade next 
year. Kathtyn has been active in civic club work 
and at present is vice pres. of the local Woman's 
Club and Sec'y. of the District. She just com- 
pleted a three-year stretch as County Chairman 
of the Easter Seal Society. The Bageants have 
traveled to Spain, Canada, Mexico and took 
their children to Italy last year. They are en- 
joying their new travel trailer and will celebrate 
their 25th wedding anniversary next month. 

Jane Powell Johnson decided to teach again 
now that her three sons are away at school. Rob 
will be a senior at Davidson College. Powell 
and Tom are attending Randolph-Macon Acad- 
emy where they will be a senior and junior, re- 

Lois Powell Harris is married to Dr. Wm. B. 
Harris and has lived in South Boston since 
lune 1946. They have four children — Susan 18 

who graduated this year from St. Anne's school: 
Ann 12, Bill 11; and Robbie, 8. Lois keeps 
busy with church work, garden, flowers, and 

Marguerite R/iss Lawrence and husband 
George have four children. The oldest, Carol, 
attended Randolph-Macon and graduated 
from the U. of Mich. She now works at Rocke- 
feller Center in N. Y. City. Their oldest son is a 
junior at VPI and plans to be a veterinarian like 
his Dad. Frank is in 8th grade and Johnny is 
in 3rd. Marguerite has lived in Rocky Mount 
for 17 years, plays bridge and golf and enjoys 
church work. She and hubby had a wonderful 
trip to Nassau. Marguerite sees Hazel Holmes 
Rouse frequently. Belated congratulations on 
your 25th wedding anniversary. 

Marion Shelton Combs moved from Grundy 
to Richmond on June 1st and preparing for her 
daughter Carol's wedding on June 24th. Maiion 
says she will be busy redecorating and remodel- 
ing her home in Willow Oaks. Myra Smith 
Ferguson is leaving Jr. High after nine years to 
be a resource elementary teacher and will super- 
vise six schools. Her oldesr son Warner, 20, 
hnished his second year at E. Tenn. State LI. 
Steve will be a jr. at Hampton high where he 
was elected vice pres. of his choir. He intends 
to keep up with his brother who was elected 
vice pres. of his Frat. SAE. 

Olivia Stephenson Lennon has been teaching 
ninth and tenth grade English in Tappahan- 
nock High School. In Sept. het husband, who 
is a minister, moved to a new church, so Olivia 
commuted 22 miles. The oldest finished high 
school and is in summer school at Stetson U. 
in Fla. Olivia plans on seeing us all at the 1970 
reunion. Mary Catherine "Sis" Stiirgis Crockett 
has one married daughter and is looking forward 
to being a grandmother in the near future. 
Her youngest daughter will enter Hollins Col- 
lege in the fall. She is going to Europe this 
summer with a group sponsored by the Foreign 
Language League. "Sis" and her husband, 
Doug, have been living in Johnson City. Tenn. 
since I960 and love it, Doug is with the John- 
son City Eye Hospital. 

Ora Wilson Holland had just entertained her 
son and his wife and granddaughter from 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. Her other son Jack 12, went 
home with them for a visit. Recently, Ora saw 
"Sis" Sttirgis Crockett, Grace Waring Putney 
and Ann Rw.tSnead. She keeps busy with bridge 
club, garden club, church choir, PTA. Rose- 
mary Howell, a Home Economics teacher at 
Hermitage High, will become Henrico Counry's 
first coordinator of Home Economics. 



Ruth Lea Purdum, 

(Mrs. Temple Slaughter), 

Box 367 

Culpeper, Va. 22701 


Elizabeth, West, 

300 Court St., 

Portsmouth, Va. 

Dear Girls: 

How wonderful to hear from so many of you. 
I can't begin to use all of yout news in this 
column, but hete's a little. 

Martha SaunJers Appell lives in Waco, Texas 
where her husband owns a commercial and in- 
dustrial real estate business. The two oldest 
girls are married and Martha boasts of a three- 
year-old grandson! Their son, Sam, is 15 — a 
good student and athlete. Their youngest 
daughter, Sarah, is retarded, and this has led 
to Martha's work at the local, state, and national 
level in this field. Mattha was invited to Gov- 

ernor Connolly's Conference on Mental Health 
and Retatdation. 

Dot Robhins Mayes has faced this challenge, 
too, as she has a retarded son. Dot and her 
husband live on a farm near Stony Cteek. Their 
oldest daughter graduated from Randolph- 
Macon in June and is no%v in graduate school at 
UNC. A second daughter is a senior at Mary 
Baldwin, and Anne and Susan are five-year-old 

Yates Carr Garnett's husband is a dairy 
farmer near Charlottesville. Their oldest son is 
a senior at VPI; Carr enteted W&L this fall; 
Robert is a junior at Albemarle High ; and their 
daughter, Leigh, is an 8th grader. They are a 
fine looking family. Yates gets together with 
Mary Jane Jolliffe Light and Martha Meade 
Harilaway Agnew '40 at least once a yeat. 

Margaret Barnes Carey wrote from Cheyenne, 
Wyo. where her husband headed the Cheyenne 
Centennial Committee. They have 3 children. 
Margaret serves on the Board of the Cathedral 
Home for Emotionally Disturbed Children. 
Pearl Thompson Marsh now lives in High Point, 
N. C. Her husband owns his own plane, so 
they fly a great deal. Daughter Pearl, a gradu- 
ate of Meredith, was married last August. She 
also has a son in Junior High. 

Elenora Faison Christian and her three children 
live in Jacksonville, Fla. The twins graduated 
last June. Bill is at Hampden-Sydney, and 
Jenny has a music scholatship at LSU. Helen 
Wentz Forebecker '42x, Mickey Beck Johnson 
'42x, and Betsy Jennings White are her neigh- 
bors. Bert McLaughlin Johnson has six boys! 
They keep her busy! She and her minister 
husband live in Burlington, N. C. The two 
oldest boys wete married last summer. 

Portsmouth, Ohio, claims NeU Hall Wil- 
bourne, but her heart is still in Va. She has a 
year old granddaughter! Her second daughter, 
Martha, is a junior at Mary Washington and 
hopes to travel in France next summet. Nell has 
teturned to teaching and finds the pay a little 
improved over her SlOO a month paycheck in 

One of the first answers I received was from 
Marian (Chubby) Heard, who is teaching in 
Danville. She received her master's from Duke 
in 1961 and has since ttaveled in northern 
Europe. Helen Watts Ford has a son in Med. 
School at LI. Va. ; one in dental school, and a 
daughter at Longwood. My hat's off to you 
patents who have sevetal in college at one time! 
Carmen Booth Bass's older son is working for 
his doctotate at MIT and has a wonderful 
fellowship. Rob is at the LI. of Richmond. 
Nancy Picrpont Mountcastle lives in Baltimore 
where her husband is a Professor of Physiology 
at Johns Hopkins. They have a son at Brown, 
a daughter at Vassar, and a son who is a senior 
in high school. Nancy is teaching at the Calvert 

Our traveler extraordinaire is Forrestine 
Whitaker Holt who, with het husband, was on 
concert tour in Europe last spring and summer. 
They presented concerts in Zurich. Vienna, 
Hague, and Amsteidam, and traveled between 
times to Germany. England, and Italy. Sounds 
wonderful! We are proud of our talented 

This is the yeat of graduations and weddings! 
Harriette Hjskins Eubanks says you haven't 
lived until you've had the fun and work of 
planning a daughtei's wedding. Het daughter, 
Ellen, was married in July to a graduate of the 
U. of S. C. Law School. Harriette and Julian 
took off for Hawaii in October to tecuperate. 
Thelma Courtney Scott's Betsy, Jane Jones 
Andrews' Ann, and Martha Welchel Plummer's 
daugher. Ann, are also recent brides. 

Jean Moyer Scorgie's daughter, Linda, gradu- 
ared with honors at Wake Forest. Anna George 
Dashiell had two gtaduates! Linda, who was 


May Queen at Madison, has entered the teach- 
ing profession. Sue was editor of her high 
school annual. Nancye, Caralie Nelson Brown's 
daughter, and Linda, Marie Allen Burcher's 
daughter, are classmates at Duke this fall. Linda 
was valedictorian of her class and won the state 
DAR Good Citizenship medal. Rachel Kibler 
Pixley's daughter, Linda, is attending Wm. & 
Mary. Bob Henkel, Beverly BLrir Henkel's son, 
is also at W. & Mary after the family's seven 
week European tour last summer. 

'We were distressed to hear of Bess Windham 
Walsh's husband's death. She and her daughter, 
Lula, live in Hampton. Julia Hutchinson Bull 
lost her husband recently. They had returned 
to the Eastern Shore following his army retire- 
ment, and Julia is now teaching at her high 
school Alma Mater. She has three daughters. 
Madge AlcFiill Wiseman saw Helen SeuuirJ 
Dallen last spring in Staunton where both were 
bringing daughters to see Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege. Madge has two daughters there this year 
and a son in high school. 

Avis Dtvm Whitlow is International Chairman 
of the Committee on Personal Growth and 
Services for State and Chapter Action in Delta 
Kappa Gamma. Georgia Watson Wilkerson 
was one of three 'Va. home demonstration agents 
to receive the Distinguished Service Award — 
the highest honor in the Home Economist 
fields— last fall at the national convention in 
Kansas City. Her citation says," . . . Her 
effectiveness in working with people is a result 
of her understanding of youth and adult 

Esther Ati^inson Jerome has been named "Club 
Woman of the Year" by the Lake Barcroft 
Woman's Club in Falls Church. Esther has been 
active in Club affairs, local and district levels in 
many capacities and in civic and church affairs. 
Her husband and children are justly proud. 

Keep those cards and letters coming! Thanks 
for the wonderful response this year. 

this. Pi Cottrell Harwood, Mary Jane Ritchie 
Johann, Virginia Riidd Williams, and Anne 
Turner Livick graciously offered to contact each 
member. Please let us hear from you. 


Degree Class of 1942 

President and Acting Secretary: 
Mary Katherine Dodson, 
(Mrs. C. N. Plyler), 
Gatesville, N. C. 27938 

How I wish all of you could have been with us 
at our 25th reunion at Longwood this year. We 
had such a grand time — greeting, gabbing, and 
giggling. Approximately 35 members returned, 
including Norma Wood 'Van Kleeck from 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. and Virginia Barksdale 
Rotter from Madison, N. J. We were so pleased 
and proud to have both our sponsors with us — 
Rachel Royall '30 and Jane Royall Phlegar '33. 
Of course, Ellen Royall Story was there also. 
You can't out-do those Royall girls for loyalty 
and fun. 

We were greeted by a note from Helen Wentz 
Forbecker from Wellesley, Mass. and a telegram 
from Anne Ayers Butler from Woodside, Calif 
Anne sent a telegram for the 10th reunion too, 
and we certainly did appreciate both of them. 

Nancy Dupuy Wilson sent movies ot our 
graduarion all the way from Calif., and they 
were the highlight of the week-end. Dr. and 
Mrs. Jeffers joined us at the Weyanoke for the 
third showing. With a twenty-year-old pro- 
jector, a burned out plug, and Norma serving 
as electrician, we were practically in hysterics 
before the evening ended! 

At an informal meeting of the class, we voted 
to assist the Class of '38 in restoring the portrait 
of "Miss Mary". It was agreed we would do 
this in memory of our deceased class members. 
So far over S200 has been received. We hope 
each class member will want to have a part in 


President and Acting Secretary: 
Betty Bouchard, 
(Mrs. S. C. Mclntyre, III), 
1340 Sagewood Circle, 
Stone Mountain, Ga. 30083 

I iind it hard to believe that this is the year 
for our twenty-lifth reunion! Where have the 
years gone ? 

In spite of our advanced age, many are still 
traveling to various spots all over the globe. 
In fact, Jean Carr rode a camel in Cairo, Egypt 
last Oct. when she was in the Holy Land. 
Winifred Wright Heron extends an invitation 
to all those traveling West to pay them a visit 
in Reno. She says it's gorgeous country and 
you don't have to gamble or get a divorce to 
come there. Winifred is active in the League 
of Women Voters and is on the Mayor's Citizens 
Advisor Committee. Dave is Director of 
Libraries at the LL of Nev. Holly, the oldest of 
the three little Herons, is a student at the U. of 
Calif, at Berkeley. 

Had a call from Evelyn Breedlove who's re- 
tired and living in Decatur. After talking with 
her, she's not exactly retired as she stays busy 
with church activities. Shirley Turner Van 
Landingham's oldest son, Johnnie IV, has been 
elected president of the VMI Honor Court, 
as well as captain of the swimming team. Made 
me homesick to see Maggie Kitchin Gilliam's 
beautiful card with a scene of Va. Beach on it. 
Harriet is graduating from Old Dominion in 
June and will enter MCV in Richmond for 
Medical Technology. Charles is seventeen and 
Margaret is thirteen. Opal Nelson Pegram and 
her husband are busy in Garner, N. C. with 
school work and civic activities. Rosalie Rogers 
Talbert is an assistant professor of biology at 
Nassau Community College in N. Y. 

Jean Hatton Lugar has a new addition in her 
family, son-in-law. Susan was married in April. 

Sherry Lugar is planning on entering Peace 
Junior College and the two boys are in high 
school. Martha Anderson Gwaltney teaches 
Latin and English at Smithtield High School. 
Her two daughters are teen-agers. Rose Pharis 
Cahill stays busy as a bookkeeper for an in- 
surance and real estate office and keeping house 
for her husband and son. age 4. Anne Fitzgerald 
is teaching English in Richmond. She's ex- 
pecting two student teachers from Longwood 
during the 1967-68 school year. Kappa Delta 
Gamma is publishing a biographical sketch 
Anne wrote on Miss Cornelia Adair, who was a 
national ligure in education. She was also an 
inspiration to Anne during her earlier years in 
teaching. Martha Hammock Echols is living 
in Blackstone where she enjoys collecting 
antiques and gardening. She does some sub- 
stituting at Blackstone High School. Jane 
Sanford Hall and her family expect to be in the 
Washington area for a few years. The Bishops 
(Helen Lewis) were in S. C. rhis spring. They're 
living in Louisville. Lee, their older son, re- 
ceived the Harvard award on Junior Honors 

Barbara Dreury Grace wrote news of the 
Portsmouth area. She's a school secretary. 
She has three girls — one a junior at Goucher; 
one a freshman at Mary Washington; and the 
third a seventh grader. Margaret Anne Foreman 
'41x works in the Naval shipyard. Virginia 
Firesheets DuPriest is teaching in Crewe. Susan, 
her older daughter, is entering Longwood in 
September while Anne is active in high school 
as a cheerleader and in other school affairs. 

Elsie Stossel wrote of a reunion she had in 
Front Royal with Eleanor Fo/^ Canter (Harrison- 
burg) and Louise Bell Lyons '44. Eleanor's son 
is a senior at Randolph-Macon Academy and 
Louise's husband is a minister in Winchester. 
Elsie teaches at Westhampton in Richmond. 
She's been recuperating from a broken back 
plus five other broken bones received in an 
automobile accident. She's going to make up 
for lost time as she's going to South America 
this summer. 

Maxine Compton Fuller received her Masters in 
Business Education and is working at Birming- 
ham-Southern College. Maxine's oldest daugh- 


Class of 'A2 enjoys reunion. 


ter is attending the U. of Ala. while her youngest 
boy is in the second grade. 

Brookie Benton Dickerman sent some news 
from Staunton. Bee Reid Paradis is still living 
in Ethiopia but manages an annual trip home. 
Her oldest daughter is in school in Switzerland. 
Hope to see you in '68 for Reunion. Let's make 
big plans. Brookie promises not to break a 
leg this year! 



Eleanor Bisese, 

(Mrs. Robert B.Johnson) 

1517 Hillsboro Road 

Wilmington, N. C. 28403 


Ruth Brooks 

(Mrs. J. C. Soyars), 

1809 Haviland Drive, 

Richmond, Virginia 23229 

Many thanks for your response to my request 
for news. Just wish your letters could be printed 
in entirety. 

Earlene "Kim" Kimmerling Starkey writes 
from Sun Prairie, Wis. that both she and her 
husband "Posie" will receive his Master's in 
Journalism and Pub. Relations. Mary Anne 
Loving Arbo and Paul moved from Norfolk to 
Mayport, Fla. in Nov. 1966. Paul is the Com- 
modore of a Destroyer Squadron based there 
and is at sea much of the time. Mary Anne says 
she keeps the home hres burning. 

Ruth Fleming Scott continues to teach the 
seventh grade at Chase City Elem. School and 
plans to return to Longwood this summer to 
take a newly required course in Economics. 
Her son, B. M., is in the fourth grade and 
daughter, Jane, the eleventh. "Hun" Carper 
Robinson stays involved in the activities of her 
two children, Robbie, 10, and Betsy, 6. She saw 
Margie Vaughan Skidmore in Lynchburg in 
February while attending the wedding reception 
of Margie's sister, Kitty Vaughan Cobb '44. 
Other Longwood girls who were there: Kitty 
Maddox Thomas, Jennie Travis Cobb '49, 
Nancy Myers Moore '4'5 and "Hun's" sister, 
Mary Wilson '44x. 

Louise Bunch attended the luncheon of the 
Lynchburg Chapter of Longwood Alumnae 
Assoc, in the spring. She advises that Betty 
Jeanne Nixon Emswiler is living in Lynchburg 
and has two children. After teaching for six 
years in the Elementary School in Prince 
George's Co. Md., Virginia Treak/e Marshburn 
will be the Supervisor's helping teacher in one 
supervisory area in the Co. this coming fall. 
Since she was a secondary teacher originally, 
Virginia has been taking courses in elem. 
education at the U. of Md. Husband Earl has 
been pine-paneling his basement study. Sallie 
is an enthusiastic junior high student and 
Marsha, an active third grader. 

Martha W^athins Mergler writes from Park 
Forest, 111. that Don has changed jobs and is a 
Project Engineer for Amoco Chemicals Corp. 
Martha and Don have two children — a 16-year- 
old Debbie, and 14-year-old Don. The Merglers 
were chosen as "host family" for an exchange stu- 
dent — Marthe Lefebvre of Montreal, Canada — 
sponsored by the French Club at Rich East 
High, where Debbie is a Junior. Marthe has 
been with them since Sept. and will leave after 
graduation in June. 

Mary Ellen Petty Chapman continues to teach 
English at Prince Edward Academy in Farmville. 
She completed her work at Longwood for a 
Masters Degree in July, 1966. Ruby Keeton, 

who has retired from teaching, worked in a 
jewelry store in Victoria for a while last year. 
Esther Shevick is working for the State Dept. 
of Ed. in Richmond as an assistant supervisor 
in the area of Special Education. Traveling 
around the State gives her the opportunity to 
see many of our classmates. 

The highlight of the year for Carolyn Bobhitt 
Jones and her family was a delightful and inter- 
esting 7-week vacation. As soon as school 
closed last year, Carolyn, husband Cab, and 
their three children (Jimmy, 17; Beth, 12; and 
Bob, 7) drove the southern route to California, 
flew from Los Angeles to Honolulu to visit 
Carolyn's sister, Jacqueline Babbitt Field '49 
and her family, returned to San Francisco aboard 
the USS Lurline then drove up the West Coast 
into Canada and took the Trans-Canadian High- 
way to Niagara Falls. From there, they returned 
home. Carolyn said those 7 weeks wete "jam 
packed with sight-seeing, fun and interesting 
things they'll never forget." Jimmy will gradu- 
ate this June and plans to enter the U. of Rich- 
mond in the fall. Carolyn sees Jane Paulette 
Taylor, Estelle Paulette Lumpkin '42, Marie 
Thompson Tucker '42, Lou Davidson Saunders 
'48x, and Patsy Creus Northington '45x quite 

Virginia Lee Price Perrow keeps busy with 
PTA, church work, and Woman's Club. She 
and Joe were in Roanoke Thanksgiving and 
attended the VPI-VMI Game with Lois Lloyd 
Sheppard Lewis and her husband. Virginia Lee 
had lunch with Lois Lloyd and Mary Spradlin 
while in Roanoke. 

Page Cook Axon writes that after sixteen years 
she is teaching once more. As she was unable to 
attend our Twentieth Class Reunion, she went 
back to Longwood this year for Founders Day 
and celebrated with the Class of '47, which was 
her class when she entered Longwood. Page 
and Dot Ouen Hubbard '47 went together. 
Page's husband Pete is Commonwealth's 
Attorney for the City of Chesapeake. They 
have three children: Katherine, 15, is a fresh- 
man at Churchland High and an avid horse- 
woman; Peter, 12, is in junior high and was on 
the YMCA swimming team last session; and 
Elizabeth 10. 

Anne Carmines Ransdell is enjoying her new 
home in Bon Air and is very active in St. Mark's 
Methodist Church. Her career continues in the 
accounting held and recently she was elected 
to the Board of Directors of the Richmond 
Chapter, American Society of Women Ac- 
countants. Her daughter is finishing her lirst 
year at Gill School. Bobby Livesay Edwards in 
Hampton has 11-year-old daughter. Anne Cary. 
and a son. Berry, who graduates in June. He 
plans to go to Europe this summer with All 
Student Band, USA, for hve weeks, and will 
enter the U. of Va. this fall. Bobby visited Jane 
Ptrgt" Rothwell in Charlottesville recently. 

Lucie iMcKenry Baldi and family moved into 
their new home in U. Park, Md., last Aug. 
Her husband is a general contractor — and Lucie 
works in his office most ot the time. They 
have a 6-year-old daughter, Ellen. 

"Mike" Shiflett Toomer writes from her 
ranch in Burns. Colorado that her sons are 9. 
10, and 12. The family moves up to the moun- 
tains in the summer to be nearer the cattle and 
live in a cow camp which is just a cabin (.with- 
out running water or electricity — they do have 
a power plant). Last year "Mike" was President 
of "Cowbelles." an auxiliaty to the Cattlemen's 
Assoc. Their main objective is to promote the 
sale of beef. They will help the men celebrate 
their 100th Anniversary rhis year. 

Good news comes from Ellen Bailey. Last 
year I reported in the class letter that she had 
been in a serious automobile accident. After 

spending 63 days in the hospital and takmg 
physical therapy to learn to walk, she has fully 
recovered and doesn't have any scars or perma- 
nent injury. She has resigned her position as 
Supervisor of Elem. Schools in Rockbridge 
Co. and has accepted a teaching position at 
Bridgewater College as Assistant Professor of 
Ed. Ellen hears from Margaret Pattie frequently. 
Margaret is living in her home city of Glasgow, 
Scotland. She has many activities and interests 
and keeps busy. 

Nancy Ingle Pearson is living in Richmond 
where husband Johnny is a Major with the 
Dept. of State Police. They have two daughters, 
11 and 14. 

Betty Woodward has just returned to the 
U. S. from an extended trip to Ghana, whete 
she spent almost lour months, plus visits to 
various other West African Countries (Ivory 
Coast, Togo, Dahomey, Sierra Leone) and a 
short sojourn in Paris. She says, "Driving 
through the bush is interesting, but attempting 
to get around the continent with bush airlines 
as a means of transportation provides a real 

I was delighted to receive a call from Jackie 
Parden Kilby. Last summer she and Claude 
bought a boat, which they keep at York River 
Yacht Haven, across the bridge from Yorktown, 
Gloucester Point. They go down frequently on 
week ends in the summer and would love to 
have any of you stop by to see them whenever 
you are in the vicinity. They were sorry to miss 
Jackie Ritchie Perry and Lillian Elliott Bondurant, 
who came down to see them last summer. 

Thanks again for your wonderful letters. 
Shall be looking forward to hearing from you 
next year. 



Margaret Ellett. 

(Mrs. J. B. Anderson), 

319 Northmoore Dr., 

St. Louis Co., Mo. 63062 



(Mrs. G. V. Holmes), 

102 W. Church St.. 

Edenton, N. C. 27932 

The big news of the Class of '4^ is that 36 of 
us girls returned to our beautiful Alma Mater for 
Founders Day in March. I just know that all 
of you would like to know who the lucky girls 
were, so here's the list: Maria Addleman Hurt, 
Virginia Anderson Justis. Ruth Anderson Smith. 
Grace Anderson, Rachel Briigh Holmes. Beverly 
C. Boone. Josephine Bailer Jones. Lou Baker 
Harper. Patticia Carter Daniel, Constance 
Christian Marshall. Lorene Claiborne Ward, 
Parsy Dale Barham. Thelma Diggs Johnson. 
Margaret Ellett Anderson. ALrrtha F.ast Millet, 
Sue Hundley Chandler. Ann Hauser Elmore, 
Evelyn Hair. Audrey Hudson Grinstead. Betty 
Lee Estet, Heidi Lacy Tokarz, Margaret Lohr 
Graves, Betty Minetree Dauschet, Barbara Lee 
Myers Collie. Elizabeth /ll.avv Hunter. Glennis 
Moore Greenwood. Dorothy Ouen Hubbard, 
Earlye Lee Palmer Miller. Almera Rosser Collier, 
Shirley Ann Reaves Pool. Cornelia Smith Goddin, 
Shirley Slaughter Embrey, Chris Shi/let Maxey, 
Nancy Whitehead Patterson, and Mary Wvatt 

We all concurred that we were a wise class to 
have selected someone as capable and as at- 
tractive as Margaret Ellett Anderson to be our 
class president. Margaret's husband, who is 




The Class ot '47 enjoyed a happy twentieth reunion. 

with the N&W Railway, was transferred from 
Roanoke to St. Louis in Feb., so Margaret and 
children joined him there in June. Margaret 
and Betty Miiie/ree Dauscher (who made the 
exodus from Ohio with husband and two small 
ones) ran a close race in the contest for "Who 
has changed the Least ^" Betty could easily 
have used a duplicate senior picture for a "before 
and after 20 years" pose. 

Another vivacious and fun-producing class- 
mate was Barbara Lee Myers Collie who brought 
along her husband who proved to be the "life 
of the party." May Queen, Nancy WhitehedJ 
Patterson appeared on the scene still the queen 
she was in 1947. Lou Bilker Harper opened her 
lovely home to a group on Sat. evening. Lou 
works for an insurance agent m Farmville. We 
were all so proud of our class advisor. Miss 
Her, who appeared radiantly on the stage for 
ihe dedication of the splendid new building in 
her honor. Again, we felt we had made a good 

Dot Owen Hubbard revealed an interesting 
hobby relative to the peanut business. I cant 
recall whether we ever selected Page Cook Axson 
'46 for the May Court or not, but she surely 
qualihes now for that honor. Anne Shtiffleharger 
Haner is living m Roanoke where her husband 
is the new assistant city manager, so I feel my 
home town is being properly cared for! Patsy 
Date Barham and I drove up for the grand oc- 
casion of Founders Day, and what a good time 
we had reminiscing. Her family and ours get 
together several times a year just tor fun. Wish 
all you girls could return to Farmville and see 
for yourselves what a lovely campus Longwood 
is developing into. Patsy and I were greatly 
impressed with the friendliness of the girls 
on campus who are truly some of the hnest 
to be found on any campus in the country. You 
would be so very proud of your Alma Mater! 

What a joy it was to see dear faculty friends 
such as "Charlie Hop" (who came all the way 
from Fla. to be with us.), Dr. and Mrs. Wynne, 
Dr. Moss, Dr. Brumlield, Dr. Landrum and 
"Miss Kay" (his wife), and many others. Plan 
now to treat yourself by returning for our next 

Founders Day, and please don't wait tor another 
20 years to elapse! 

A New Year's Eve party proved helpful in 
locating some of the "missing members " of our 
class when Lynn Sprye Cavedo was found to be 
living in Richmond with her two sons and 
husband who is an orthodontist and in pattner- 
ship with two good friends. Lynn reports that 
Cora RfiW Hoopes and three children ate living 
in Washington, D. C. Also glad to tind Thelma 
Diggs Johnson whose husband, a Navy Lieu- 
tenant commander, sees to it that they are on 
the move every two ot three years. Since last 
heard from in 1955 they have lived in Atlanta, 
Ga; Taipii, Taiwan (Formosal; Oak Harbor 
(Widbey Island), Washington; Vienna, Va., 
and now Va. Beach. Their two sons were born 
during theit tour in Washington State. 

Jo Barley Jones shared news of the girls who 
reminisced at her table for the Founders Day 
Luncheon all ot whom looked surprisingly 
"well-preserved "! Evelyn Hair is head of the 
Math Dept. in a Danville school. Grace Ander- 
son had a wonderful trip to Europe last fall. 
Audrey Hmhon Grinstead still has such a gentle 
manner that undoubtedly she inspires conli- 
dence in her students where she is a guidance 
counselor in one of the Danville schools. Maria 
AJJhman Hurt is devoting full time to her long- 
awaited-now three-year-old boy while husband 
Ben is principal of Albemarle High near Charlot- 
tesville. Jo says she is beginning to feel her age 
when trying to keep up with her 22-month-old 
son in addition to her two older Jones boys! 

Enjoyed having Jane Riiffin House '45 in 
Edenton with her family for a recent parish 
wedding. They live in Louisburg, N. C, now. 

Now that school is out, our brood of nine 
has started on theit "learn-something-new-so- 
the-summer-won't-be-a-loss " projects. So we 
are now busily engaged in trying to cultivate 
the skills involved in driving, typing, water 
skiing, embroidery, sewing, chess, and playing 
several musical instruments while in and out 
of several summer camps. Please let me know 
how you and yours spend your summer so 
that I may pass on the news to all your interested 


Norma Roady, 

Averett College, 

Danville, Va. 24541 


Carol Bird Stoops, 

(Mrs. Earl G. Droessler) 

1385 Regent St., 

Schenectady, N. Y. 12309 

We are enjoying life in New York — children 
happy with school — Fm Girl Scout Troop 
Consultant for 15 troops, on PTA Board, 
AAUW, etc. Hope to locate a few Longwood 
girls in this area for a get together soon. Do 
get in touch if you ever get up this way. 

Oot Newell Phillips had a trip to Fla. last 
Aug. and visited with Nickie White Huskey 
who was her freshman year roommate. Nickie 
has 5 lovely children. Oot and Ernie went to 
the National Horse Show in Harrisburg, Pa. 
Their son Peyt is in the 7th grade, on all the 
athletic teams. Liz Bragg Cratts and family 
visited us in Oct. on their way home from 
Maine. In Dec. they went to Norfolk for the 
wedding of Peggy White Ciooks' sster, Joanne. 
Peggy had the reception at her home. Lizzie 
went to Montreal tor Expo '67 last week and 
the Dioesslers will go for the last week in July. 
Had Christmas greetings from Laura Lee 
Stickley Johnson, Marjorie Boswiik Michael, 
Jacky Eagle, Patsy Kimhrough Pettus, and 
Shorty Long Eddy who has a teenage son. Short 
has just completed an IBM course which she 

Betty Lewis Shank Eubank and Ben had a 
March holiday in Fla. She said their three 
older girls went to visit their sister, Carol, at 
Longwood for circus. She saw Judy Dailey 
Thornton at their spring tea in Roanoke . . . 
also Betty Baker K/ilp. '53x, Phyllis Alley Carter 
'49x and Libba Jeffreys Hubard '48. Margaret 
Ellett Anderson '47 who had been Pres. of their 
Chapter was moving to St. Louis. Jane Williams 
Chambliss is in Beaumont, Texas where Russell 
is sales manager with Eastex — a pulp and paper 
CO. owned by Time-Life Inc. Jane had her 
third ear operation recently and now has normal 
hearing for the hrst time in twelve or so years. 
Carrie Ann O'Loughlin joined Kappa Kappa 
Iota, an Education sorority and is enjoying 
their interesting activities. She spent six weeks 
in Bangor Maine, last summer. 

I was sorry to hear that Nancy Lee iMaJJox 
Carrington's brother passed away in the fall. 
Nancy Lee's niece, Andee, has been accepted 
at Longwood for next year. The Washington, 
D, C. chapter suffered a great loss this year in 
the death of Elinor Orerbey Van Horn, '48. 
Cab Orerbey Goodman made many trips from 
Richmond to Annandale the last year or so to 
be with her sister throughout her bout with 
cancer. Another death which affected all ot 
us was that of Miss Mary Clay Hiner, 1904. 
She was so much a part of Longwood we all 
know and love and an aunt of Jake Wamsley 
who is married to Eday Brooks from our class. 

Frances Dodson White wrote that her sons 
are Harvey 11, Bob 9, and Randy 6, and that 
she is as busy as ever in Norfolk. Sister M. 
John Theresa (^Llry Miller) is teaching at 
St. Cecelia's Academy in Wash., D. C. Norma 
Roady has a real busy schedule and enjoys 
teaching at Averett College. Annette Jones 
Birdsong has been working real hard during 
her hrst year back at teaching 5th grade at an 
Academy in Suffolk. Betty Jones Klepser '51 
and family visited us last Aug. on their way 
to and ftom Europe. We're looking forward 
to seeing them again soon on their way to 
Expo. Our daughter, Carol Joan, has stayed 
with them on her way to and from Madison 


College. Harriet Ratchford Schach wrote that 
they were planning a trip to the Virgin Islands 
in Feb. Later Jane Richards Markuson sent 
me a newspaper clipping of Tracy Schach in 
a ballet recital. Janie substitutes at the Jr. 
High near her home . . . any subject, even 
boys Phys. Ed. She's always so faithful with 
the news and wrote that she had visited with 
Peggy Lloyd Lowry in Richmond late one 
evening and saw Peggy's year old son. She 
also visited with Marilyn Wheeler Spillman 
and heard from Lois Stevens Fernia who lives 
in Colorado Springs, Colo, and has a daughter. 
Janie also reported that Judy Hi/ghes Reynolds 
is taking graduate courses at Towson State 
College near Baltimore. The Markuson boys 
are all very intetested in sports. The family 
visited Boston and Cooperstown, N. Y. last 
summer and their Dan went on an overnight 
trip to Williamsburg with the sixth grade 
class. Jane is active in the Baltimore Alumnae 
chapter and usually has them all for a pot luck 
supper in the fall. 

Had Christmas notes from Anna Nocli 
Flanigan, Ruth Hathaway Garrison and Shirley 
Hillstead Lorraine. Katie Bondurant Carpenter 
worked on the Coffee and Tea schedule for 
their county Republican candidates last fall. 
She and children spent a week in Jamaica 
in Nov. while Jim was working on the ocean- 
ography of Montigo Bay. They raised ten 
chocolate Labrador pups during the summer 
and kept two. Katie sees Gris Boxley Askew '49 
who lives on a lovely farm with swimming 
pool and horses in GordonsviUe. Jane Hunt 
Ghhel'tn Lindley's folks from Newport News 
went to Indiana to be with them for the Christ- 
mas holidays fot the first time. 

Suzie Bowie Brooks' son, Tyler, is at Christ 
Church school this year and Charles had sixty 
teenagers for a party with a combo. Suzie said 
Tootie Buck Muse and family had stopped 
by to see them. Barbara Sours also stopped 
by while in Williamsburg visiting Louise Redd 
Downing. Hilda Edwards Tall spent three 
months in Key West, Fla., and then on to 
Quonset, R. I. where Howard is stationed. 
They were en route through the holidays and 
chose a Dallas Motel for their Christmas 
celebration. Charles is in the fifth grade and 
Marie in third grade. Cansie Rippon Carnigan's 
husband is teaching at West Point Military 
Academy for another year. Suzanne was born 
last summer and their eldest daughter Teresa 
started high school. Eccie Rippon Ayres' 
husband teaches at Frederick Military Academy. 
She's busy with twelve-year-old Ray III, three- 
year-old Sarah and new baby Thomas. She is 
going to Old Dominion College part time, 
trying to finish her degree. 

"Troxie" Troxler Harding is busy teaching, 
has two teenagers and pre-schooler and reports 
another year of constant and varied activity. 
Husband Ellis is still working for 'VEPCO. 
Anne Foreman Tate sent a picture of the children, 
Tern and Kim. Juanita Weeks Handy's hus- 
band received another Natl. Science Foun- 
dation Summer Institute Fellowship to study 
Earth Sciences at Western Washington State 
College in Bellingham, Wash. They all went 
and enjoyed campus life — nine weeks with no 
housekeeping as they lived in college housing. 
Their whole family is very active in the Evan- 
gelical Free Church activities. Pat Datis Gray, 
Basil and children are back in Va. Beach. Pat 
has seen Mary Lou Woodward McKown and 
Mae Henry Sadler Midgett '52. 

Grace Oakes Burton '50 won blue and yellow 
ribbons in the state contest for light and serious 
poetry and has recently published her third 
volume of poetty Windows of Heaven. 

Wish I could write something about each 

of you. Hope I'll be surprised this year with 
newsy notes from unexpected sources. We're 
all waiting to hear about YOU! 



Betsy Gravely, 

219 Thomas Heights, 

Martinsville, Va. 24112 


Betty Jones, 

(Mrs.'R. G. Klepser), 

1405 S. 20th St., 

Arlington, Va. 22202 

Dear '51ers, another year has come and gone 
since I sat down to write to you. I hope that 
it has been good to each of you and that you 
are enjoying health, wealth, and happiness. 
Wish more of you would let me hear from you, 
one way or another. It's fun doing this letter 
and the more I have to put in it the better. 

In January I received a wonderful letter from 
Edith Duma Lindsay who is living in Fosters, 
Ala. (near Tuscaloosa), telling me of her 
activities. In Feb., 1965, she completed her 
second MA (in English) at the U. of Ala. She 
already had an MA in Secondary Education. 
She then went into the Ph.D. program. At the 
time she wtote she had her doctoral compte- 
hensives to complete and she would be through. 
Know you made it, Edith, so congratulations 
to the hrst "doctor" in our class, that I know 
of. Besides this achievement, Edith has been 
a Scout Leader and trainer and has been teaching 
Sunday School for ten years. We understand 
Madeline Bigat Rowland joined her husband 
in Kenya last summer and hopes to be there 
with him this year. They have two girls, 13 
and 11, and a boy 8. Edith sends het greetings 
to the class of '51 and wishes she could be 
with us at reunion time. Perhaps she can make 
it to the next one. We all hope so, too, Edith. 

Betty jMcRee Hodges says she now under- 
stands what the parents of teenagers go through 
as her oldest child, Jane, has turned l.V Betty 
said Margaret Ann Shelton Munro spent a 
week-end with her last summer and that she 
is as nutty as ever and they had a wonderful 

Jean Carter Watkins Saunders and her family 
had a vacation at Nags Head last summer and 
a trip over the Skyline Drive in the fall. Jeannie 
wrote that one of her sons and her husband. 
Elmore, have been quite ill but are now much 
better. Jeannie stays busy with school and 
church activities. 

Peg Peer)' Yost's husband and children surely 
must have wonderful days just being around 
her. Peg said she took pictures at the reunion 
and everyone looked older — except herl Also, 
she took the children through the Smokies 
last summer and she. John and the children 
went to Myrtle Beach for tour days. 

Had a card from Fran Minter Whyte at 
Christmas with pictutes of her two daughtets, 
Laura and Robbie, both adorable. At that time 
they were in Charlotte, N. C. but early this 
spring I had a call from Fran from the airport 
here on her way to Wilmington, Del., to look 
for living quarters as Bob had been transferred 
there once more and would be moving this 

Virginia Westbrook Goggin told me Jeanne 
Farmer Maxwell had had her first child, a son, 
last summer. Aftet our reunion in March, 
1966, Nancye Gillie Shelton, Ann Lynch Millner 
and Charlotte Jones Greenbaum stayed over 
in Richmond and had an all night session hrst 

at Jeanne Farmer Maxwell's and then to Betsy 
Wilson East's. They called Margaret Ann 
Shelton Munro in California and Sue Brewhaker 
Williams in Texas! 

Betsy Gravely said that the absent members 
of the class had no idea how much fun they 
missed at our reunion. We agreed that before 
the next one some of us should do a little 
advanced planning and contact as many in 
the class as possible. Betsy spent part of last 
summer touring the Canadian Rockies and 
the upper West Coast and had a grand time. 

A short note on her card from Helen Agnew 
Koonce saying they are all well, the younger 
ones "maturing" and the older ones getting 
a few more gray hairs! Aren't we all! A sweet 
note saying it was nice to be together again at 
reunion came from Mary Crowder White. If 
I didn't get a card from Mary I'd be very 
worried for she always keeps in touch. 

Ann Kemp DesPortes and family had their 
first Christmas in their own home and they 
were all so happy. Bill-Bill, as he will always 
be known to his friends in the class of '51, is 
enioying his practice in Sarasota, Fla., and had 
recently taken in his third partner. Andy Adams 
John and Frances Everett Brown live in this 
area and are interested, active members of our 
local alumnae chapter. Andy lives in Arlington 
but Fiances has recently moved to Vienna 
which is also a part of the District area. Both 
are busy with husbands, children and school 
activities. Andy works with thejaycees' Wife 
Club in Alexandria. 

Chick Ritchie Oberlander lives in our area 
and has been very helpful with the local 
alumnae as has Jackie Moody McShetry. Both 
Chick and Jackie live in Fairfax. Haven't 
seen much of Elsie Haiiley Burkholder in the 
past year but she is always willing to help in 
the alumnae chapter when called upon. 

In my last letter, I inadvertently left off the 
name of Ann Burnette Youngei who attended 
the reunion in March, 1966. Really do want 
to apologize to Ann as she has always been a 
loyal member of our class. Talked with her 
after Christmas during the winter and thor- 
oughly enjoyed catching up with news of her. 
Like so many of us she is leading the usual 
busy housewife's life, and loving it! 

This has been a busy, happy year for me, too. 
I've enjoyed working with a Brownie troop 
and may go into Girl Scouting in the fall. 
Roy, Judy and I are preparing to leave next 
week for a ttip to Expo '67 and a visit to New 
York City. 

There are some members of our class whose 
married names we have but no address. I am 
going to list them and if any of you know 
where they are and will let me know, or Liz 
Jones, Secy, of the Alumnae, we can keep the 
class records up to date and they will also be 
able to receive the Alumnae Bulletin. These 
are the members: Isaac Bartoli (Mrs. A. T. 
Donze, Jr.), Hilda Bauserman (Mrs. C. W. 
Wilson, Jr.), R. Fiances Darlington, Helen 
Egerton (Mrs. J. W. Mill), Nell Hart (Mrs. 
C. L. Alexander), Bee Johnson (Mrs. Lee R. 
Talley), Charlotte Sears Jones (Mrs. W. L. 
Barnes, Jr.), Delores Marie Klak, Rena Hayes 
Peterson (Mrs. Carl Peterson), Gloria Reid 
(Mrs. Robert Stenghorn), Edna Rodriques 
(Mrs. Carlos J. Rosich) and Mary Whiteside. 

Please — more of you send cards and notes 
or call if you're in this area (or better still, 
come by if you can). May the year coming up 
be filled with intetesting and happy events 
for each of you. 




Peggy Harris. 

(Mrs. G.irland Ames, Jr.), 

4513 Krick St.. 

Norfolk. Va. 23513 


Jean Ridenour. 

(Mrs. Charles W. Appich, Jr.), 

34 Willway Ave.. 

Richmond, Va. 23226 

What a gala event our 15th reunion was last 
Founders Day! We missed those who couldn't 
make it, but we'll see you at our 20th. May 
Henry Sadler Midgett, Anne Aiosely Akers 
and Frances Thomas Pairet entertained us at 
Frances' mother-in-law's home in Farmville. 
We appreciated these gals' hospitality so much. 
Our own Maria Jiti'l.w/; Hall made us all proud 
as she read the dedication to Miss Stubbs ot 
the splendid new dormitory named in her 
honor. Sarah Graham Wells from Jackson, 
Miss., was there to celebrate the dedication of 
the building named in her father's honor. The 
following girls came for reunion: Mary Helen 
Cook Blair; Bobbie Brown Moore, Marian 
Beckner Riggins. Virginia Dare Woody Wright, 
Gerry Newman Nash, Betsy Berell Phillips, 
Frances Ann Ramsey Hunter, Mae Henry 
Sadler Midgett, Anne Mosely Akers, Sara 
Graham Wells, Eleanor Weddle Bobbitt, Mar- 
garet Thoinas Mayo, Frances Thomas Pairet, 
Rachel Peters, Mary Brame Trotter, Betty 
Scott Borkey Banks, Shirley Livesay Armstrong. 
Nancy Hoiinshell Brame. Peggy Wilson Samson. 
Gay Poller Mitchell, Chris Davis Grizzard, 
Mary Frances Spurlock Taylor, Nancy Walker 
Reams, Mary Moore Karr Borkey, Jean 
Ridenour Appich, Edith Kennon Shields, Peggy 
Harris Ames, Clara Cullip Winkler, Maria 
Jackson Hall. Pat Tnggle Miller sent greetings 
from Columbus, Ga. where she has designed 
nearly 100 usable fashions from Fieldcrest 
products, attended the beautiful Mobile 
Azalea Festival and been a Little League mother. 
Ruth Lacy Smith has moved to Greenville. 
S. C. Her son plays drums in a teenage combo 
and practices at home! Mary Helen Cook 
Blair, Bill and girls joined her parents at the 
Hampden-Sydney graduation where her father 
was honored with his Doctor of Divinity 
Degree. I enjoyed a talk with Jo Ann Vow 
Mills from N. Y. last Feb. She and daughter, 
Leslie, spent Aug. at West Point. Va. Lucy 
Jane Morton Pratt lives on Staten Island, N. Y. 
with sons, John 8, Allen 6, and George III. 
Her husband directs High Rock Nature Con- 
servation Center. Emma Harris Allen '53x has 
been active in Richmond Alumnae Chapter 
as chairman of Scholarship com. and this year 
planned our Freshman Party. Lee W^ood Dowdy 
is working on her Masters and will be going 
into counseling. We are proud of her husband 
Ned who is a real hero in Shipman, Va. He 
successfully applied mouth to mouth resuscita- 
tion to a friend's child and saved her life. Mary 
Moore, Maria and I enjoyed visiting with 
Nancy Walker Reams last Feb. when she was 
here for an operation which we are happy 
was successful. Connie Blankenship Paris 
spent part of the summer at the beach and is 
back teaching 3rd grade in Henrico. Millie 
Bright Hatcher and Shirley Grogan Duncan 
and families have been camping together. 
Carolyn Liisk Smith's husband is now in the 
Pathology Dept. at St. Lukes Hospital in 
Richmond. "They spend summer vacations 
at the river. 

Bobbie Brown Moore and family have 
moved to Pulaski. Margaret Thomas Mayo, 
husband and children visited Montreal and 
Toronto and Expo '67. They now live in 
Richmond where her husband is with Valentine 

Museum. Mary Crawford Andrews visited 
Richmond and her parents last summer. Ethel 
Straw Beall moved to Ashland, Ky., last March. 
Margaret Jones Cunningham enjoys her work 
with Va. Retail Merchants Assoc. Jo Ann 
Missimer Ross adopted her second son last 
year. Elsie Baker Tokarz' family enjoys boating 
on the James River near Richmond as members 
of Va. Power Boat Assoc. She had an in- 
teresting time leading a Great Boats Junior 
Discussion wirh 5th grades and took a course 
at the library. Anne Oakley Kellam taught 
6th grade at Bon Air Elem. where she saw 
Elsie quite a lot. Anne also talked to Stokes 
Overbey Howard and Jo Price Greenburg last 
fall in Danville. Jo has a lovely old home 
there. Dot Gregory Morrison has moved near 
Elsie, Anne and Chris Davis Grizzard in Bon 
Air. Gladys Savedge Baker's family love 
camping in N. C, Sara Bradshaw Chenery took 
tennis lessons last summer. Mary Karr Borkey 
had a ball as a Brownie Leader last year. Mary 
Moore and Anne Kellam helped so much to 
gather our news this year. It's a real pleasure 
to act as your President, and I'm counting on 
all of you to support your local chapters and 
especially our National Association. 



Polly Brothers. 

(Mrs. H. G. Simpson), 

1017 Pennsylvania Ave., 

Suffolk. Va. 23434 


Nell Bradshaw Green, 

(Mrs. Clyde. Jr.), 

1410 Blue Jay Lane, 

Richmond, Va. 23229 

In just a few more months we will be gather- 
ing for our 15th reunion. Our favorite song 
no doubt will be — "My How The Time Goes 
By." Charlie Hop has already promised to be 
waiting for each and everyone of you right 
in the Rotunda wearing his Green Tie He 

will be making the trip from The Sunshine 
State of Fla. So pack your luggage and head 
toward Farmville for a grand Founders Day 
in 1968. 

Barbara Caskey Hopkins is back in Pa. after 
living in Calif, and has four children. Helen 
Castros is calling Mass. home now. Let us 
hear from you "Castros ". Betty Collier Cox- 
is still in Richmond and has added "Airs." 
to her name since last we heard from her. 
"Mother" Kitty Hamlett Richardson and 
family have moved to West Point. Lucy Page 
Hall Kennedy will see lots of friends and class- 
mates this year visiting Expo '67 for she now 
lives in Canada. 

Betsy Hankins McVay was on the Mainland 
last summer and hnn Jones "Jonesie" Gray had 
another delightful gathering for us. Betsy 
has published a song! Reprise records by the 
Aliis — song by Betsy McVay. "That's How 
The Story Goes" — published by Johnny Mercer. 
How about that! Betsy has also adopted a little 
girl who will be IV2 years old by Founders Day. 

Betty Hancock Beard, who lives in Ports- 
mouth, has girls 4 and 6. She plays golf in her 
spare time and is President of the Norfolk- 
Portsmouth Alumnae Chapter. 

Sarah McElroy Harvie came from McLean to 
Richmond where we met to go to last Founders 
Day. She made the headlines in "The Evening 
Star. " Washington, D. C. paper — "Sarah Harvie 
Singing Bright and Artistic. " Quote from the 
paper: "Mrs. Harvie uses her light clear soprano 
with great taste. She possesses a true and even 
quality throughout the scale. She added an 
encore, 'A Memory' by Rudolph Ganz, which 
was a miracle of lightness and maintained the 
magic of her art and the high level of the pro- 
gram." She has been soloist at many churches 
in the D. C. area and is teaching voice at Mary 
Washington College. She, Jack and three 
children are moving to S. C. at the end of 
school 1967. Jack will be Secretary of the 
YMCA. Ann Keith Hundley Brame and family 
love Ga. Guess that means Richmond has lost 
a tine family. 

Joanne Steck Edwards has moved to Alexan- 
dria, "Steck," tune your vocal cords and get 

Class of 1952 celebrated their fifteenth reunion. 


the "Boys" in shape 'cause we are looking 
forward to hearing "Steck and the Boys" at 
out reunion. Clara Borum McCarter '54 is 
teaching in St. Petersburg, Fla. She was in 
Richmond for a National Phys. Ed. Convention. 
She called me early on Sat. morning to attend 
the program where Miss ller was receiving an 
award, which was presented to her by Rachel 
Peters, President of Va. Phys. Ed. Association. 

This is my hfth year pounding the type- 
writer and scratching my head to gather news 
for the Class of '53- I m sure we will have many 
volunteets from the group to help with the next 
five years. It would be a great help if you would 
write a brief resume of your activities during 
the past yeat and give it to the next lucky 
Alumnae Secretary — along with your correct 
address and zip code. 

Brush up on the song "It's Green and White" 
and "Charlie Hop's" song. I'm looking for- 
ward to seeing you at Eounders Day!!! 

Now is a good time to send your gift to the 
Alumnae Association! 

Nell Copley, 
(Mrs. Jack Irby), 
Rt. 1, Box 42, 
Blackstone, Va. 23824 

Jeanne Hamilton Lafoon, 
(Mrs. C. H.), 
1503 Lee Drive, 
Farmville, Va. 23901 


Your alma mater is really growing, changing, 
and becoming more beautiful every day! I 
know you will enjoy a tour at our next reunion! 

Pat Altwegg Brown is a den mother after a 
busy year as President of the Girls Club, and 
working for the United Eund. 

Virginia Sutherland Knott is a full time teacher 
and teaching remedial reading classes also. She 
visited Longwood last year for the reading 
clinic and took time out for a pleasure trip up 
the Eastern Shore, Md., and Del. 

In anticipation of a new arrival, Else Wente 
Bunch and family moved to a larger home last 
year still in KnoxviUe. The Finneys, Lyn Hill 
and the live little ones are so glad to be back in 
New York. Lyn says she discovered she is more 
an Easterner than a Southerner after their short 
stay in Oklahoma. 

The Randolph-Macon Hampden-Sydney 
football game last fall brought Betty Benton 
Odom and Henry back to Farmville, but we 
missed seeing them. I always enjoy the ador- 
able Christmas cards from Ann Edmonds. She 
sees June Johns Grigg and her family. June's 
five-year old daughter, Jane, made her dancing 
debut as a flower this year, while her proud 
mother beamed. June, Ann, Claire Kreiiinbaum 
Hannan and Sylvia Reames Picardat stay in 
touch of the news. Sylvia reported that they 
have added another bedroom, which she hopes 
is the end of the consttuction on their house. 
A tour of New England concluded at New 
York City was their summer vacation and, 
strangely enough, we did the same! We had a 
marvelous trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, touring 
the states on the way, with trips to New York 
City, Boston, and Cape Cod. We ran into the 
Picardats at a service station in Alexandria 
where we stopped to call them! 

Peggy Hood Smith is chief taxi driver for four 
"over-organized" children. She is enthusiastic 
about children's theatre, and is trying to 
organize a new professional children's group. 

Peggy saw Betty Islin Saffelle when she was 
home in Newport News for a visit. 

Like so many of us, Ann Thomas Wicke is 
finding life full to the brim with children, home, 
and as she puts it, "keeping general order." 

Mary Denny Wilson Parr and family are in 
Charlotte, N. C. Both children are in school 
and camping in the mountains has become a 
new interest. Jane Branch Botula is constantly 
amazed at the number of Longwood graduates 
around the Washington area. She and family 
live in Gaithersburg, Md. She recently talked 
to Ann Dudley Johnson, '53, who lives in 
Vienna. Jane and family joined husband, 
Bernie, in Cocoa Beach, Fla., for a vacation and 
loved the tour of Cape Kennedy. She is teaching 
piano lessons and is working with the Jr. choir 
of her church. 

Faye Greenland Campbell's letter from Manila 
had items of interest and vivid descriptions. 
"Our trip to Hong Kong was certainly the 
highlight of our Far Eastern sojourn. It is a 
beautiful island and a fascinating, pulsating 
city. We swam at Repulse Bay, shopped in 
Victoria and Kowloon's exotic shops, dined on 
balconies in high rises overlooking the spec- 
tacular harbor. One day, we boarded the Canton 
train and rode out in the new Tetritories as far 
as we were allowed, then stood on a slope and 
took pictures of Red China, as enigmatic from 
up close as it is from afar. " Fay is teaching 
Spanish in an American school nearby and is 
taking Chinese brush painting classes. 

Some of you have been so great to write and 
share your news wirh us. We would love to 
hear from many, many more. See you next 



Betty Davis, 

(Mrs. H. R. Edwards), 

4l6 Joist Hite Place, 

Winchester, Va. 22601 


Eloise Macon, 

(Mrs. H. Melvin Smith), 

566 Lucia Rd., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

It's the same story with everyone — rush, rush, 
rush! Therefore, I really appreciate the letters 
I received from you. There always seem to be 
some classmates whose addresses are lost. 
Maybe you have heard from Mary Cowtes 
Lavigne. Joan \Fillianis }atney. or Peggy Worth- 
ington Richardson. Let me know, please. Now 
to share the news with you. 

In Richmond, Beth Kent Thurston is busy 
keeping up with Steve, 15 ; Tom. 12; Brian. H ; 
and Elizabeth, 2, but finds time for Junior 
League and tennis, too. Her family is planning 
a summer vacation at Va. Beach, and in the 
fall she and Bill ate planning to travel in Europe. 
Ernestine Johnson Delaney's Kim is in fourth 
gtade now and excited about school, summer 
camp and swimming. Warren is still with 
IngeisoU-Rand ; yet he finds time foi the church, 
and Softball team among other activities. 
Ernestine writes that Mary Frances Spiirlock. 
Taylor '52 lives nearby. Recently Ann Carter 
Wendenbnrg Silver entettained for dinner several 
L. C. couples. They included Jean Carol Parker 
Harrell, Jackie White Twyman, Fran Molley 
Spencer, Anne Glenn Savedge, Frances Young 
Brown and Ernestine. Ann Catter now lives in 
Richmond and liUs her rime housekeeping for 
Hayden and their three children in addition to 
Brownies, bridge club, L. C. Alumnae and 
church work. Barbara Moore Curling writes 

Ian and ludy, children of Eloise Macon Smith, 

that Cynthia is in Junior High School, is a 
cheerleader for a little league team, sings in the 
church choir and takes piano lessons. Dela 
and Kevin are in school now; so Barbara was 
considering renewing her certificate in her 
"spare" time. Also in Richmond, Shitley Ward 
Patteson is busy with one-year-old Ann Walker 
and is looking forward to another little Patteson 
in October. 

Karen Spencer Westbrook is choral director 
at Faitfield Junior High School in Henrico Co. 
where her husband, Pete, is band director. They 
have a music enrollment of 1.500. They have 
two boys: Spencer, 6, and Mark, 1. She sees 
Margaret Ann Felton Sadler and Nancy Taylor 
who also teach in Henrico Co. 

In Annandale, M.a.iy Jones Keeling is house- 
keeping for her husband and their year-old 
Beth. We should be hearing some family news 
from her also. Her husband is with the Small 
Business Administration. She finds time for 
church and civic work. Billie Miller Simpson 
is also living in Annandale; has 3 boys — Bill, a 
second grader; Sam. a first; and John, age 1. 
They ate planning to move into a new home. 
Her husband is with the Navy Dept. in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Nancy Nelson Diggs in Notfolk indicates 
that it was a busy year for the Diggs clan. 
Nelson is in second grade now and Spencer is 
two. Bob is still with IBM and is a deacon at 
chutch in addition to singing in the choir. 
Nancy does volunteer work at the Children's 
Hospital there and at the new Rehabilitation 
Institute. She and Bob sponsor the 13-1-i-Year 
Old Fellowship Group at chutch. A Christmas 
card from Wilma Salmon Robinson in January 
said she had so much company that her annual 
note got postponed! By the way, she and 
several othets keep in touch with me at that 
time each year. Summer, a year ago. National 
Delta Zeta sponsored a ttip fot Wilma to the 
Bahama Islands for their convention. In ad- 
dition to sorority work. Wilma keeps active in 
church, civic work, and L. C. Alumnae work. 
Pete coached his 10th consecutive winning 
wrestling season at Old Dominion College last 
year. "They have three children, Evelyn and 
Bill in school and baby Ann. 

Anna Mae Sanders Sanders retired from the 
teaching profession three years ago and is now 
enjoying housekeeping for her husband and 
two-year-old son, Marshall, in Warsaw. She 
and her husband were planning to fly to Puetto 
Rico in June. He is employed with the Va. 
Vocational Rehabilitation Assoc, and will be 
attending a conference in San Juan. Bonnie 
Owen Balderson lives only a few miles away 
from Anna Mae, so they exchange visits. 
Bonnie is the mother of three sons. Frances 
Northern Ashburn is a teacher at Lancaster High 
School in Kilmarnock. She planned to com- 


plete her Masters of Education Degree at the 
College of William and Mary last summer. 
Last year she took her Student Cooperative 
Association officers to Dinwiddle Co. High 
School to participate in an SCA Exchange 
Program for the day. While there she visited 
with Nancy Binhall Bain who is a secretary at 
Fort Lee. Frances' husband, Don, is with the 
Va. Menhaden Industry and their son, Donnie, 
is in fourth grade. His teacher last year at Lindy 
Elem. School was Anne Conley Bromley '53. 

A Christmas note from Ann Thaxton Daniels. 
Halifax, said that their move to Australia had 
been postponed. Audrey Pinvell Pittard is still 
housekeeping for Ed, 6, Tom, 3. and her 
husband, Johnnie, who runs the Halifax Farm 
Store. They have been active in the Jaycees, 
and this year Audrey is corresponding secre- 
tary for the Jr. Woman's Club. She wtites 
that Ann Watkiiis White is president. 

Betty Odkes McGrew has three children: 
Craig, 6th grade; Catherine, 4th grade; and 
Jefif, 2nd grade. She has just hnished her 
ninth year of teaching and writes that, while 



the children are developing interests of their 
own, she has some free time in Chatham and 
has an afghan to show for it. From Carson, 
came a note from Edna TrtiJer Cain who has 
two girls: Debra 10 and LesHe, 2. Nell Crocker 
Owen is still on the farm in Carrollton. Her 
husband, Sonny, is selling life insurance with 
John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co. and is also 
interested in real estate. Nell is teaching again 
at John Yeates High School in Driver as well as 
housekeeping for her husband; Susan, age 4; 
and a cocker spaniel. Last summer they spent 
a weekend at Pinehurst, N. C, with Louise 
Turner Caldwell '56. Christmas she got to- 
gether with Mary Lou Barlow Haverty '54, 
Audrey Oicen Beale '56, and they had a good 
time talking over old times. She usually sees 
Betty West Buchert and her three children 
during the year at Va. Beach. 

Carolyn Wutson Yeatts is teaching Home 
Economics at Prince Edward Academy, Her 
Linda is in 5th grade and Diana in 4th. They 
recently added two rooms on to their home and 
are enjoying the extra space. She and Homer 
are busy in the Farmville Baptist Church and 
are able to take advantage of many L. C. func- 
tions. Jo Burley Adams '62 is in Blacksburg, 
has three children, all school age, and is teaching 
there, Don is at VPI teaching. 

I had a nice visit with Clare Darii Wallace 
last Christmas. Irving is working in main- 
tenance at Sears in Lynchburg. They have 
three boys: Samuel, llrst grade; Stephen, 4; 
and David, 3. Clare is teaching first graders 

in Sunday School and is also a circle leader in 
the Woman's Association at church. Also 
at Christmas time Becky Hines Bowling and 
Betty Jane Griffin Holland and their families 
visited us in Lynchburg. In addition to running 
his farm in Buckingham Co. with Becky's 
help, Ernest is working elsewhere. Becky 
has a girl and a boy in school and two boys 
at home, so she occupies her time with farming, 
housekeeping, civic and church activities. 
Betty Jane has two girls and a boy and is de- 
voting full time to homemaking in Carysbrook. 
From Rhinebeck. N. Y., Phyllis Poivell 
Swertfeger writes that they have moved into 
a new home. Walter is directing the Episcopal 
Church Choir there in addition to teaching 
music in the schools. Phyllis is still teaching. 
They usually get to Va. once during the year. 
Carolyn Stanley Lebo lives in Fairfield, Ohio. 
Her oldest, Nancy, is in first grade, and Michael 
IS 3. Steve is vice-president of the Fairfield 
Optimist Club and she is vice-president of 
the Junior Woman's Club, in addition they keep 
busy with church activities. Still in Carthage, 
N. C, Ellen Brent Dize Boone has 4 children 
ages 1, 5. 6, and 9. This is Paul's fourth year 
as minister of the Carthage Methodist Church. 
They are very active in civic organizations as 
%vell as in church; so they have a busy, exciting 
and a happy life. 

Jane Bailey Willson is in Lakeland, Fla., 
where Percy is emploj'ed as chief pharmacist 
at the Lakeland General Hospital. Hunt is 
an active 2-year-old. She keeps busy house- 
keeping and doing Junior League work. She 
and Percy spent some vacation time last year 
in New Orleans, a delightful place, where I 
have also been able to visit. Exciting news 
came from Lucy Thwing Chapman who planned 
to become Mrs. James Wood in Aug. She 
and her fiance were building a new home 
there in St. Petersburg Fla. She was still 
teaching Phys. Ed. in the Junior High School 
there. Lucy's son is in 6th grade and her 
daughter in 4th. 

Mary Huntlley Hyatt wrote from Calif that 
she was in the process of moving back to 
Suffolk with Casey, 5, and Ann Morgan, 3. 
to stay for the year that Jack is stationed in 
the Far East. She is anticipating seeing old 
friends; but beware, you may not recognize 
her for Jack sent her a lovely wig! At Christmas 
time Helen Waitman Wheeler was busy as 
usual with her two boys and a little girl in 
Anaheim, Calif., while awaiting another ad- 
dition to the family. A Christmas card came 
from Marion Wehh Gaylor who has 5 girls 
and a boy and lives in Hazardville, Conn. 
Marion Loury Boone is happy to announce 
the birth of a son. She and her family are 
living in Winchester, Ky. 

Judy Cable Funk wrote from Danville, after 
a visit with Dot Vaden Oglesby, that she and 
hei family have just moved there from Petets- 
burg. Judy's husband. Bill, is manager with 
Home Beneficial Life Ins. Co. Her 13-year- 
old son, William IV, is in the 8th grade and 
is very active in Scouts, baseball and sports as 
well as having served as an altar boy at church. 
The Funks are now in the process of building 
a house in Danville. Last April they did work 
in a trip to Hollywood, Fla. Judy indicates 
that Dot Vaden Oglesby is teaching in the 
lab at Averett College in addition to house- 
keeping tor her husband and four-year-old 
Boyce. Vince, her husband, also teaches, 
gardens and is very active in church work. 

I never seem to lack for something to do. 
Jan will be in first grade next year, and Judy 
is 4. Mel and I are active in church work and 
with his many sports activities. If you didn't 
get a note to me this time, write it now and 

I'll file it for the next year. I'm always glad 
hear from you. 


President and Secretary: 
Georgia Jackson, 
3112 N St., N. W., 
Washington, D, C. 20007 

Greetings from hot, hot Washington! This 
is to help you remember that warm summer 
glow as you read this newsletter before your 
hreplace — at some time in the fall. I had a 
splendid response to my cards and want to 
remind you who have new addresses please 
to send them to the Alumnae Office. 

Becky Blair Butcher is enjoying a new home 
address in Farmville as well as a new Labrador 
Retriever named Mitzi. In DeWitt where 
Landon is a partner in the Dinwiddle Tire Co., 
Elizabeth Sutherland Connelly teaches, looks 
after Jimmy, and finds time to be organist at 
theii church. Rose Frost spent this year in 
Charlottesville where she plans to complete 
her Masters Degree in August, Congratu- 
lations, Rose! 

Molly Ann Harvey Childers and her family 
love Charlotte, N. C, especially in summer. 
They have a motor boat and enjoy skiing and 
hope to learn sailing as well. Jane Lohr Lee will 
be moving in June as Harry has been transferred 
to Westover AFB in Springfield, Mass. If 
anyone has a Longwood friend in that area, 
do ask them to give Jane a call. 

From Ithaca, N. Y.. Suzanne Prillaman 
Lowry sent word of a new son, born this 
spring. Also in New York are Bill and Nancy 
McLawhorn Rhue whose home is in Yorktown 
Hgts. in Upper Westchestei Co. Bill commutes 
into N. Y. City for work, and Nancy had a 
neighborhood nursery school for her Beth 
and other four-year-olds last winter. 

Barbara Mays Harris, in Sparrowbush, N. Y,, 
introduced an art program at Andover Regional 
School in Andover, N. J., for grades 1-8. Their 
basic supplies were scrap materials and their 
theme was "Do the best with what ya got." 
Another busy woman in N. J. is Muriel Boswell 
Flynn who is currently working for Scientific 
Resources, Inc., a behavioral science-oriented 
CO. where she is writing proposals and di- 
recting a Title I Project in Newark Public 

Mary Davis Fischer wrote of her last ten 
years, "After teaching four years in Portsmouth 
and a year in Colorado Springs, I married Bob 
Fischer who is a LCDR in the Supply Corps, 
USN. We spent a year in Patuxent, Md.. then 
went to Guam where our son, Richard, was 
born. While there we took a trip to Hong 
Kong and the Philippines — also ran into 
another L. C. grad, Kak Magann, '46x. We 
have been in N. J. for three years, have a little 
girl, Alison, who was born here. Have enjoyed 
it but we're gerring itchy feet now and expect 
to leave in Oct." 

Satah Jane Brisentine Mick is retiring from 
teaching in Chester at the end of this year and 
is expecting a baby in August. Also retired 
from the profession is Frances Edwards Bowen 
who wants to be a mother and homemaker in 
Franklin. Teaching lirst grade in Lynchburg is 
just part of Mary Ann Maddox's busy life, for 
she is also active in the AALIW and the Lynch- 
burg Junior Woman's Club. Shirley Blankenship 
McCain devotes full time, except for sub- 
stituting, to her husband and two boys. They 
have been in Colonial Heights a year now, and 
Gene manages the Holiday Inn in Petersburg. 

Bettye Maas Sterzing is busy in Roanoke 
with her two boys and plans to teach art one 
morning a week in David's kindergarten. Last 


year she taught a day a week in a Federal Aid, 
second-step program, and she'll continue if the 
program is still in effect. Mary Ann Wright 
Kolmer lives nearby as well as Evelyn Hall 
English. Evelyn wrote that she was working 
as assistant librarian at Andrew Lewis High 
School in Salem. 

There was a small reunion in Roanoke last 
summer when Bettye joined Shirley Garst 
Maupin, Bonnie Moore Vest and Bev Taylor 
Newcomb at Shirley's house. In their travels 
last summer the Sterzing family stopped in 
Bedford to visit the Allison family on the farm. 
Becky Fizer Allison sent me the news as: 
"Status quo: 1 husband, 3 children, 50 cows, 
5 cats, 2 dogs, 1 duck." 

From the Richmond area comes word from 
Marion Riijfin Anderson and Helen Warriner. 
Helen has becom a home owner in Richmond 
this year. Now we'll probably never see her 
in Washington. She does see Lou Wilder 
Colley who teaches 4th and 5th grade English 
in Hanover Co. Don continues to teach and 
coach at Henrico, and Helen was chairman ot 
the evaluation team at his school last year. 

Shirley AJams Daniel is teaching Health, 
Phys. Ed., Driver Ed., and is coaching at 
Varina High School in Henrico Co. Last 
summer she took a class in guidance at RPI 
and plans to do more work this summer. Ann 
Wealherholtz Lackey stays busy with her home 
in Richmond, and caring tor her two boys. 

Another busy woman with three children 
and new home is Marguerete Franklin Grekos. 
Her husband, George, is at Chatham High 
School as head football coach and guidance 

Lotetta Brooking Gasswint is coming East 
again to Pa. as Norm has been promoted to 
Asst. Manager of Electrical Utility Sales for 
Alcoa. They have bought a new house in 
Upper St. Clair, Pa., and she's looking forward 
to seeing old friends again. 

Patsy Ahernathy Casey remarried in Sept., 
1966, and is living in Avondale, Pa., where 
Bob teaches science at Kennett Junior High, 
He is a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves. She 
has two stepsons, one to graduate from high 
school this year and one next year. Patsy plans 
to retire from the stage, after appearing as 
Rosalind in "As You Like It" at Longwood 
Gardens last summer. 

Carolyn Gray Abdalla is living m Green 
Ridge, Pa., where she was elected to the 
Vestry at her church this year and is busy with 
her home, two children and sewing. You'll 
enjoy a quote from her card: "Ann Gray makes 
the world topsy turvy and is getting her hrst — 
ugh! Freckles." She gets to Va. occasionally 
and alway visits with Lee Hayes and Lou 
Wilder Colley. 

Jean Ward is living in Luray and teaching 
Week-day Religious Education in grades 
three through six in Page Co. Liz DeHaien Blair 
is in Charleston, West Va., where Tom was 
made a partner in his Consulting Engineering 
Firm. She finds time for Junior League Volun- 
teer Work and tennis even with her three 
children and a fourth on the way! 

There is a colony of our class in the Norfolk 
area. Norma Jeanne Cro/? Atkins is in Hampton 
while Jim is in Korea. She had a marvelous 
experience being a member of the Hampton 
Institute Staff in their "ultimate" of Com- 
munications Centers. She is with Girl Scouts 
as Troop Organizer and enjoying weekends 
with old friends and Longwoodites. 

Jane Blake Lawrence is in Norfolk where 
Susie is discovering hrst grade and reading. 
Jane hopes to get to Va. Beach to see Dr. and 
Mrs. Schlegel. Also at the Beach Ann Jones 

Mitchell waits for Jime to complete a tour in 
Viet Nam next February. She will join him in 
Hawaii for a vacation in August. Meanwhile 
she has starred work on her masters and dis- 
covered Jackie Marshall in one ot her classes. 
It was Jackie's last class, and she will have her 
degree when she completed her thesis. 

In Chesapeake, Ellen Thomas van Valken- 
burg keeps busy with Wives' Club endeavors 
and Navy Relief She and Wood had a marve- 
lous trip to San Francisco in the spring. Cathe- 
rine Meeks Dozier welcomes our visiting class 
members at Va. Beach. They moved into a new 
home there in Feb., and she is a Visiting 
Teacher for Va. Beach City Schools. 

Diane Hansen Holland, living in Norfolk, had 
a new baby this year. Betsy Kadcliffe Bedinger, 
who has two daughters, is teaching Special 
Education in Chesapeake. Virginia Ohenchain 
Cross is enjoying a new home in Newport News 
though it has kept her busy with her three 
children. They expect another baby in October. 
Also expecting a baby in July is Dale Brothers 
Birdsong who lives in Suffolk where Bill is in 
the peanut business. In nearby Smithheld, 
Shirley Kemp Barlow returned to teaching in 
March to finish the year for a teacher who re- 
signed. She has two biology classes, a class in 
math, and one in General Business. How is that 
for versatility ? Shirley enjoys knitting and was 
rewarded by a second place for a knitted coat 
in the Children's Div. of the Southside District 
Junior Woman's Club handiwork exhibit. Next 
year she will serve as first Vice-President in the 
Smithheld Junior Woman's Club. Violett 
Scott Barlow '59 is the new President. 

Shirley taught with Louise Turner Caldwell 
in Smithtield. She enjoyed a visit from Jane 
Lohr Lee and her family in April. Also in 
Smithtield, is Joanne Farless Batten who does 
substitute teaching, volunteer work at the local 
library, and Sunday School teaching. She is 
proud of Bert who received this year the Dis- 
tinguished Service Award from the Junior 
Chamber of Commerce. 

Anne Brooking Stelter is busy in West Palm 
Beach, Fla., with her home and young John. 
After their lirst two years, Bootsie Aiiller Quinn 
and Galen find Dallas a marvelous city. Her 
Chris is attending the Montessori School there, 
and she is active in the Newcomer's Club. This 
year she organized and served as chairman for 
an Antique Study Club and also won her hrst 
bowling trophy. 

Pat Bra «'H Johnson has returned to teaching 
at Buckingham Central High School after a 
year out to have a baby last October. Ann 
Coleman Ross keeps busy with her family as 
well as being involved in church, 4-H, and Boys 
Club activities in New Carrollton, Md. From 
Manassas Nancy Hartmann Walker sent me a 
report ot "same husband, same children, same 
house, same car, same dog, all happy and well." 
Her husband, Phil, had district teams in cross 
country and track. 

Here in the Washington area, Margaret Duke 
Lautenslager and Jack are enjoying their second 
year in a new home. Jack's government agency 
(FSLIC) is one of the few that does not transfer; 
so they expect to remain here. Phyllis Nurney 
and I occasionally see or talk with Betsy Welhon 
Alwood and Joyce Gillchrest Waugh. Joyce, 
Doug, their four boys, spend many summer 
weekends in a newly acquired mountain-top 
cabin near Gettysburg, Pa. 

We extend heartfelt sympathy tor the loss ot 
their parents during this past year to Phyllis 
Nurney, her father; to Evelyn Hall English, her 
mother; to Carolyn Gray Abdalla, her father. 

Phyllis and I still work for Kaiser Industries 
and the National Institutes of Health and live 

in a Georgetown house which is always open 
to any of you who may be visiting in Washing- 


President and Acting Secretary: 
Frances Raine, 

8810 Three Chopt Rd., Apt. 309, 
Richmond, Va. 23229 

What a delightful 10th Reunion the Class 
of '57 had at Longwood with Charlie Hop! 
"Peanuts", Jo, "Strip". Anne Wayne, "Ashby", 
"Kuhnie", Nancy Lea, Camille, Jo Hillsman, 
Jackie Pond, "Beavers", "Hardy", "Quarles" 
and so many others returned to make March 
18 such a pleasant event. Gloria Kratzsch 
Young probably journeyed the greatest dis- 
tance, from Maine. Sandra Dyer Hinson 
breezed in after the luncheon, leaving her 
family waiting outside the Rotunda. The 
blizzard in New York had delayed her arrival. 
Nancy Lenz Harvey took time off from her 
doctoral studies at the U. of N. C. to join us. 
We had a great turnout, enough to add the 
Attendance Cup to our laurels. Whereas we 
didn't feel like alumnae of ten years in spirit 
or appearance, the college changes proved it 
had really been that long. 

While teaching the first grade in Tappa- 
hannock, Diane Acree Sisson stays busy caring 
for her husband, who serves as treasurer of 
Essex Co., and their three children (6. 5, 2). 
Leaving their two children in Roanoke, Sis 
Broivn Douthat and Wade enjoyed a vacation 
trip to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in 

From Monroe, Imogene Bryant Martin 
en|oys working on her home which they are 
building. She has one girl, 2. Carol Carson 
Angstadt, from Richardson. Texas, where her 
husband serves as a manager for Remington 
Rand, does much volunteer work including 
"stamp-licking, phone-calling, and coffeeing." 
With two sons, 5 and 2. she still has time to 
enjoy numerous pastimes such as sailing, 
gardening, and oil painting. 

After eighteen months in Ontario, Canada, 
Ellie Clements Trimble, husband, and two 
children, 5 and 2, have been transferred back 
to Waynesboro. Active in the Chester Junior 
Woman's Club, Phyllis Daniels Hunter has 
now "retired " from teaching after 10 years. 
A remedial reading teacher in Campbell Co., 
Liz Elliott Williams, finds rhe time to sew 
whole wedding ensembles as well as to be 
active in numerous church and welfare agencies. 
She has a son, 5. 

A recent bride. Belle Fitzgerald Neighbors, 
and her husband Jack have joined the Wythe 
Bowhunters. Belle teaches elementary art and 
states she has acquired a new skill — helping 
to feed cattle on the farm. Three children 
(8. 7, 5) plus one due in the summer still 
leave Joann Funai Justis time to be active in 
the Junior League of Lynchburg and in the 
Junior Woman's Club. Danny is with G. E. 
and along with the children, the family enjoys 
camping. Ginny Hayes Gallagher's husband 
is an aquatic biologist in Mass. They have 
two children (4 &. 6), but Ginny puts in time 
canvassing for various charities. She and her 
husband attended a conference in Quebec 
City the first of this year. Three children, two 
boys (8, ^1 and a girl 4, have not hindered 
Martha Joyner Dulong from traveling to all 
parts of the world. With her husband a major 
in the Ait Force, they have seen Japan and 
parts ot China. 

Reading, T. V., and chess keep Harry Lan- 
caster busy when he is not working as a col- 
umnist for the Farmville Herald. In Newport 


Winner of Jarman Cup — the 1957 class on their tenrh reunion. 

News, Ann White Thomas Matthews, "ar the 
time of this writing, should have four children. 
Teaching has been set aside to rear a family, 
but she spends much time doing church work. 

From Colorado, Jenna Morris Bowman 
writes that she and her teacher-husband have 
been out West for six years now. An eighteen- 
month-old son has provided loads of fun and 
company for them. Her husband is employed 
by T. W. A. at Dulles Airport, Kitty Naug/e 
Evans and daughters (6 and 4) live in Manassas. 
Gayle Peoples Shiner and family will be moving 
from Fla. Parr of a team of research people 
assembled by the U. S. Forestry Service to 
work on Outdoor Recreation, Billy has re- 
ceived a Fellowship for two years to work on 
his doctorate at Syracuse U. Gayle expects it 
to be quite a transition in getting Floridians 
acclimated to New York winters. 

Having spent twenty months in Japan, 
Betsey Richardson Heyl, liusband and daughters 
(4 & 2 '/i) now live in Norwalk, Conn. Re- 
tiring from teaching to rear a son (15 months) 
Becky Riddick Bradshaw served as President 
of the alumnae chapter in Suffolk. She also 
helps her husband with their picture frame shop. 
Another "retiree" is Mary Robertson Warner 
who is staying at home with her son, 1, in 
Suffolk. After her husband finished his 
graduate work at Fla. State two years ago, 
Ann Savedge Herring stopped teaching to 
care for their daughter, 1. Not able to make 
a complete break from teaching, she helps by 
teaching in a church. Frances Bays Sublett's 
husband is a physics teacher and science co- 
ordinator. They, with their sons (9 & 4), 
live in Colonial Heights. 

A full time homemaker now, Vivian Willel 
Williams writes from Seabrook, Texas, that 
though the pay in dollars and cents is not so 
much, it is much more rewarding. She states 
that she doubts anyone would recognize her 
now, without her smoke cloud. She has quit 
smoking! Even with sons (7 & 3) she iinds 
time to do an occasional painting and has done 
some research for something she hopes some 
day to write on the American Indian. 

Two of our classmates wrote from Africa. 
Roberta Scott Williams has enjoyed her tour 
in Kano with other members of the Ohio U. 
US AID team so much that she has decided 

to extend'her two-year contract to three years. 
Along with the others, she has worked to 
develop Kano Teachers College as a model- 
training institution for Northern Nigeria. 
She seems also to have become quite a gourmet 
in Nigerian cookery. I only wish her fascinating 
letter could have been printed in entirety! 
Ellie Everett Benton's husband has been working 
with US AID also, but in Liberia. Having 
been there for two years, they expect to return 
to the States in the summer and. perhaps, to 
settle down with their daughters (6 ' > & 4). 

Her husband, a general practicioner, Ellen 
Hamlelt Willis and two girls (6 V2 and 2) are 
in Crewe. Anne Thomas Denny, though now 
on the East Coast in Charleston, S. C, had 
to miss the reunion because of the birth of 
their third son. 

From Petersburg, Frances Bailey Hatchett has 
been quite active in Junior Woman's Club 
work, having been chosen "Outstanding 
Junior." She is president of the alumnae group 
there and has a girl, 9, and a boy, 6. Another 
recent bitde is Cindy Baldwin Carlson who is an 
instructor at Smithdeal-Massey Bus. College in 
Richmond. "Cookie" Cook Pegram, when not 
playing golf or gardening in Seaford, Del., is 
doing hospital volunteer work. Her husband is 
with DuPont. Georgia Edmonds Shoop is a 
buyer for a department store in South Hill and, 
thus, spends a week in New York twice a year. 
Her children are 11, 9, and 4. 

Fay Evans Josion for the past ten years has 
worked as a secretary, translator, and adminis- 
trative assistant for the Air Force in Paris, 
France. Her husband is a personnel adminis- 
trator. Fay has two daughters, 4 and 5 months. 
With their children (8, 5, ind 2 months) Betty 
Jane Faggert Doss and her surgeon husband live 
on the Eastern Shore in Belle Haven. Her 
husband, a Hampton City Attorney, Bev 
Harlow Glascock attended a national con- 
vention in Quebec. Past president of the Penin- 
sula alumnae group, she presently does volun- 
teet work for the Junior League. They have a 
son, 6. 

In Camp Hill, Pa., Mary Anne Jennings 
Crafton has been active in her sorority alumnae 
chapter and an excellent bazaar worker in her 
church. Her husband is with Bethlehem Steel, 
and their children are 7 and 5. A naval wife, 

Loretta Kesterson McMenamin has two children 
— 8 and 4. They are presently in Pensacola, 
but have been to Turkey, Italy, and France. 
Margaret Mustard Stickley and two children 
(3 and 1) are in Blacksburg where her husband 
is a teacher and coach. She is active in AAUW. 

I always have considered Virginia Pohe Doss 
as our "First Alumna" for I recall her returning 
to Founders Day when we were only sopho- 
mores! With a husband as a career marine, Vir- 
ginia has hobbies which include making a home 
for a family of two (12 and 10) in a variety of 
apartments all over the country. They antici- 
pate move *15 in August. Betty Shaffer 
Wilson has moved from Calif to Bel Air, Md. 
They have four children (10, 8, 6, 2). Polly 
Simpson Duncan's husband is a dairy farmer in 
Columbia, where they live with their two 
children (8 and 2 mos.). In Lexington, Nancy 
Tolley Hostetter and family are avid camping 
enthusiasts. Vacations are planned so that the 
children will see a different part of the U. S. 
each summer. Last summer they went to 
Jekyll Island, Ga., and this year they hope to 
see Cape Cod. 

The husband of Betty Hodnett Jackson '57 
has been transferred to Reynolds Metals Alloys 
Plant as Labor Relations Manager in Florence, 

Herbert H. Goodman, Cumberland County 
farmer and insurance executive, was recently 
named Soil Conservationist of the Year in the 
Robert E. Lee Soil Conservation District. 

Miss Gleaves joined us for dinner on Satur- 
day night in March. Because of a death in her 
family, she had been in Orlando, Fla., in Nov. 
Charlie Hop found out and rounded up 
about 20 "old grads" for a luncheon. How 
delightful it was being with these two wonder- 
ful people once again! 

Thanks so much for such an overwhelming 
response to my questionnaires. I have tried to 
include the news from those who could not 
attend our reunion. Because of the lack of 
space, I will continue the answers next year. 
Please remember to keep me posted on your 
whereabouts and your news. 



Shirley Hauptman, 

(Mrs. H. M. Gaunt, Jr.), 

320 S. Washington St., 

Winchester, Va. 22601 


Carol Wolfe, 

5701 Sanger Ave., No. 122, 

Alexandria, Va. 22311 

Howdy, class of '58: 

Yes — I'm back with you again after quite a 
year in graduate school. Must say I like being 
on the teaching end a lot better. I'm back at 
my same old school in Arlington where I plan 
to stay at least two more years. 

This summer I will be traveling for 6 weeks 
throughout the West. Four of us hard working 
teachers will camp out in a tent-camper in 
most of the National Parks between Virginia 
and California. Can't wait to see all the beauti- 
ful country! 

This year's response was light — but many 
thanks to those who answered and contributed. 
Last week I saw Nancy Richardson Raybold. 
She and Rick live in Alexandria with their 
two children. While in Covington I was sur- 
prised to see Pat Walton Eubank, and 
darling little girl. Her husband is overseas but 
due back in the fall. 

Lucia Hart Gurley and family live in Dickin- 
son, Texas, and have a new home. This summer 


Betsy Ruckmaii Modlin and family will move 
down the street from Lucia — old home week! 
Betsy now has 3 boys. 

Jane Karicofe Elliott and Roger took their 
two boys (Ken 6 and Tim 5) to Expo '67 and 
had a nice trip in a Dodge motor coach which 
Roger drove. They visited 55 pavilions in 4 

Frances Rosenkmus Witt lives in Crozet. She 
and Charles have 3 boys and a girl. Charles is 
principal of Crozet Elementary School. It was 
so good to hear from Grace Hannah Bowles 
Watkins who is busy with two girls and a little 
boy "Trey." She hnds time to remodel the 
house, take a course at Virginia extension, raise 
5,000 pullets to sell, some beet cattle to sell, 
and of course, can and freeze vegetables from 
the garden. Grace keeps in touch with Mary 
Anne Foster Rust and also informed us of 
Rubinette Miller's new addition to the family 
in February — a little girl. 

From up in Yankee Land I had a nice note 
from Moonyeen I Kit) Wiirren Walsh. She and 
her family plan a trip to Expo this summer, then 
expect Sata Beak Hunt and two daughters to 
stop by for a visit. Kit also hopes to have Judy 
Holderman Mazella and family tor a visit. In 
July Kit, Jack, and family hope to take a week's 
trip to Maine on their new 27-foot sport tisher- 
man boat. 

From the midwest Suzanne Barr Kendall 
sends word of her move back to Va. in July. 
Bob will practice neurosurgery in Winchester. 
Also from the West I had a long note from my 
old roommate Carol l^ing Robertson. Bruce has 
been given a new call to the First Presbyterian 
Church in St. Joseph, Mo. This is 60 miles 
North of Kansas City. Carol and Bruce did a 
lot of traveling last year from Colorado to 
to Tenn. and Miss. Kate Krehbiel Lawrence and 
family of two girls and one boy now live in 
Las Cruces, N. Mex., where Don is attending 
school. Kate keeps busy with the children and 
working a computer. 

Alice Sawyer Pate sends greetings from the 
state of Florida. She keeps busy with home, 
church work, and with her chaptet of Beta 
Sigma Phi. She is quite lucky to have a "built- 
in" baby sitter as her Mother lives close by. Her 
husband Leroy works in the administiative 
otfice of the family business — Pate Stevedoring 

Back in the Old Dominion Nancy Baker 
Cooper is busy with house wotk and teaching 
typing in the night adult education program in 
Newport News. Her husband Larry is supervisor 
in the shipyard in Newport News. From Rich- 
mond Janet Lloyd Adams says hi. While Wayne 
finishes up at the Dental School at M.C.V., 
Janet has been working on her Masters in 
Business Education. Aftet Wayne finishes at 
M.C.V., they plan on going back to South 
Boston. This summer they plan a trip to Expo 
'67, N. Y. C. and Cape Cod. Shirley Mae 
Alcock Warfield and family are leaving Rich- 
mond for Kansas City. Whitey has been trans- 
ferred by Reynolds Metals to a position there. 
Shirley Mae was busy this year keeping up with 
her two sons, teaching and working on her 

Nancy Drudge Fawcett has been busy this 
year in Farmville where Ray taught last year at 
Longwood. In Septembet the whole family will 
be moving to Blacksburg where Ray will be 
working on his Ph.D. in physics. Nancy took 
two home economics courses while in Farmville, 
also visited with Gwen W''hile Pruitt. Gwen and 
family are now back in the states from Japan. 
So sorry to hear about the loss of their daughter 
Sharon in an automobile accident before they 
left Japan. 

Sure good to hear from Sally Tilsoii Carter 

trom Lexington. She is teaching machine pro- 
gramming at VMI and keeping house for het 
two little girls and Alvin. Alvin is partner in a 
Men's clothing store in Lexington. Sally keeps 
in touch with Eliza Bucbduan Sullivan who is 
living in Tucker, Ga. 

Jane Crute Sowards is still busy in Leesburg 
housekeeping and substituting at the local high 
school. Al is principal ot the Leesburg Elemen- 
tary School and little Alan starts school in Sept. 
Jane had a visit from Ellen Webh Dempsey and 
Jo Mdxey White this spring. 

Vee Weaver Dove lives about 10 miles from 
me in Vienna bur we still end up writing to 
each other tor news! She is busy with the kids 
and Jo is still teaching school. Vee talked to 
Judy Holderman Mazelle — seems Judy's husband 
Sam has been moved to Andrews AFB for a 
year. Do hope all are well — again many thanks 
for the news. Let's make our reunion a big one 
in '68!!! 



Lillian Lee Rosson, 

(Mrs. Lewis R. Spicer, Jr.), 

1209 May wood Rd., 

Richmond, Va. 23229 


Patsy Elizabeth Powell, 

(Mrs. Luther B. Ray, III), 

1531 WyldsRd., 

Augusta, Ga. 30904 

As I sat down this summer to sort out your 
letters. I had the help of Virlinda Joyner who 
drove her little VW down to Augusta, Ga. 
and then stayed up half the night reading 
letters from members of the Class of '59. 
Many of my letters to you were returned this 
year. Please be certain that the alumnae office 
gets a notice when you change youi address. 

Barbara Heck Bruns and Jerry are still in 
Germany. They went skiing in Austria last 
Christmas and planned a trip to England. 
Scotland and Denmark for the summer. They 
will be back in Frankfurt next year. Linda 
Doles Dougherty and bank manager-husband, 
Paul, had )ust returned from Mallorca and 
Madrid, and Linda planned to "sit quietly 
around Glenhausen" until February's "big" 
event. She should be able to relax in theit 
four-bedroom German house, on the balcony 
or terrace, or in the garden where she raised 
strawberries, peaches, and roses last summer. 
Helen Jean Young, who was in nearby Giessen, 
ended her three years overseas and has returned 
to Covington to teach. Het last ttip in Eutope 
was to Spain and to see a bullfight. 

In England, we are now represented by Elsie 
Dick Hood. Jim travels quite a bit and is 
currently working with our air force at 
Ctoughton. They live near Banbury — the 
Banbury ot nursery rhyme fame. Elsie and 
family hope to buy many antiques and see 
many famous places in the next few years. 

A number of our classmates have moved 
within the L'nited States so I'll start reporting 
with the "nomads." Martha Marks Dobyns, 
George and three children have left Suffolk 
and now own a home in Roanoke. Betty Lee 
Smith had moved to Alexandria and is secretary 
tor the Associate Secretary of the Baptist 
World Alliance in addition to attending gradu- 
ate school at George Washington L'. Merle 
Weingart Ridinger. Dick, and daughter Karen 
moved to a large house this year and have also 
bought a fatm at Rowe, Mass. which includes 
a colonial farmhouse, built in 1790, and the 
property features fruit trees of all types. Dick 
is assistant professor of theology for the 
Hartford Seminary Foundation, and the 

Ridingers plan to make the farm their summer 

The live Flatleys have moved to Whittier. 
in southern Calif. Cass Connor Flatley reports 
that they live near her old roommate. Bet 
McLoughlin, who is married and has two 
children. Jane Proffitt Ayers. who was expecting 
the third Ayers' heir, lives in Reisterstown, Md. 
Anne Bresson Davis moved to Lynchburg in 
June when Don was appointed to serve Brook- 
ville Methodist Church. Joanne Maitland 
Johnston lives in Charlottesville and is a 
graduate student at U. Va. Dottie Boswell 
Leach is just moving around! Jerry has been 
in Vietnam for a year, and Dottie has lived in 
Newbern, Tenn., and in Stafford, Va. Before 
Jerry left, Dottie lived in tout different states, 
and by the time you read this, they expect to 
be in Maypoft, Fla. Burks Keith Scarborough 
and family have moved to Raleigh. Helen 
Hillman Drummond and family are in Leaven- 
worth, Kan., where James is attending the 
Army's Command and General Staff College. 

Betty Rawls Unwin and Dave are at Letter- 
kenny Army Depot at Chambersburg. Pa. 
Betty planned to teach kindergarten this year. 
Carolyn Copeland Dix has moved from Burling- 
ton to Rocky Mount, N. C, and is taking care 
of Bill and daughter Suzanne. Hilda Thompson 
Hood. Datl and three sons, are in Baltimore. 
He is a nuclear engineer and spoke before the 
American Nuclear Society at theit meeting in 
San Diego. Hilda says she is a "domestic 
engineer." Agnes Lowry Frasier and family 
live in Roanoke Rapids. N. C and Aggie is 
limiting het teaching to kindergarten for her 
boys. We welcome Elizabeth McClenn\ Gordon 
and t%vo-year-old Angela back to Va. Betty 
hopes to see some of you at Founders Day 
next spfing. 

Luther, Betsy and I left Indiana in December 
and arrived in Ga. the day after Christmas, 
having spent Christmas in Suffolk. We bought 
a house near Ft. Gordon and Betty and I will 
be staying here while Lurher spends a year in 
Vietnam. We visited in Va. in May and saw 
Molly Workman and Virlinda Joyner during a 
brief stop in Alexandria. Betsy and I will 
spend most of November in Suffolk. We will 
visit in Alexandria and at Longwood to see my 
sister, Jane, who is a senior. I hope to meet 
with Lillian and make some plans for our 
reunion in 1969. 

JoAnn Sloop Simmers expects a playmate for 
two-year-old Kevin in Nov. JoAnn taught 
kindergarten tor a month during the summer. 
Out in Tacoma, Washington, Barbara Hurst 
French and Tom were waiting for the second 
little Ftench in July. Martha Riickcr Coleman 
and Bob live in Atlanta, which is not too far 
ffom us. Their four-year-old Gina has enjoyed 
telling eveiyone (including those she does 
not know) that she expects to be a sister 
in August. Martha has been quite busy as 
Financial Advisot to the Zeta chapter at Ga. 
State. She is an officer in the Jr. Woman's Club 
and in the Zeta alumnae chapter. She also 
helps with DAR projects and does volunteer 
work at the county detention home. 

Dottie Cotherii Nugent is a homemaker 
and mother-to-be. Her husband. Ralph, is an 
engineer at Dupont in Martinsville. The 
teaching profession lost Charlotte Gray Giglio 
who was expecting in October. Charlotte and 
Wally were hosts to Barbaia Heck Bruns and 
Jerry for four days last summer. Still holding 
her own up in "Yankee Land" is Julia Gray 
Wallace Sweeney. There should be a new little 
Sweeney about the time this goes into print. 
Julia Gray reported that Virginia Kuyk Lynch 
has a daughter. Elaine Chajfin Eiaskerville 
told me she was expecting the last of July. 
Elaine says that Lois Oghitrn Elsam and family 


are back in Va., as Eric has completed his tour 
in the air force. 

Jane Kell Newbill is teaching part-time; is 
president ot the Craddock Jr. Woman's Club 
and chauffeur for two busy children. Nancy 
Andrews is asst. prof, of Phys. Ed. at Longwood. 
Joan He^ivyside Stubbleheld and family took a 
trip to Fla., in the spring and visited Elsie Dick 
Hood and Jim before the Hoods left tor 
England. Margie Layman Forte saw Betty 
Sue Barbee McKinley and Jerry when the 
latter were in N. Y. Sandra Kilmon Phillips 
has been promoted to supervisor with the 
Dept. of Public Welfare, Georgetown. Del. 
She also works with Girl Scouts and ZTA. 
Sandra hopes that Longwood Zetas will attend 
the District I meeting in the spring which will 
be at Longwood. In Md.. housewife Natalie 
Tudor Brown helps with cooperative nursery 
school classes. 

Anne Schular McKinney says she hnally 
made it! She received her B.S, degree from 
Old Dominion College in Jan. and now 
teaches fifth grade. Charlotte McGhee is a 
guidance counselor in Kansas City. Mo. She 
received her NLS. degree in Guidance and 
Counseling. Betty Ray Lazenby Markham 
and Fay Salmon Clark live about lifteen minutes 
apart in South Florida. The Markhams have 
a new home, and their three girls are enjoying 
their pool. Our president. Lillian Rosson Spicer, 
taught fifth grade for two-and-a-half months 
last year. That sounds like work, Lil! Lil 
reported that Lou Gray Watkins and Bob have 
a son born in May and that Mary Strickland 
Church and Morris will add to their family in 
October. Delo Dove Eanes is an instructor 
in biology at the Patrick Henry College of the 
U. of Va. in Martinsville. Barbara Odom 
Wright is teaching in Chesapeake. Barbara 
has helped to trace addresses tor classmates 
in the Norfolk area. Emma Harrell Gardner 
is teaching at Holland. They've bought a 
truck camper and have enjoyed week-end 
camping trips. 

Anne Keziah Mullis has "retired" and is 
delighted to be a full-time housewife and 
mother. The Mullises were recently visited by 
Lillie Stoltz Smith, Kenny and their two girls. 
Liz Nichols Thornby is busy teaching, taking 
reading classes, doing church work, keeping 
house and making clothes for herself and for 
Gina. Eleanor Gurganus Brinkley teaches 
sixth grade in Glen Burnie, Md. The Brinkleys 
had just returned from a Calif, vacation when 
I heard from Eleanor. She keeps in touch with 
Lynn Higginhotha/n Kemper who lives in 
Towson with her husband Ron and their two 

Gloria Gardner Buchanan has been quite 
ill this past year and still has some minor 
paralysis which slows her talking. We all 
hope that she will be completely recovered 
before too long. Her husband Bob was quite 
ill last year, but is well now. Their youngest 
son, who has been hospitalized several times 
for long periods, is still conhned. Gloria wrote 
such a bright, cheery letter in spite of her 
difficulties, and I think she should have three 
cheers from all of us. 

Shirley Grizzard Burgess, Shirley Lucy 
Leyland, Shelby Johnson Bowles, Jacqueline 
Waller Asbury and Evelyn Skalsky Hanzlick 
are busy homemakers caring for new babies. 
Jackie and Lee have moved into a new home 
and Evelyn has cultivated a garden and canned 
and frozen its products. Shelby was visited 
last summer by Faye Salmon Clark. Violet 
Scott Barlow devotes all of her time to caring 
for Peyton and their new son. Betty Griggs 
Barco and Jo Lynn Holland Chaffin are nexr 
door neighbors in Virginia Beach. Both Betty 

and Jo Lynn have new daughters who can 
grow up to play together. Betty Barco says 
that Betty Spivey Sellers is in Savannah, Ga. 
Joan Lee Thomas Jenkins is "following the 
horses" in her spare time as she and Keith 
own several trotting horses. Catherine Harris 
Wilkinson says she is a homemaker. Calvert 
King Poole is teaching at Dublin, while Travis 
is working on his Masters at VPL They planned 
to camp to EXPO-'67 in August. She might 
see a few members of our class. Virlinda 
Joyner was there in July after visiting us. 
Virlinda received her MA degree in June from 
The George Washington U. Sandy Sandidge 
planned to attend summer school at LIVA 
and expected to receive her Masters degree in 
August. She acted as Dean of Women at 
Ferrum for a semester in addition to her 
physical education duties. 

We offer our sympathy to Molly Workman 
and to Nancy Knoules Saunders, both of whom 
lost their mothers this year and to Betty 
Ciilpeper Holland whose father passed away. 

Please put my name on your Christmas 
card list and use this as an opportunity to keep 
me informed about your activities. I hope to 
receive an unsolicited letter from each of you. 
If you are ever in the Augusta area, give me a 
call. I'd like as much company as possible 
while Luther is in Vietnam. 



Connie Goodman, 

(Mrs. Philip Ryan), 

2199 Fernwood PL, 

Cinnaminson, N. J. 08077 


Julia M. Williams, 

Rt. 1, Box 253, 

Louisa, Va. 23093 

When I came home from Charlottesville 
where I am working as a Guidance Counselor 
in Walker Junior High, I was always delighted 
to hnd news from the Class of I960. 

Billie Altizer Reid besides being wife and 
mother to Tommy and Shari Anne, is teaching 
chemistry at Cave Spring High, sponsoring 
the Yearbook, and teaching Sunday School. 
Billie Jo sent news of Ruby Jane Simpson 
Slayton, '61, who is living in Falls Church and 
by now has a new brother or sister for Kimberly. 
Margaret Graham Fluharty must have her 
hands full with her doctor husband and family 
in Newport News. Martha (Duner) Cahill 
Richie and her husband Bill are living in W. Va. 
and should have an addition to the family 
by now. 

Every year Jo Ann Garner Wagstaff is busier 
than the year before in New Holland, Pa, 
This year Jo Ann writes that Justine Blount 
Cutler is living in Bedford, Va., with her family 
which includes Cherie, rwin boys — Ken and 
Mike — and another boy, Jeffrey. Justine is 
also teaching. Barbara Fisher Vinson and her 
husband Larry are in Petersburg and have a 
son David, Jo Ann also mentioned. 

Barbara Stephenson Fields wrote of a new 
baby, Bobby and a busy year of work in Beta 
Sigma Phi. Mary Ann Walker Shindle has a 
new baby boy named David, and Ann Elliott 
Brooks is living and teaching in Charlottesville 
while Marvin studies at the University, 

Joanne Tench spent the spring and summer 
completing her course work at Georgetown U. 
and last fall started working as a linguist in the 
Spanish Institute of the Department of State. 
As usual Joanne continues her studies. 

Nancy Donaldson Middlecamp has been 
teaching but was retiring to wait for an addition 
to her family. So Laura and Tommy, Jr. should 
have a brother or sister by now. Carol Matthews 
Williams was also expecting an addition to 
her family down in Texas where Don is still in 

Jean O'Connell Nader is in Okinawa, with her 
dentist husband Howard and their new baby 
boy. The other foreign traveler, Anne B. 
Palmer hnished up her reaching in Germany 
this past spring, planned ro see more of Europe 
this summer, and had no deiinite plans for 
next year when last I heard. 

Linda Jo Saunders Kent and Don are in 
Alexandria and Linda Jo is having a glorious 
time this year just being a homemaker. She 
writes that Betsy Neal Osborne is living in 
Danville, where her husband is a dentist, 

Linda Lane Connell has a son, Dick III, and 
she and Dick are looking forward to moving 
back to Va. when Dick finishes his studies in 
Fla. Linda also mentioned that she had talked 
to Jean Peyton Davis who lives in Fla., too. 

Helen Wente Beckman is now living in 
Houston. Texas, whete her husband Dave is 
with NASA. Helen brought me up to date on 
her travels and study in Europe and said that 
she and her husband have been serving as a 
host family for a student from India and making 
plans for a new home. She also mentioned 
that she hears from Sandra Johns Lundbery 
and that little Chris is doing hne. Jane Callis 
Bickle and her husband Butch are living in 

I am looking forward to hearing from many 
more members of the Class of I960, so don't 
forget to write. 


Becky Tuck, 

(Mrs. C. M. Rives, III}, 


Sue Caravalla, 

(Mrs. Bradley H. Peterson, Jr.), 

2909 Bay Villa Ave., 

Tampa. Fla. 33611 


Peggv Green, 
(Mrs.' W. W. Olney), 
416 Arbutus Ave., 
Kingsport, Tenn. 37600 

Patti Barnes Wood and her husband Kenny 
live in Richmond and have a daughter Margarer. 
Nan McLaughlin McVey and husband George, 
who teaches at St. Christopher's School, have 
two sons. Ginny Whipple Winfree, Brenda 
Dod Raine, Charlotte Haile Frischkorn live in 
Richmond; each has two children. Brenda's 
husband is practicing law. 

Betty Wood Bridgforth and husband Louis 
live in Victoria. Lewis completed his internship 
last yeat and is now practicing medicine. Betty 
Patteson McNalley and husband live in Lynch- 
burg and have a son, Eddie. Betsy W^ilson 
Price and husband Beau live in Va. Beach 
and have a son Scott. 

Ginger Culpepper Alexander and husband 
Charles and their son live in Roanoke where 
Charles is practicing law. Keaton Holland 
Gather and husband Dan have been living in 
Baltimore, Md., and are expecting a new 
member of their family. 

Since graduation, I ^Sue) taught school in 
Tampa home) and during the summers 
traveled to Europe, Jamaica, Nassau, and 
Mexico. I was teaching at an Army post in 
Schweinfurt, Germany this school year, was 


Members of class of 1962 at first class reunion. 

married in Dec. to a U.S. Army Captain, 
Bradley Peterson. Taylor Powell Barlow taught 
in Schweinfurt the year before I did. She 
taught also in Okinawa. She and her husband 
Bill live in Smithfield where she has been 
teaching and Bill practicing law. 

Would you believe that our class has actually 
passed that first reunion mark ? We who 
attended the reunion had a wonderful time 
catching up on each othet's latest events and 
shating what we knew of those of you who 
weren't there. We missed seeing you who 
couldn't come and hope you'll be there next 
time. Meanwhile, WRITE! 

We especially missed our president, Becky 
Tuck Rives, who was moving to Oklahoma 
with her husband, who had just returned from 
Vietnam, and their son. Dotsy Moody Godwin 
and Rosemary Henry Thomas were sharing 
the mutual experience of waiting in Roanoke 
for Gene and Ray's return from Vietnam. Dotsy 
was working while Gene served in the Army 
Medical Corps. Rosemary and fourteen-month- 
old Bill should be in Orlando, Fla., where Ray 
was to be stationed with the Air Force. Another 
Air Force wife, Shirley Mills Henry, is living in 
Valdosta, Ga., with her three-year-old daughter, 

Sarah Bustoii Lineberry and Betty Diiuson 
Lee are living in Roanoke. Sarah has two 
daughters and Betty, who is teaching, has a 
daughter three, and a son, one, Betty Ruth 
Dunnavant has been teaching in Roanoke and 
working on her Master's degree at the U. of Va. 

Nancy Pretty Farley and Barbara Cole Payne 
are back in Danville. Barbara, who is teaching, 
has a son Kirk, age 4 and a daughter, age 1, 
Deborah Ann. Nancy takes care of Kathleen 
Anne, age 3, while Sutt works in the accounting 
depattment of Goodyear. 

Virginia Ketnp Bauserman lives in Hampton 
and teaches history in Newport News. Jane 
Hanger Longacre lives in Newport News and 
teaches a lirst grade class in Hampton. 
Virginia's husband is in the dry cleaning busi- 
ness, and Jane's connected with NASA at 
Langley Field. Jane is also rearing Cindy, age 

Rebecca Carpenter and Gayle Jones Fears are 
in Manassas. Becky, who is teaching history in 
high school, took a month's vacation in Europe 
last summer. Gayle, who has a young son, 
keeps books for her husband who manages the 
Downtowner Motor Inn, 

At Virginia Beach are Trina Childress, Ellen 
Powell, Claudia Wilson Brooks, Dona Marquette 
McCloud, and Betsy Wilson Price, Trina and 
Ellen are teaching. The others are busy being 
mothers: Claudia has a son Kevin, age two; 
Dona has a two-year-old son, John Eric, and a 
new daughter, Nicole Monique; and Betsy 
has a son, Scott, who is one. 

Maty Lou Grasty Smith and Eleanor Bradford 
Farrington live in Falls Church. Mary Lou 
teaches in the merchandising department at 
Marjorie Webster Junior College and has a 
young daughter, Kathy Jo. Eleanor, who has 
a son, Hal, age 2, and was expecting in April, 
has been doing graduate work in library science. 
Carol Sprague Blaydon, whose husband is 
stationed at the Pentagon, is nearby in Arling- 
ton. Also in Aflington are Sue Beardmore, 
Mary Leach Elmore, Pat Hickey, Lois Petets, 
and Sandra Freedman '63 — at one address! Sue 
Leach and Hickey are still educating the youth 
in that area, Lois is working for the United 
Planning Organization, a patt of the Anti- 
Povetty Program. Patty Pearce lives and teaches 
in Fairfax. Living in Alexandria are Jeanine 
McKenzie Allen and Jean Cloud. Jeanine, whose 
husband Lorie is a radio engineer with ATii;T, 
has a two-yeat-old daughter, Cheryl Elizabeth. 
Jean, who completed her M.A. at Columbia U. 
in 1966, is teaching the physically handicapped 
children in Washington, D. C. 

Linda Pojf Wood was in Blacksburg last year 
teaching at Radford High School while Jim was 
in the English department at VPl. Their son, 
Carlton Scott, is 3. They ate planning to be in 
New Mexico or Washington state in the fall for 
Jim to work on his Ph.D. It they go to New 
Mexico, they will no doubt tun into Jo Saiage 
Orser and Eddie at the U. of New Mexico. 

Gerry Edmonds Sale is teaching in Richmond 
after being in N. J. for two years. Ann Howell 
Griffin, Carolyn Elliott Holden, and Carolyn 
Elliott Neurohr, are also in the area — Nancy 
Nelson Brett worked in Richmond for Blue 
Cross-Blue Shield but is now in Wake Forest, 
N. C. , whete Larry attends Southetn Baptist 
Theological Seminary. 

Taylor Roiiell Barlow lives in Smithlield, 
whete she teaches the fourth grade. Ginna 
Chapman Looney and Maddie MacNeil are in 
Front Royal, Ginna is teaching math and 
directing dramatics at John Handley High 
School in Winchester. Maddie, who teaches at 
Watren Co. High School, sang with Robert 

Shaw near Dettoit, Mich,, last summer and haS 
been acting and working around the Wayside 
Theatre in Middletown, Va., in her spare time. 

Sandra W^earer Hufif is still in Oak Ridge, 
Tenn., catiying on research in chemical muta- 
genesis and doing gtaduate wotk. She is work- 
ing under the direction of one scientist and 
thoioughly enjoying her work with the mice. 
Mary Rob Hams Clodfelter is teaching science 
in Ohio while her husband is in college, after 
hnishing his duty in the Navy. 

Maty Lee W^arriner Scott is living in Farm- 
ville and doing graduate work in education. 
She and Marvin, who is teaching biology at 
Longwood, have a daughter, Kathryn Page, 
age 1. They dared to have us at the reunion 
gather at their house for coffee and cookies 
and lots of chatting, and we thotoughly enjoyed 
their hospitality. 

Judy Detrich is serving in the Peace Corps in 
Iran and is married to another Peace Corps 
worker. Winnie Egolf McCuan is in Tripoli, 
Libya, where her husband teaches for an oil 

Peggy Green Olney is living in Kingsport, 
Tenn., where Buddy is the minister at Cedar- 
view Presbytetian Church. She taught English 
in the high school for the second semester 
and will probably substitute this year. One of 
her concerns will be — what are you doing ? 
Remember to dtop her a line at least once 
before June 1. 


Joan Perry, 

(Mrs. Macon F. Brock, Jr.; 

6037 River Rd. Point, 

Norfolk, Va. 23505 


Jeannie Kafer, 

3722 N. Pershing Drive, 

Arlington, Va. 22203 


Evelyn Gray, 
(Mrs. D. C. H.irris, Jr.), 
4703 Threechopt Rd., 
Hampton, Va. 23366 

Betty Ruth Stimpson Anderson has been 
teaching bookkeeping in Henrico Co. where 
her husband works as an accountant tor 
Reynolds Metals, but she plans to "retire" 
after this year. 

Danette Blundell has been depatt- 
ment head at Rippon Juniot High in Piince 
William Co. whete she teaches 7th and 8th 
grade block courses. She sponsored the school's 
talent show this yeat. She and Marilyn Anthony 
plan to travel to New England. Marilyn took 
ice skating lessons during the winter and also 
bowls with a league. 

Carol Lee Baumardner has been living in 
Puerto Rico but came home in June. Living 
in Beimuda "isn't hard to take. " says Celia 
Bohlander Berkman who has been teaching 
in the local schools there but will move to 
Albany, Ga. Sue Boatwtight has applied 
to teach in overseas schools next year. Sandra 
Ashworth Bollinger is linishing her third year 
of teaching math at Randolph-Henry High 
School in Charlotte Coutthouse. While her 
husband is serving 13 months in Korea, she 
will artend the LI. of S. C. to study math under 
a National Science Foundation grant and 
hopes to get her Masters then. Barbara Turner 
Boyd is beginning her second year as a home 
economist with the Extension Division of 
VPI. She says her work with -i-H'ers and 
economically and socially deprived youth is 
challenging. Her husband is at OCS in 


Aberdeen, Md.. and they hope ro travel to the 
West Coast this summer. 

This spring I enjoyed a wonderful visit with 
Gail Jones Brandt at their home in Charlottes- 
ville with its scenic view of the mountains. 
We drove to Longwood for a Pi Omega Pi 
banquet and saw Kay Orr who is teaching 
business in Stafford Co. and working with the 
FBLA. Charlotte Brooks Brann is a home 
economist with VEPCO and living in Callao. 
Dana Brewer is coming home to Alexandria 
to spend a year. She received her Masters 
from Tulane in August. 

Anne Downey Brockenbrough, Khaki Lining 
Drumagel, Joan Baldwin Elliott, Joyce Lake 
Robinson, and Janet Wright Watkins — all 
attended Joanne Stack's wedding this spring. 
Anne and her husband have a home in Norfolk, 
and Khaki and her husband have bought a 
home in Vienna. Khaki's husband is an 
accountant for the Civil Aeronautics Board. 

Sandra Burnett and Diane Turner are teaching 
in Fairfax Co. where they are sharing a house 
with several others. Shirley Carr Derby is 
teaching in Driver. Cindy Davenport Eberwine 
reports from Albany, Ga., that Heather is a 
constant joy to her parents. Jeanette Elder 
received her Masters of Church Music in June 
from Southern Baptist Seminary. She plans to 
teach music on the college level this fall. "This past 
year she found it quite exciting workmg with 
women from the Kentucky Correction In- 
stitution for Women. 

Barbara Vorn Fosnocht has been teaching 
first grade in Schenectady, N. Y. Sx.d.zy Jackson 
Goode's husband was graduated from U. Va. 
last June, and they are now living in Indianap- 
olis. He's studying at Lincoln Chiropractic 
College, and she's working on her Master's 
at Butler U. as well as teaching U. S. history 
and psychology. 

Anna White Graves and Charles are living in 
Boca Raton, Fla., where he's studying ocean 
engineering; they both enjoy sailing and 
tennis and entered their first Fla. regatta last 
winter. She plans to work toward her Certified 
Professional Secy. Certificate. 

Frances Haga bowls two nights a week in a 
teachers' league. Linda Deming Haupt is 
teaching third grade at Bradley School in 
Bethesda, Md., and plans to continue there 
ne.xt year in team teaching. Barbara Hewitt 
and her roommate will be travelling through 
Europe by car this summer. Donna Humphlett 
will be at VPI next fall in a special program 
which leads to a Masters in education. Betty 
Howard Hutchison is a busy mother and gives 
private piano lessons at home. She and Larry 
went to Fla. for a week in Feb. 

Carol Combs Irvin will live in Roanoke and 
plans to spend the future in retirement — "no 
more teaching" she says. Joan Voliva Kerns 
looks forward to teaching four classes of her 
favorire subject — world history — next year at 
Bayside High School in 'Va. Beach. 

Batbara Gibson Lewis's husband is an engi- 
neermg assistant at Concrete Pipe and Products 
Co., in Richmond. She will remain at Man- 
chester High School where she is teaching 
pilot courses for slow learners. Carolyn 
Jamison Lewis is busy with her duties as a 
mother in Marina, Del Rey, Calif, Mary Anne 
Lipford is working for the Library of Congress 
in Washington, D. C. 

Pat Callahan McGhee will be moving from 
Fla. to Charleston, S. C, where her husband's 
ship is in dry dock. Betsy MacCorkle, Linda 
Everly, and Pat Brooks are living together and 
teaching in Colonial Heights. Janet Lacy 
Martin and her husband own a laundromat in 
Stephens City. Terry Watson Miller is teaching 
at E. C. Glass High in Lynchburg and her 

husband is employed at Fidelity Bank. Nan 
Horey-King Morris sent a picture of her daugh- 
ters, Tammie and Terrie, taken at Christmas 
time. Linda Paris will continue her teaching at 
Woodbridge High School. 

Judy Woodham Reitz is living in Annapolis, 
Md. Rosa Doyle Rhodes is teaching shorthand 
at Thomas McKean, an experimental high 
school in Delaware. They are building a house 
in Wilmington. Cynthia Alcock Rizzo re- 
ceived her Masters in Education from Wm. & 
Mary in June. She taught fourth grade at 
Sinclair School in Hampton this year and had 
a student teacher. She and her husband hope 
to go to Expo '67 this summer. 

Carol Benton Robinson and her husband have 
bought a lot in Va. Beach and are eager to build. 
She will be taking courses at Old Dominion 
toward her Masters and hopes to vacation in 
New England this summer. She sent a picture 
of Michael who is two. Bobbi Cadow Ruther- 
ford and her husband have planned vacation 
trips in New York state, Montreal Expo '67, 
and Ocean City. He is a branch manager of 
the Equitable Trust Co. in Md. Jean Cralle 
Sisson and her husband have been living in 
Callao for a year. She will teach third grade 
next year in Richmond Co. Shirley Diinnarant 
Spencer has moved to Lynchburg and will be 
teaching in the city system. Terrie Swann will 
be at Wm. & Mary working on her Masters. 

Carol Mtint Thacker retired from teaching to 
be a full-time mother. Lynn McCutchen Thomp- 
son and her husband honeymooned at Daytona 
Beach last fall. She is Vice Pres. of the Roanoke 
Chapter of Longwood Alumnae and is active 
in Beta Sigma Phi International Sorority. She 
is working on her Masters in Special Education 
at the U. of Va. Chris Longstreet Wilson met 
her husband in the church choir. He's a forester 
with the Monongahela National Forest, and 
they're living in W. Va. Rowena Yates will 
spend the summer in Grundy and will visit her 
brother and family in Ala. 

I'm working for Virginia's new Eighth Dis- 
trict Congressman, Bill Scott, and would love 
to hear from you or see you, if you have a 
chance to visit the Capitol. 

Now for the news which Evelyn gathered. 

Hello, again! Another year has flown, and 
we've been parted more than three years. I 
must be naturally nosey, because I enjoy and 
look forward to every word I hear from and 
about each of you. PLEASE keep in con- 
tact with the Alumnae Office during the year 
or with one of your class secretaries. Special 
thanks to the class members who let me know 
about the other members who have not received 
my appeal for news. You are great! 

Margie Twilley McDonald and her Air Force 
captain are on a three-year tour in Germany 
and she says that being in central location in 
Eufope is like being on one long field trip. She 
and Pete have visited many colorful spots in 
Germany and surrounding countries. Pete has 
recently been assigned to the Inspector General's 
team for European Forces. 

Remodeling the old Mary Cariyn House in 
Arlington is the main concern for Judy Jackson 
Titus and her husband. William Cariyn, who 
was George Washington's tailor, built the house 
in 1800. Washington surveyed the property 
and visited the house. When the renovations 
are finished, the Arlington Historical Society 
will put up a plaque. Barbara Poland Raine 
is working as a Medical Social Worker at Balti- 
more City Hospital where her husband, Dudley, 
finished his internship. He is there now in his 
first year of residency. Barbara plans to receive 
her Masters Degree in June from Johns Hopkins 
U. and to eventually go into college teaching. 

A study-tour in Europe will be the highlight 

of the summer for Betty Ann Rex and her 
mother. They will study Art in Rome and in 
Florence; political science in Geneva, Switzer- 
land; Music in Paris, France; and English 
literature in London. Susan Sheely Ward, Jeff 
and their new baby will move from Lexington 
to Cambridge, Md., where he will clerk for a 
judge in a criminal court. Joan Pritchett Pirkle 
and her husband have returned from a year in 
Charlortesville. Joan is teaching third grade in 
Newport News and Jimmy is an English and 
Drama teacher at Fetguson High School. They 
planned a trip to Canada and Expo '67. 

Other travelers through the New England 
states and Canada for the Fair were Charlotte 
Craig Wood and Roy and Carol Martin and 
Becky Jane. Linda Paris took a camping trip 
across the U. S. during the summer, while 
Carol Nurney Hankleroad and Daryl spent their 
summer vacation in Miami. 

A position as assistant professor of Psy- 
chology at W. & L. will be filled by Ann 
Lawrence Elmes's husband David. Sue Aioseley 
Whorton will teach in a piogressive school: 
ungraded, programmed reading program in a 
circular building. She and Jim also went to 
Expo '67 and took in New York City, Phila- 
delphia, Washington, D. C. and hometown, 
Portsmouth. Betty Jean Russell McMurran 
has continued work on her renovated home in 
Portsmouth. She and Patsy Williams Hamrick 
of Garner, N. C, have retired from teaching in 
anticipation of their expanding family. Patsy's 
husband is assistant principal at a Junior High 
in Garner. 

After finishing her Masters Degree require- 
ments, Lewan Rippey spent the summer touring 
Euiope. She also went to Nassau for Easter 
Vacation. Myrtle Thomas Duck and Kenneth 
spent a fall holiday in N. Y. City. 

Returning from Ohio to Va. Beach, Ella 
Louise Rwjf)- Thomas finished a year of teaching 
Foods in a Poland school. After a summer 
doing graduate work at Longwood, Evelyn 
Woods returned to teach fourth grade at Varina 
Elementary in Henrico Co. Marian Russ Fitz- 
patrick taught a combination 4th and 5th grade 
class in Fairfax. Her husband Tom is studying 
Aerospace Engineering at the U. of Md. 

Peggy Whittakei and Sandy Waiigh Burton 
received RLister's of Fine Arts Degrees from the 
U. of Ga. in June, 196^. Terrie Swann worked 
at the Va. Employment Commission during the 
summer and is in Graduate School at Wm. & 
Mary this year. 

Mary Ellen Barnes Wood and Betty Jean 
Mtisser Wallace have become fast friends as 
their husbands' jobs brought them together in 
Martinsville. Doug Wood is news director at 
WMVA Radio, and Errol Wallace is a cashier 
at Piedmont Trust Bank. 

Jean Still will finish her second summer at 
VPI Graduate School and return for her third 
year of teaching Home Ec. in Danville. Marie 
Murphy Garrett and her husband James will be 
in Ferrum this year as Marie teaches at the 
Junior College there. She received the Masters 
of Arts Degree at Longwood in July. 

Judy Partrea Stone presented her husband 
a daughtei, Kimbeily Kay, last May. Creative 
J. has been decorating her duplex in Oklahoma 
City where Ken is a Sales Engineer for Trane 
Air Conditioning Co. Others with new babies 
and new houses are Barbara Sours Welch, Peggy 
Thorpe Vaughan, and Carolyn Wall Crowder. 
Enjoying the activities of the Chesterheld and 
Petersburg Junior Women's Clubs are Ann 
Sink Rodgers and Carolyn Munt Thacker. 
Ann and Donald built a home in Chesterfield 
and Carolyn, her husband and daughter Lisa 
live in a charming house in Disputana, Suzanne 
Spellman Elliott and her spouse Robert abide 


in Williamsburg while he studies law and she 
teaches first grade. 

Will E. Wade, M.A. '64, educator-minister, 
has been appointed to a newly created position 
as a Community Development Agent for the 
Univ. of Missouri. 

That's all folks! Now, if you're disappointed 
not to have heard from a special friend or not to 
see a friend's good tidings published, you're 
the ones we want to hear from. Have a happy 


Betty Clay Hamner, 
4306 Augusta Ave., 
Richmond, Va. 23230 


Sue Ella Cole, 

907 Jefferson Davis Blvd., 

Apt. 229, 

Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 

Jeannette Fallen, 
Cooperstown F302, Box 3064 
Lexington, Ky. 40506 
Virginia Poindexter, 
4632 Hanover Ave., 
Richmond, Va. 23226 


The graduates of the Class of '67 may be 
found in many areas of our state of Virginia 
and some outside of the state. 

The teaching profession has attracted most 
of our members. Around the Richmond area 
we find Frances Tiiigeii Drake, who is teaching 
U. S. Government at Thomas Dale High School 
in Chesterlield County; Betty Ryalls is teaching 
English and History in Colonial Heights; 
Nancy Spain Hudson teaches at Varina High 
in Richmond; Betty W^illiams James teaches 
Home Economics at Fairfield Junior High in 
Henrico County. 

To the Northern section of Virginia go 
Margaret Robinson, who is teaching English 
at Stonewall Jackson High in Prince William 
County; and Roberta White at Handley High in 

Tidewater has also received some teachers 
from Longwood this year, and they include 
Dianne Twilley, who is teaching third grade 
at Churchland Academy in Chesapeake; Janice 
Smith at Aylett Country Day School in Walker- 
ton, and Violet Heptinstall Martin, who received 
a Masters Degree from Longwood this past 
June, attended the NBA convention in 
Minneapolis, Minn., and is teaching sixth 
grade at Academy Park Elementary School in 
Portsmouth. She also attended class at Old 
Dominion College for credit beyond a Masters 

In Southside Virginia we find Gloria Steger 
in Campbell County, at Yellow Branch Ele- 
mentary School; Irene Rash is at Crewe High 
School in Nottoway County ; Ann Tweedy 
Smith is at Robert E. Lee Junior High in Lynch- 
burg. Ann also thought her classmates might 
be interested in knowing that het 5 yr. old 
daughter Beth will be with her on Founders 
Day this spring. In Farmville, Betty Lou 
Weaver is teaching English at Prince Edward 

To the western part of Virginia went Gladys 
IF/Wfr Wiley, who is in Charlottesville. 

Susan Trainer is doing graduate work in 
Sociology at the University of Maryland, 
where she will also serve as graduate assistant 
for the Kappa Delta Sorority Chapter there. 

Other states have also attracted some of our 
classmates. We find Kay Young Carr teaching 

sixth grade in Atlanta and Lois Faye Snead 
is living and working at Athens, Ga. 

Sue Ella Cole, Kathryn Morris and Edith 
Chniel are teaching at Moncure Elementary 
School in Stafford County. 

Nancy Brown and Ester Royster are sharing 
an apartment in Richmond where they are 
teaching. Nancy spent the summer working 
as a secretary at Patrick Henry Elementary and 
going to weddings of our class members. 

Joyce Albro worked in Baltimore this summer 
and is now living in Richmond where she has 
accepted a position as a social caseworker for 
the Richmond Department of Welfare. Carolyn 
Gentry spent the summer working in the 
Admissions office at Longwood and will be 
teaching in Henrico County this fall. Carolyn, 
Kathy Morris, and Edith Chniel visited Faris 
Stevens McConaha in Jacksonville, N. C. 

Mary Edgerton Parrott and her husband are 
living in Richmond where she will teach in 
Chesterfield County and begin graduate work. 
Linda Frye likes her job as child welfare worker 
for Nansemond County Public Welfare, but 
like all of us she says it seems strange not to 
be going back to Longwood this fall. George 
Washington High School in Danville is where 
Janet Estes is teaching French this year and 
she wrote, "I like the school very much: the 
students haven't arrived yet, though!" 

Nancy Brooks and Dana Gaines are teaching 
in Hampton this year and Dana worked for the 
Parks and Recreation Department during the 
summer. Vivian Fleshman Mason and her 
husband Ben are living near Brookneal and 
Vivian will be teaching at Charlotte Elementary 
this fall. Brenda Gibson Gilman is working as a 
receptionist at Mobile Chemical Co. in Rich- 
mond, but she and her husband will be moving 
from Mechanicsville when he enters the Army 
in January. Sandra Atkinson will be teaching 
English in Chesterfield County and frequently 
chats by phone with Linda New Oliff. 

Edith Ann Carter Austin attended graduate 
school at the University of Virginia this summer 
and will be teaching Math at Prince Edward 
Academy this year. Ann Boyd Carter has 
accepted a position with the Bank of Halifax 
in Enfield, N. C. After a trip to Riverside, Calif 
for her son's wedding, Mrs. Irene Floyd Craig 
will teach at Baltimore Avenue School in 
Danville. Sandy Byrum, Bebe Woodruff, 
Ginger Martin, and Mary Kay Lucas had a 
wonderful summer working at the Carriage 
Inn at Virginia Beach. Sandy, Bebe and 
Pat Lyddane will share an apartment at the 
Beach while they will be teaching this year. 

Ann Fox Casada and her husband, James, are 
living in Blacksburg where he is attending 
graduate school. She is doing secretarial work 
in the College of Business at Tech. Joan 
Emerson spent the summer getting ready for 
her fourth grade position in Fairfax County. 
Also in Northern Virginia will be Karen Walton 
and Doris Koehler in Prince William County 
and Pat Finn at Quantico Marine Corps 

Schools. They will all share an apartment in 
Woodbridge and will be joined in September 
by Cheryl Roberts Bradbury when her husband, 
Tommy, goes to Viet Nam. Pat will be taking 
a graduate course through the University of 
Virginia this fall. 

Lucy Flannagan Rankin and her husband 
Richard are living in Richmond where she will 
teach in Henrico County this year. She wrote 
that her summer had been concerned with 
weddings — her own in June, a bridesmaid in 
Nancy Fey Futch's wedding, and attendance at 
others. Susan Besley and Karolyn McAdoo 
were Housemothers at St. Margaret's School in 
Tappahannock this summei for lively eighth 
graders. They had lunch one day with Sally 
Grayson Chinn '66. Susan will be teaching in 
York County this year and at the first orien- 
tation meeting, she saw Mary Ann Roane. 
Susan will be sharing an apartment with Marie 
Anderson near William and Mary where Marie 
is a graduate student in Biology. 

Also continuing her education in Biology 
will be Anne Casteen at Emory University. 
Anne, Nancy Brown, Pat Brown, and Gay Rice 
were able to get together for dinner and a visit 
in Richmond this summer. 

The class of 1967's world traveler this summer 
was Lynda Baber Anderson. Lynda and her 
husband spent three weeks in Europe touring 
11 countries and most of the month of August 
touring the West Coast of the U. S. Lynda now 
looks forward to a busy year as a sixth grade 
teacher at Buckingham Elementary. After 
spending most of her summer teaching in an 
ESEA Program, Jo Carter spent her vacation 
traveling to South Carolina, Kentucky, and 
Illinois. She will be teaching in an elementary 
school in Henry County this year. 

And I (Jeannette Fallen) spent the summer 
at the Univ. of Ky. working on my Master's 
in Political Science. This fall I am continuing 
my Master's work and sharing an apartment 
with a girl from Egypt. I really enjoyed hearing 
from you all and hope that you will write me 
a card and let me hear from you this year. Also, 
please let me know about any change of 
address. I'm looking forward to hearing from 

Other girls teaching in the Richmond area 
are Ginny Poindexter at Mary Munford Ele- 
mentary, MiUy Gwaltney teaching 8th grade 
English at Henrico High, and Anne Gray 
Houchens teaching History at Midlothian. In 
Roanoke will be Cookie Currin teaching Home 
Ec and Carolyn Leigh at William Byrd Junior 
High in Roanoke County. 

In Hampton are Patsy Paul teaching Home 
Ec, and Joyce Harris at Benjamin Syms. Sylvia 
Markos is teaching Home Ec in Quantico and 
Ellen Miller in Fairfax County. 

Sharyn Powell, who is with the Peace Corps 
m Goianesia, Bralzil, wrote "the ftontier of 
Brazil with no paved roads yet, but is growing 
and progressing, and any news from home is 

The Committee for the OLIVE T. ILER AWARD announces the estabhshment of an 
awatd to be presented each year to a rising senior majoring in physical education, 
who emulates the personal qualities, high ideals, and professional ethics for which 
Miss Iler is known, admired, respected, and loved. 

Those who wish to honor Miss Iler through a contribution to this scholarship 
award should make checks payable to the Longwood College Foundation. This con- 
tribution should be mailed to The Olive T. Iler Award Committee, Longwood College, 
Farmville, Virginia 23901. 


A QinbnU 

Longwood Alumnae have been saddened by the 
deaths of two well loved former members of the 
college English faculty, Miss Mary Clay Hiner and 
Dr. R. C. Simonini. 

Miss Hiner, 86, died at Southside Community 
Hospital following a long illness. She had retired in 
1947. In 1965 the college named the Hiner Building 
for her and her sister. Miss Winnie Hiner, in honor of 
their many years of service. At this time many tributes 
were made to her and cited in the 1965 issue of this 

Dr. Simonini served as chairman of the English 
Department from 1951, resigning in 1965 to join the 
faculty of the University of Kentucky. He was killed, 
along with eight other passengers, when the plane in 
which they were traveling from Lexington to Louis- 
ville crashed soon after take-off. That he was in the 
prime of life, with continued promise of a fruitful 
career ahead, makes his death especially poignant. 
The May issue of the Virginia English Bulletin carries a 
tribute and a biographical sketch of this former 
V.A.T.E. president and editor of the Bulletin and an- 
nounces the establishment of a R. C. Simonini Memo- 
rial Fund. (Contributions may be sent to Mrs. 
Katherine Bristow, treasurer of V.A.T.E., Saluda, Va.) 

Students of Dr. Simonini have expressed their 
grief and admiration for him in various ways. Barbara 
Soiithurn Meeker '5 5, writing from Oneonta, N. Y., 
recalls him as instructor of freshman composition, 
as Shakespeare scholar, and as linguistics professor. 
The following is part of her tribute to his memory: 

"We found that the only thing he would not 
tolerate was a lazy or half-hearted effort. His 
criticism of our work, detailed and thorough 
as it was, was never negative or destructive 
to the ego. He pointed out weaknesses with 
great tact and gave suggestions for improve- 
ment that left us thoughtful, encouraged, and 
determined to try harder next time. In urging 

our disordered thoughts into form, he was in 
fact urging them into life. 

He called forth the best that we were 
capable of because, beneath his relaxed modest 
classroom manner, he communicated a sense of 
urgency to the task we were engaged in. Learn- 
ing to write "cogently", to analyze a passage 
in Shakespeare, to master the complexities of 
the phoneme were well worth the third revision, 
the extra reading, and in the case of linguis- 
tics, a leap of faith. We were impressed by the 
novelty of the ideas he brought to bear on a 
subject. Indeed, all his courses had this in com- 
mon; first, a solid grounding in the fundamental 
concepts and then the excitement of turning 
away from the traditional and exploring the 
outermost reaches of the subject. From phonemics 
we proceeded to metalinguistics; beginning with 
a historical approach to Shakespeare, we soon 
moved through whole areas of modern criticism 
in imagery and structure. 

No one who worked with him could help 
catching the sparks of his personality. He was a 
man who had vast resources of energy and who 
was tireless in carrying out the many responsi- 
bilities his job entailed. He worked calmly and 
patiently, encouraging students to write for col- 
lege publications, undertake honors work, or 
apply for graduate fellowships, all with the as- 
sumption that this was merely part of his job. 
He asked nothing for himself except that his 
efforts would reflect favorably on the college and 
that his students would be awarded the recogni- 
tion they deserved. If we consider the thousands 
of students he taught so well, and then think of 
them in turn going out to teach and move others 
towards that same excellence, we can see the 
importance of his task and the extent of his 



3n m^mnmm 

Jessie Adams Anderson, Ent. '15 

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Rosa Lee Bell Sizemore, '46 

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Lucy Wood, '02 
Harriet IFoo/r/V/gf Zehmer, '17 
Eula Katherine Young Moore, '35 
Cynthia Z. Greene, Retired Staff 
Mamie Newman, Former Faculty 





Return Requested 

Entered as Second Class 

Matter at Post Office 

Farmville, Va. Under Act 

of August 24, 1912.